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Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?
Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect? (Pic credit: Nippon TV)

Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?

Last week in Edens Zero Episode 22, we got to know the truth of Valkyrie. The reason she left Homura and was brought to another planet. Also, she never returned to Homura and why no one was able to find her.

Edens Zero Episode 23 will bring more entertainment for us as the wrath of the Demon King unleashes. Shiki will battle Madame Kurenai with full strength, and we will witness what happens when anyone hurts Demon King’s friends.

To know about what happened to Valkyrie, why, and how she died? And know what might come in the next Episode of Edens Zero; make sure you read out the Episode 22 Recap and Episode 23 Spoiler till the end.

Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Edens Zero Episode 23 is set to release on Sunday, the 19th of September 2021.

Edens Zero can be streamed online in original Japanese Audio and subbed and dubbed versions in many different languages on Netflix, Hulu, Bilibili, etc.

Edens Zero Episode 23: Spoilers and What to Expect?

Edens Zero Episode 22 brought the biggest twists we could dream of. Valkyrie, the sword of Eden, is dead, and she died worthy of a Warrior. Also, who could have guessed that Homura’s actual mother was Madame Kurenai? This plot twist has kept all of us hanging.

All the details about Episode 22 can be found in the next section but for now, let us focus on what might happen in Edens Zero Episode 23.

In Edens Zero Episode 23, we can expect a great battle between Shiki and Madame Kurenai. The miners of the labor district might also break into rebellion against her, thereby causing havoc on the planet. Homura, still grieving the death of her master, might also want her answers from her mother.

Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?
Edens Zero Episode 23 Episode Stills (credit: Nippon TV)

Homura will also take on Kurenai to find why she left her and why Valkyrie was killed? Adding to that, she might even take it upon herself to avenge her master and thereby defeat Madame Kurenai.

Madame Kurenai also plans to destroy the labor district and kill all miners in it with her “Kurenai Occulus,” but Shiki appears at the moment to fight her. Will she activate the attack and kill everyone, including Rebecca, Happy, Pino, Homura, and other miners?

How will Shiki stop her and save everyone? Will Homura be able to accept the death of her Master, whom she loved as her mother? What will happen if Madame Kurenai is defeated, Will Homura kills her birth mother?

To find answers to all the questions, make sure to come back this Sunday. But for now, let’s know more about what happened to Valkyrie?

Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?
The True strength of Valkyrie the Sword of Edens (credit: Nippon TV)

Recap of Edens Zero Episode 21

Edens Zero Episode 22 Recap: How did Valkyrie Die?

In Edens Zero Episode 22, titled “My Mother, the Machine,” we saw the beautiful bond between Valkyrie and Homura, both as a Mentor and a student and as a mother and a daughter. Homura respected and loved Valkyrie more than anything in the world and could not bear anyone say ill about her.

When Valkyrie found Homura as an abandoned child and decided to look after her, she brought her to another planet where they lived together. Valkyrie trained Homura in the use of Ether Gear and the use of Sword.

Valkyrie was known to be an Android, and thus children called her names in front of Homura as her mother was an android. She could not allow it because of her deep love for her.

One day she broke into a fight with the son of the feudal lord. She did not apologize as she was right. Feudal lord told Homura that children need their parents to teach them what’s right and wrong.

This hit Valkyrie differently, and she decided to find Homura’s mother and bring her to her daughter. After two years, as Homura was old enough to take care of herself, she left a note for her and left in search of Homura’s mother.

But, unfortunately, a cat took the note with her, and thus Homura believed that Valkyrie left without telling her.

Valkyrie the Sword of Edens and the fourth Shining Start of great Demon King died as true hero
Valkyrie, the Sword of Edens, and the fourth Shining Start of great Demon King died as a true hero. (credit: Nippon TV)

Valkyrie went to the time Oracle who knew past, present, and the future, where she learned that Homura’s mother’s name was Kurenai and that she was currently trapped as a miner on Planet Sun Jewel.

Valkyrie reached out to her and took her place there as a Miner so that she could return to her daughter. But, Kurenai did not go to Homura; in the course of time, she became the wife of the king of Planet Sun Jewel.

She later assassinated him and took the planet under her control. And all this time, Valkyrie believed that Homura was with her mother and worked as a miner to pay for the sins of Kurenai.

Soon enough, Kurenai asked the miners to mine more jewels for her, and to do so; she released all of the monsters towards the living quarters.

Valkyrie got the news about it and regretted releasing Kurenai. To set her mistake right and save all of the innocent miners, she alone faced millions of beasts.

She fought bravely for a complete day and night alone to save the lives of innocent miners. Faced the highest level of beasts and proved her worth as the Shining Star of the Great Demon King and the Sword of Edens. In the fight, she lost her left arm but still fought till all the beasts were destroyed.

Edens Zero Episode 23: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?
Demon King Shiki will avenge the death of Valkyrie (credit: Nippon TV)

All the jewels mined from the beast got teleported to Kurenai, and by the end of the battle, Valkyrie came to her end as well. She died as a hero, and the last thing in her mind was Homura. She loved her and was proud of her student.

All the miners held her in utmost respect and never touched her body as they knew Homura would come for her master. They also planned a rebellion against Madame Kurenai, and as Homura was now there, they could avenge Valkyrie.

Now, Homura is in the grief of the death of her master and has not left her side. Shiki is enraged after knowing the truth and wants Homura to get justice.

He breaks into Madame Kurenai’s palace and breaks the top floors of it with just his power. Madame Kurenai also holds ether gear weapons and is ready to battle him.

Shiki wants to defeat her and take her to Homura to decide what to do with such a monster as Kurenai. Madame Kurenai also wants to destroy the labor district, but will she succeed?

Let us know what you feel about all this in the comments below, and what’s your take on what will Homura do? To know more, wait till coming Sunday to watch Edens Zero Episode 23.

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