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What If Episode 7 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap of Episode 6

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What If Episode 7 is releasing in the upcoming week. If you are very impatient to know what is in store for you in this upcoming episode, then we have got everything covered for you.

The new episode already has tons of leaks and spoilers all over the internet. We have brought in some fresh content and spoilers for you, so proceed with caution if you want to know about what you will get to see in What If Episode 7.

What If Episode 7 Release Date and Where to Stream It?

What If Episode 7 will be releasing on the 22nd of September, 2021, which is a Wednesday. Just like all the other episodes, this one will release at 12:01 AM PT and 3:01 AM ET.

It will join the list of the first six episodes exclusively on Disney+. For all the fans, the audience of the show, and all the others who are interested in watching it, tune in to Disney+ at the given time and date to enjoy a new episode from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who will be the character of focus in What If Episode 7?

What If Episode 7 has its primary focus on Thor, God of Thunder. However, the Thor we will get to see over here is a different version of Thor. This is the Party Thor, who has landed in Vegs and is in a battle with the enemy robots.

What If Episode 7
See Party Thor in What If Episode 7. (credit: Disney+)

This Thor is totally into partying, and his potentiality will bring an end to this world. Does it not seem very odd? Well, it definitely does. But we will see him partying to such an extent that it brings an end to the world.

What can we expect from What If Episode 7?

What If Episode 7 will show us that Thor has arrived in Las Vegas and begins partying. He parties so much that the world ultimately has to face destruction. (Click here to check the promo of the upcoming episode 7)

However, we see him meeting the other characters seen in the previous few episodes. It seems that he might somehow try to stop partying before it gets very late.

We will see Captain Carter having a conversation with the evil form of Dr. Strange. There are chances that we might get to see her interrupting Thor while he is partying in What If Episode 7.

A quick recap of What If Episode 6

What If Episode 6 was given the title “What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?” We see the episode starting in Afghanistan where Tony Stark has gone for his visit.

The Ten Rings terrorist organization has ambushed his convoy over there. However, Tony Stark somehow gets saved from this with the help of Lieutenant Erik “Killmonger” Stevens.

When Tony had returned and held a press conference, Killmonger brings it out that Obadiah Stane was the person who was the mastermind behind this assassination. Thus we see that Tony and Killmonger becoming friends in this episode.

Both of them joined hands and started making humanoid drones that have the capability to be used in modern warfare. They soon understand that they will require a lot of Vibranium in order to maker these drones. Tony makes an arrangement with James Rhodes from the Black Market to get hold of Vibranium.

What If Episode 6
Killmonger saves Tony from the ambush in Afghanistan. (credit: Disney+)

We then see T’Challa coming into the scene to take back the Vibranium. Killmonger understands that is the perfect situation to take his revenge. He kills both T’Challa and Rhodes.

Tony was uninformed about it. However, through Jarvis, he gets to know about all of it and uses the drone prototype to confront him.

We also see that Killmonger has killed Tony and makes the death in such a way as if someone from Wakanda has killed him. Thus rises a conflict between the United States of America and Wakanda. Killmonger lays out a plan- he makes use of Klaue as bait and finally makes his way inside Wakanda.

We see the United States army attacking Wakanda with the drones. As Killmonger already had an idea about the drones, he led the Wakanda army and used all his knowledge to defeat the drones.

This makes him look like the savior, and everyone considers him to be the hero. By the end of What If Episode 6, we see Killmonger becoming the Black Panther. Shuri, however, gets to know everything and reveals all his crimes to Pepper Potts.

Know About What If Episode 5 Recap

Is T’Challa really dead?

While the What IF Episode 6 comes to an end, we see that the entire Wakanda has accepted Killmonger with open arms. He is given the magical herb, and upon consuming it, he becomes the Black Panther.

On taking the herb, he finds himself in a different plane of existence. He sees a mortal vision of T’Challa, his cousin. Killmonger had actually killed him previously in this episode. However, there is a saying in Wakanda, as all the fans know. Death is not the end!

All the previous Black Panthers are alive in a different plane of existence after they have died, and they provide guidance to the next Black Panthers. We see the cousins confronting each other, and T’Challa accuses Killmonger because he had killed him for the throne of Wakanda.

Killmonger replies that he had done that to gain power in his hands. He felt that his people were going through a lot of injustice all around the world, and he wanted to do something for his people. For doing something, he would need a lot of power.

Killmonger also claims that he has finally taken revenge for his father’s death. Just like his father, he was also found to be a victim of oppression.

He seems to be motivated by a sense of justice that is a bit misguided and thus acts mainly as a villain. Thus it becomes true that if power falls into the hands of the wrong person, then there will be loads of damage.

How did Shuri get to know about Killmonger’s crimes?

Shuri gets to know that Tony Stark and her brother, T’Challa, had been killed by Killmonger. She tells this to Pepper Potts. But What If Episode 6 does not tell us how Shuri got hold of this information. From the very beginning, when Killmonger came to Wakanda, she felt very doubtful about Killmonger’s version of the story.

What If Episode 6
Shuri tells Pepper Potts what she knows. (credit: Disney+)

Her instincts were true, and she also understood that Killmonger himself provoked the war between the US and Wakanda. On being asked by Pepper as to how she got to know about it, Shuri replied by saying that Tony Stark was not the only smart and genius person.

It might be that Shuri managed to interact with JARVIS through the AI link. Tony had said that the Droids were all linked to Jarvis. Thus it seems that this was the way how she had found out about Killmonger’s entire plans and deeds.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about What If Episode 7. The next episode will definitely be very interesting. What If Episode 7 will showcase Thor in a totally different way.

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