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Money Heist: All Major Characters Dead or Alive?
Money Heist: All Major Characters Dead or Alive? (Pic Credit The Cinemaholic)

Money Heist: All Major Characters Dead or Alive?

Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 just completed premiering its fifth season a few days back. The Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 was much more intense and thrilling at the same time as its previous seasons.

What started as a heist has turned into a war at the moment after Nairobi’s death. Even in season 5, part 1 of the Money Heist, we have noticed some near about death scenarios of some of our show’s favorite characters.

So today, in this article, we will discuss all the characters of Money Heist, like those who are now alive and dead and won’t be coming back in the next season. So without further ado, let us jump into the details.

Is Oslo Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Oslo was one of the first members to die in Money Heist.

In Money Heist Season 2 Episode 1, he died after being hit over the head with a crowbar by one of the hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain.

After that, he was officially brain dead but later on, he was later on killed by Helsinki as an act of kindness. 

Oslo (Pic credit Netflix)

Is Moscow Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Moscow died way early in the Money Heist series. He was shot from the outside of the Royal Mint of Spain by police, and after that, he died on the table after saying goodbye to his son Denver(Daniel Ramos).

Moscow death in Money Heist
Moscow death in Money Heist (Pic credit Netflix)

Is Berlin Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Berlin was killed in way early in Money Heist. He died during the second season of Money Heist. It was during the time the team was on the Royal Mint of Spain for the heist.

Berlin developed unfriendly relationships with the Hostages and even had an intimate relationship with one of the hostages named Ariadna Cascales.

Even Nairobi and Berlin had a fight where Nairobi tried to overthrow Berlin to regain control over the team, but she failed to do so.

Berlin wanted to marry Ariadna, but she, on the other hand, hates him and is with him so that he doesn’t kill her. It is also revealed much later that Ariadna just wanted Berlin’s money after his death.

In the finale of Season 2, there was a confrontation between Berlin and Nairobi where he told her the truth about Ariadna.

That time the police had already breached the Bank of Spain and were coming to kill the robbers, but the crew escaped through the tunnel except for Berlin, who decided to stay behind and sacrifice himself so that the rest of the robbers could escape.

Berlin’s death in Money Heist Season 2 (Pic credit Netflix)

Berlin instructed Helsinki to blow up the tunnel to block the path, and the latter did so, and after blowing up the tunnel, the police almost reached the corridor where Berlin was, and the gunshots were fired by the end of which Berlin died.

Later on, it is revealed that Berlin was already suffering from a terminal disease called Helmer’s Myopathy and only had a few months to live.

After the ending of season 2, it was revealed that Professor and Berlin were brothers. Although Professor pleaded to Berlin to get out of there, he didn’t listen and decided to stay back and sacrifice himself.

It was also revealed that the Royal Mint of Spain heist was part of his plans, and he was the one who mainly designed the heist before Professor put that plan into action.

Is Nairobi Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Nairobi is dead in Money Heist. She died in season 4, episode 6 of Money Heist. During the episode, there was a conflict between Nairobi and Palermo regarding the leadership of the team.

At that time, Nairobi’s emotional state was also not ok as she got to know that Helsinki, who she is in love with, is having an intimate relationship with Palermo. Plus, she got involved with Bogota as well.

Nairobi also had a son named Axel. Inspector Alicia Sierra, who was in charge of the police operation in order to put the heist to end, used Nairobi’s son to lure her out.

But as Nairobi peeks out through the window to see her son, she gets shot by the snipers on the chest.

Nairobi's Death in Money Heist
Nairobi’s Death in Money Heist (Pic credit Netflix)

She got severely injured with the sniper shot but wasn’t dead as the robbers managed to operate on her with the help of a Pakistani doctor.

But as soon as she got stable and was healing, she was attacked by Gandia, chief of security at Bank of Spain.

He used the panic room of the bank to escape and found Nairobi in the room where she was recovering from her wounds, so he used that opportunity to attack Nairobi and held her captive to gain an advantage against the robbers.

Later on, during a showdown with the robbers, he killed Nairobi by shooting her in point-blank range.

Is Arturo Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

No, Arturo isn’t dead yet in Money Heist; however, it seems he is severely injured, and the chances of his survival seem to be low at this point.

In season 5 of Money Heist, Arturo, the governor of the bank and few other hostages, tries to escape from the robbers and ends up in a room where the robbers have kept all of their weapons.

Instead of keeping the safeguard, Arturo uses grenades, machine guns, and a flamethrower against the robbers. All these were done only to taunt Denver.

Arturo was severely injured with bullet wounds (Pic credit Netflix)

But as he was using all types of arms and grenades to kill Denver and co, Stockholm realized what was going on, and she decided to go through the vents and land behind Arturo and shoots him.

For few minutes, he was almost dead, but the robbers managed to save him by injecting morphine and giving him oxygen. Then they decided to let him go else he would die here, and they did that by releasing the governor along with Arturo so that he could get proper treatment at the hospital.

Although Arturo’s condition is critical, it seems he will not die yet. He is probably one of the best villains in the series, and as fans, as much as I hate the character, we will have to appreciate the kind of performance Enrique Arce has given as Arturo Roman.

Is Tokyo Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Unfortunately, yes. Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 ends with Tokyo sacrificing her life to save the rest of the group.

When the Professor finds evidence against Tamayo for framing others to save himself, Tamayo is forced to prevent the second army troop from going inside the Bank of Spain. However, they take positions in front of the building and aim at the windows to shoot inside.

On receiving information from the army troop inside, they began shooting, and several bullets hit Tokyo. However, this does not stop her, and she keeps shooting till her very last breath.

When Stockholm informs them about a passage available for them to escape, she knows that she would not be able to hold on to a rope and go six floors below them because of her severe injuries.

So, she decides to stay back and keep firing and asks everyone else to escape. The army eventually approaches her and kills her by shooting her several times.

The final episode was entirely dedicated to Tokyo. In the episode, we had witnessed several flashback memories of Tokyo, like when she was in love with René (Miguel Ángel Silvestre). After his death, she found no purpose in living until Professor found her and gave her the opportunity to join the team for the heist.


Tokyo's last goodbye to Rio
Tokyo’s last goodbye to Rio (Pic credit Netflix)

In the flashback, we also get to see her love story with Rio how they met. Rio made her forget about the sorrows of her past and made her fall in love with him.

In the finale, we see Rio tries to reach Tokyo by digging a hole below, but the hole wasn’t large, so that is why Tokyo wasn’t able to go through with that plus, the sniper shots damaged her arms and legs, so she wasn’t able to use the ropes to get down as well.

The soldiers that time had already broken in and started shooting at Tokyo Rio witnessed the whole situation from below.

But When Gandia was about to kill her, Tokyo had placed one last card on her sleeves.

When Gandia was about to shot Tokyo, she had opened all the four pins of the grenades, and after that, she gave the last laugh before there was a massive explosion, and with that Gandia, and the rest of Sagasta’s soldiers were dead. Meaning Tokyo sacrificed herself for the team.

Tokyo's death in Money Heist
Tokyo’s death in Money Heist (Pic credit Netflix)

Is Gandia Dead? Who Killed Him?

Yes, Gandia is dead finally. When Gandia was about to shot Tokyo that time, Tokyo had already opened up all the four pins of the grenades, which resulted in a huge explosion that resulted in killing Gandia and the rest of the Sagasta’s crew probably.

Although it didn’t show him as dead, it is highly unlikely that he would be safe after such a huge blast.

Gandia (Pic credit Netflix)

Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 Recap and Ending Explained: Did Tokyo Just Die in Money Heist?

Is Denver Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

No, Denver is not dead yet. In Money Heist Season 5 Part 1, Denver and Manilla were with Tokyo when the Military broke in.

The Snipers outside the building had already shot Tokyo, so she was seriously injured so; she then told both Denver and Manilla to leave the corridor by the dumbwaiter elevator till she kept the soldiers busy.

So they managed to escape the situation while Tokyo died with the blast.

Denver (Pic credit Netflix)

Is Rio Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Rio is alive, But earlier in Season 3, he was tortured by Inspector Alicia Sierra when the authorities arrested him.

He was kept in an Algerian desert and was tortured brutally by Alicia. But with Professor’s brain, he again reunited with the fellow group members in Royal Mint when Professor bargained a deal with the authorities to exchange Rio for 40 free hostages.

In Money Heist Season 5 Part 1, when the Military attacked, he and Tokyo were separated.

When the snipers shot Tokyo, she informed Denver and Manilla to go down the elevator ropes as she would keep the military busy, which they did.

Rio (Pic credit Netflix)

And Rio, at the same time, dug a hole just below where Tokyo was, although the hole was too narrow for Tokyo to escape, so he had no other option but to say the last goodbye to Tokyo and watched her die in front of his eyes.

This will have a tremendous impact on Rio, both mentally and physically. It seems he will most probably blame Stockholm for Tokyo’s death, as at that time, Stockholm could help Tokyo and the rest of the team if she wasn’t unconscious with the morphine dosage.

Is Helsinki Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

No, Helsinki is not dead yet in Money Heist Season 5, but he is in pretty bad shape at the moment. After the explosion by which the Sagasta’s unit tried to close in on the robbers, Helsinki’s leg got stuck in the statue.

Palermo with Bogotá and Rio goes to the scene and witnesses that Helsinki’s leg is destroyed and they might have to amputate it.

Helsinki also told Palermo to amputate his leg, but Palermo refused. Soon after that, Helsinki went into shock and was unconscious.

Helsinki's injury
Helsinki’s injury (Pic credit Netflix)

Then Rio notices a beam that can be used as a leaver to free Helsinki’s legs, and they try to do that by Bogota and Palermo giving the cover fires, and in the meantime, Rio jumps and gets to the beam, and with that, they managed to free his legs.

He was again taken to a safe place immediately, and Stockholm started to check on his wound. But at the same time, Stockholm was hallucinating.

When Helsinki asked her to give morphine for the pain, Stockholm used the morphine and injected it on herself, and started hallucinating again.

It means that Helsinki is still in excruciating pain, and as Stockholm is also unstable, so only time will tell if he will survive. But at the moment, he is not dead.

Is Professor Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Professor is alive in Money Heist. However, he faced some considerable problems in season 5.

In episode 1 of Money Heist Season 5, we witness Alicia managed to find out Professor’s hideout in Madrid.

It was the first time that we have witnessed that Professor had been outsmarting by someone in a long time.

Alicia, Alicia first shot Professor on the leg then tried to hang him with the chains so that she could understand the group’s plan, but Professor still didn’t reveal anything to her.

But Alia, without his help, also managed to find out the plan that they were planning to melt the gold out of the bank, but she was yet to figure out how they were doing it.

Professor (Pic credit Netflix)

Then Marseille and Benjamin arrive at the scene although Professor pleaded for their help, but it seemed that they could not hear Professor’s voice and ended up being outsmarted by Alicia.

But Alicia’s water just broke few minutes after the Professor, Marseille, and Benjamin were tied to the chairs.

The Professor and the rest insisted on helping her, so she had no other choice but to release the Professor and the rest.
Professor then helps her, and Alicia gives birth to Victoria, her daughter. After that, Professor again takes charge of the heist.

By that time, a lot has already happened in Royal Mint, resulting in the death of one of our favourite characters, Tokyo.

Is Lisbon Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Lisbon is alive, Money Heist. Current, she is the one who is leading the team into the successful completion of the heist.

Lisbon in Money Heist played by Itziar Ituno
Lisbon in Money Heist, played by Itziar Ituno (Pic credit Netflix)

Is Palermo Dead in Money Heist?

Yes, Palermo is alive Money Heist, but Helsinki, with whom Palermo was in an intimate relationship during season 4, is seriously injured at the moment.

Palermo in Money Heist, played by Rodrigo de la Serna. (Pic credit Netflix)

Is Stockholm Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Yes, Stockholm is alive in Money Heist, but she is at the moment is not in a correct state of mind.

After she shot Arturo, she has been hallucinating continuously; even when Helsinki asked her to give morphine for the pain, Stockholm started hallucinating again and used the morphine on herself, and she started hallucinating again.

Stockholm in Money Heist
Stockholm in Money Heist (Pic Credit Netflix)

Stockholm might face severe repercussions from the rest of the team members, as some fans even stated that Tokyo wouldn’t have died if Stockholm hadn’t taken that morphine and tried to help Tokyo and others at that point.

So will she face the repercussions now? Well, only the time will be able to tell us that.

Is Manilla Dead or Alive in Money Heist?

Manilla in Money Heist
Manilla in Money Heist (pic credit Netflix)

Yes, Manilla is still alive in Money Heist. She and Denver escaped through the elevator ropes while Tokyo resisted Gandia, Sagasta, and his crew.

And before Tokyo pulled out the pins of the grenades and sacrificed herself, Manilla and Denver already managed to escape and were on the six floors below. So, therefore, they managed to survive the blast and are alive in Money Heist.

Who Dies in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2?

Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 begins with the soldiers, Major Sagasta and Arteche, secretly planning an attack on the Professor’s team.

Major Sagasta asks Arteche to hide in the ventilation ducts and unlock the doors for all the armed forces to enter the Bank of Spain instead of killing them spontaneously, while he would be pretending to negotiate with the Professor’s gang.

The armed forces later enter the Bank of Spain and successfully capture all of the Professor’s team members. When the Professor finds out about it, even he goes into the Bank of Spain to surrender to the police.

After a lot of negotiation, Colonel Tamayo comes out of the Bank and announces that the heist is officially over. He also mentions the news of the death of all of the members of the Professor’s team, including the Professor himself.

However, we later find out that the Professor had negotiated a deal with the government of Spain where the secret of the gold in the national reserve of the country being fake would be hidden from the world if the government lets his team out freely with new identities.

Hence, Money Heist Season 5 Part 2 is a season where nobody dies despite the audience believing otherwise for some time.

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