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Lucifer Season 7

Will Lucifer Season 7 Be Happening, or Is It Canceled By Netflix?

The sixth edition of Lucifer was released just a couple of days ago, and now fans are worried about the show going for the seventh renewal, Lucifer Season 7.

Lucifer Season 6 was released on September 10, 2021, and it went just as planned; like the past 5 seasons of the show, the sixth season of Lucifer too made a bashing entry, and it would be no wrong in saying that it went well through the audience so early.

Just after the sixth season was released now, fans are excited to know whether the show has got the seventh season of this sixth season would be the show’s finale.

Since Netflix has picked up the show from its fourth edition, this was seen as a common trend that with every new arrival of the season, fans are left in the state of absolute dilemma whether the show would be proceeding for its next edition.

Similarly, after the sixth edition, we are into the state of lurking the fate of Lucifer Season 7. We have covered every aspect of minute details that would help us conclude whether Lucifer Season 7 would be renewed or the sixth edition would be its ultimate end.

Lucifer Season 7: Is It Renewed or Cancelled? 

We won’t bragging the topic too far and would come to an absolute conclusion. With a sense of longing and a heavy heart, we inform that Netflix has not renewed Lucifer for Lucifer Season 7, and Lucifer Season 7 would not be happening, and it can be said that it has been officially canceled.

So, we didn’t arrive at this conclusion with mere intuition; after several facts, we are saying this.

Firstly, if you have completed watching season 6 of Lucifer, the show ended with a message end “All bad things must come to an end,” this goes like this first stated fact that Netflix isn’t going for the renewal of its seventh edition.

Also, in July 2021, the co-showrunner Joe Henderson said that the seventh edition wouldn’t be happening while replying to a fan’s tweet. Now, this comes as an official statement from one of the authorized people of the show, and these two sequences of events are enough to say that the upcoming Lucifer Season 7 isn’t happening for sure.

Though fans left no stone unturned for their favorite show to get renewed through mass tweeting or a public petition, this time, it didn’t turn fruitful, and the show is approached its end.

Lucifer Season 6: Was It The Ultimate Finale of the Show?

The showrunners had the clear intention of terminating the show with just the fifth season, but due to its high demand from the fans, Netflix had to request the writers of the show to renew it for one more time, and it was agreed on the fact that it would be for the one last time.

Hence, if you have observed Lucifer Season 5 had 16 episodes in total where it generally used to have around 10 episodes, this was primarily due to the makers wanted to terminate the show at this point.

Is Lucifer Season 7 Renewed or Cancelled?
Lucifer will not be returning for a season 7 now (Pic Credit Netflix)

Everyone has to say goodbye, and even the Devil has to this time. According to the showrunner, the sixth edition is the ultimate and the proper ending to the so formed legacy of the show, and there are in no mood for another follow-up that would lead to Lucifer Season 7.

This comes as the last extension by the showrunner to Netflix after the latter persuaded the makers for the sixth season.

Some of us may be still are in the intuition that it went for the sixth season with a surprising bash that came, which announced that Netflix would soon have season 6 of Lucifer. This time this won’t be happening the same with Lucifer Season 7. This we need to acknowledge as it is an ultimate fact.

Lucifer Season 6 Finale Explained: What Happens to Lucifer and Chloe?

Is There Any Possibility that Lucifer might Return in the Future?

It’s not be disheartened that Lucifer Season 7 is not coming. In this era where we often see sequel and screen adaptations, we can’t eliminate the possibility of the show turning into a movie and releasing on big screens.

But, this certainly would need time as it takes time to compile everything to a movie-like experience that should be packed in a punch of not more than 2 hours or so. Till then you could re-cherish the wonderful show by re-watching the episodes of the show.

If you thought from another perspective, you would see that the sixth season ended in a very satisfying way; that is, the final chapter ended with Lucifer realizing his true calling.

He indeed saves Roey from going into the spiral loop of anger and guilt and realizes that Hell is the state where he would no longer need a keeper’s help.

For fans, Lucifer Season 6 ended with Lucifer returning to help after realigning himself as a better person as he originally was.

Lucifer Season 7, if that would have happened, would have to deteriorate the entire feel of the show, the sixth season ended with a good ending, and it would be best to cherish this thing.

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