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Lucifer Season 6 Finale Explained: What Happens to Lucifer and Chloe?
Lucifer Season 6 Finale Explained: What Happens to Lucifer and Chloe? (Pic Credit Netflix)

Lucifer Season 6 Finale Explained: What Happens to Lucifer and Chloe?

Lucifer Season 6 finale has arrived, and the show has finally come to an end. The show had been running for years with tons of twists and new discoveries.

In this season, we finally get to know about the fate of Chloe Decker and the Lord of Hell, Lucifer. Watch the show on Netflix and go through the mysteries that this show takes you to.

All the fans of the show have experienced a rollercoaster journey for the last six seasons of the show. The entire thing started when Lucifer first met Chloe Decker in a deadly murder case that the LAPD looked after. Right after this came the fictional tale of demons, angels, and a big war between them.

Lucifer Season 6 finale portrays something which is more than just a normal family story. The penultimate chapter of the show also showcased the chaos that Deckerstar’s life has fallen into. Lucifer Season 6 finale showcases the perfect to the sixth installment of the show.

Everything directs towards an emotional farewell for the show. In the Lucifer Season 6 finale, we get to see several of the characters choosing their own path to start a new chapter of their life.

However, the main interest of all the fans and viewers of the show lies in what finally happens to Lucifer and Chloe. People are all expecting to see them having a perfect ending and staying with each other.

Here are the full details of the Lucifer Season 6 finale. The article is packed with spoilers, so proceed with caution.

What Happens to Lucifer’s Daughter Rory in Lucifer Season 6 Finale? and Who Kidnapped Her? 

Lucifer Season 6 finale
Know the ending of the Lucifer Season 6 finale. (credit: Netflix)

In the Lucifer Season 6 finale, we get to see Lucifer picking up on the bombshell and saying that Vincent Le Mec, the brutal mercenary played by Rob Benedict, has kidnapped Rory and kept with him. Rory is the daughter of Lucifer and Chloe, who has come from a future time to confront her father. 

Because of her feeling of hatred and anger towards Lucifer, she decided to jump through time using her power. Lucifer had left Chloe and Rory alone the entire life. Chloe had to raise Rory completely alone, and Rory did not get the love of her father her entire life.

Le Mec got to know about all of this from the late Dan Espinoza. He had possessed his body for a small amount of time and roamed around the entire Earth as a ghost. While roaming around the Earth, he gave his murderer several amazing facts to know about the celestials who live among all of us.

 Lucifer Season 6


Le Mac wanted to seek revenge for all the torture that Lucifer had put on him. Hence he has kidnapped Rory and tortured her to teach him a lesson. We see in the Lucifer Season 6 finale Le Mac tearing the feather off Rory’s wings. These wings are extremely sharp blades that have the capability of stabbing the devil as well.

Lucifer and Chloe find it very challenging to save their daughter, Rory, from Le Mac’s hold. All the goons are armed with razor-sharp blades, which cause a lot of trouble to both of them. However, we see both of them working as a team and finally reaching the hideout where Le Mac has kept Rory as his hostage.

Chloe somehow manages to survive a stab wound on her shoulder. The wound is not that dangerous but does not allow her to remain in flight. She tells Lucifer to continue on the journey alone and save their daughter.

Lucifer Season 6 Finale Explained
Lucifer Season 6 Finale (credit: Netflix)

On finding Le Mac, Lucifer makes up his mind to kill him in front of his daughter and plunge him into the world of complete misery which he is presently facing. When Lucifer sees Rory in trouble, he begs Le Mac to leave his daughter and kill him in her place.

Is Le Mac Dead or Alive? 

Ultimately we see in the Lucifer Season 6 finale that the smooth-talking skills of Lucifer have finally been paid off as he has been able to convince Le Mac to do things just as Lucifer desires them to happen. He wanted Le Mac to kill him with one of his daughter’s blades but leave his daughter alone.

As the events proceed, we see Rory uses all her strength to break open from the chains that held her. She finally stopped Le Mac from making the deadly blow on Lucifer.

Rory grabbed Le Mac by his throat and lifted him over her head. She wants to bring an end to Le Mac, but Lucifer requests her to show some mercy and leave him. Lucifer does not want Rory to become a killer and suffer the guilt he has been suffering for years.

In the Lucifer Season 6 finale, Le Mac is getting choked by Rory; she slowly develops her devil face, which Lucifer had once had. This signified that if she had killed Le mac, then she would have changed herself forever. She listens to her father’s words and ends up not killing Le Mac. We see that her face starts coming back to normal.

Lucifer Season 7

Lucifer and Rory then share a moment of emotional bonding and happiness, but Le Mac soon comes from behind to attack Lucifer with a deadly blade.

Unfortunately, this does not happen because Chloe comes to the rescue. She is shown to come out of a corner and take a shot at Le Mac. The bullet sends him tripping backward, and he lands on two blades that are standing upright on the table. Le Mac sees only darkness in the last few moments, which signifies that he will be going to hell.

Is Lucifer Season 7 Happening?

Chloe and Lucifer are happy that they have been able to save their daughter’s life. However, Rory says that Lucifer should leave her; otherwise, she would not have been there then.

This provides an earlier reference to the rules that must be followed while traveling in time. The situation is that if Lucifer had not abandoned her, then Rory would not have to travel back in time. So if the events do not happen as they are meant to be, then Rory will disappear soon.

In Lucifer Season 6 finale, we get to see a glimpse of the supporting cast members as the show comes to an end. First, we get to see that Amenadiel is happily commanding creation as the new god.

He is visiting the Earth quite often and working with the LAPD. Another reason for his frequent visits to Earth is because of Charlie, his son. Charlie’s Wings have finally come out, which confirms his godly status. 

Lucifer Season 6 finale
Charlie finally gets his wings in the Lucifer Season 6 finale. (credit: Netflix)

Then there is Ella, who is shown to be working with the LAPD along with Carol, her boyfriend. Along with this, she will also be running the Miss Lopez Foundation. This foundation helps young girls make their line into STEM projects.

Dan has finally made his way to heaven, and over there, he is reunited with Charlotte Richards, his lost love. He then enjoys the pudding that Lucifer always used to take away from him while working together at the LAPD.

At the ending of the Lucifer Season 6 finale, we will see Linda continuing her work as a psychotherapist, and she is very accomplished in her work. She has also taken responsibility for Charlie and is looking after him with his co-parent Amenadiel.

We will also see Maze and Eve staying happily married together, and both of them are working together as bounty hunters.

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