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Anti-Esper Dropkick
Reigen’s top 10 Special Attacks Ranked in Mob Psycho 100 (via Twitter credit Mob Psycho 100 twitter account)

Reigen’s top 10 Special Attacks Ranked in Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 is full of entertainment, and the credit goes to all the series’ characters. One such character is Reigen Arataka. He can be considered as one of the twisted characters in the series.

He has his interest in his mind and is more of a con man. But he also genuinely cares for Mob and is one of the powerful psychics in the series. If not for Reigen, the show might lack action and thrill, and his special abilities make the show more fun to watch.

Despite having his interests in his mind, he has saved the day many a time, even without his psychic abilities. His main power is Telekinetics. He uses his brain and plots plans easily to escape difficult situations, but when they don’t work out for him, he uses his “Special Moves.”

These special attacks are off the record from standard tactics and are ridiculous when in action. But that makes them more exciting and fun to watch.

Reigen’s Top 10 most ridiculous Special Moves    

1) Graphic Exorcism

Graphic Exorcism is one of Reigen’s special moves, which he uses more in business. In this technique, he uses photo editing software to remove spirits and ghosts from photos of his clients.

As a matter of fact, in this technique, he does not perform any real exorcism. It just helps his clients to loosen up from worries. This trick works as effectively as Sorcery crush.

Graphic Exorcism attack in Mob Psycho 100
 Reigen’s Graphic Exorcism attack in Mob Psycho 100 (Pic Credit CBR)

2) Sorcery Crush

Sorcery Crush is Reigen’s most used ‘Special move’ in the psychic business. He uses a massage on his customers to reduce their stress, pain, and aches in this technique.

But in fact, he uses it to help them get rid of any spirits around them. As the clients are relieved of Spirits haunting them, they seem to be happy with him. Though this trickster uses it to earn more money, we can guess that this technique won’t be that helpful in battle.

Sorcery Crush
Sorcery Crush (credit Worstgen)

3) Cheese Burger Tornado

Cheese Burger Tornado
Cheese Burger Tornado (pic credit DevianArt)

This name is taken from a children superhero whose show Reigen used to watch on TV, and though the name sounds weird, it could have been more ridiculous if he might have used an actual cheeseburger which knowing him might have been a possibility. 

The Cheese Burger Tornado is useful for threatening clients and handling strong enemies. Here he spins his whole body and throws it onto his opponent.

In the process, he punches the enemy in the face and knocking the enemy unconscious. The spin adds more force to his fists and thus increases the damage caused by them.

4) Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike

Reigen used this special move against the evil spirit Keiji Mogami as he took over Kirin Jodo’s body. He kicked him out of the body even though it is not the best exorcism technique but is quite useful and comes in handy against Spirits.

This long name might seem funny, but when Reigen uses this, he has to strike a person’s chest with his knee, and the spirit possessing the body is kicked out of it.

Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike
 Reigen’s Anti-Possession Jumping Knee Strike in Mob Psycho 100 (Pic Credit Crunchyroll)

The only flaw in this is that it is effective only on a possessed person and does not work on a spirit in its true form. It is like ‘Self-Defence Rush’ but more useful against anyone being possessed by a spirit.

 5) Self-Defence Rush

The name for this technique does not match the actual technique as the word ‘Self Defence’ is nowhere to be seen. While using Self-Defence Rush, Reigen attacks his opponents with a quick succession of attacks and uses all of his attacks.

This technique helps to throw his opponent off guard and distract them. It even works against members of the Claw’s seventh division.

The drawback of this technique is that it won’t work against spirits or ghosts but surely surprises humans as of the unpredictability of attack. Also, it can be used as an escape method because the fast attack keeps his enemy confused, and by the time they get used to his actions, he can escape.

Self-Defence Rush
 Reigen’s Self-Defence Rush in Mob Psycho 100 (Pic Credit Crunchyroll)

6) Aroma Runway Express

Aroma Runway Express is another technique similar to Sorcery Crush. While using Aroma Runway Express, Reigen sends his client to Spa with Himalayan Rock Salt and oil massage.

This helps to scare ghosts away, and the client feels a bit better and relaxed. This is a ridiculous move and not particularly effective, but it works well as long as the clients are happy. This is a comedy thing to watch and certainly adds to the show.

Aroma Runway Express
 Reigen’s Aroma Runway Express Pic Credit (CBR)

7) Banishing Salt Punch

Banishing Salt Punch cannot be considered as most effective of Reigen’s Special moves but works out well as salt helps to ward off evil spirits. This is a strong Superstition in Mob Psycho 100 but is still believed to be true by many.

Using salt, Reigen gets rids of supernatural enemies even when he does not have his psychic abilities. Punching his enemy also helps because salt does not work on all opponents, and punching an enemy helps stand on better ground against a strong foe.

Banishing Salt Punch
Banishing Salt Punch (Credit Reddit)

8) Salt Splash

Like the name suggests, In this technique, Reigen Splashes salt everywhere in his surroundings in the belief of keeping ghosts and spirits off. Salt Splash is less effective than Salt Banishing Punch as the latter works twice, whereas the former might not even work.

He also uses salt as a smokescreen to escape from an enemy if salt does not affect his opponent’s strength. This technique is not well suited to be added to Special moves, but this makes fun to watch as escaping the situation like these using silly tricks and watch them work out well is nice.

Salt Splash
Salt Splash

9) Hypnosis Punch

Hypnosis Punch
Hypnosis Punch

Hypnosis Punch is another of the Special Moves and is and works the same way as the name suggests. He fakes to hypnotize his opponent and, in the process, moves close enough to attack them.

He punches them hard and can be considered a smart move, and is very useful against someone who has never seen this attack before. This move works so well because enemies know that he cannot hypnotize anyone, and the way he tries to do that makes them let down their guard and thus fall easy prey to his attack.

This move could have been more enjoyable if he could really hypnotize someone, but fans must sit tight as you never know what will happen next.

10) Anti-Esper Dropkick

Anti-Esper Dropkick
Anti-Esper Dropkick (via Twitter credit Mob Psycho 100 Twitter account)

One of the most successful Special moves is Anti-Esper Dropkick and has helped Reigen fight Claw’s 7th division, where he also absorbed Mob’s powers.

This is one of the most favorite among fans and works as well as surprise attacks. In Anti-Esper Dropkick, he does exactly what the name suggests, and this works out pretty well.

This move might work on a non-esper opponent, too, but it has not been shown yet. As Reigen lacks psychic abilities, he is not strong enough to take down an esper independently.

The move is well appreciated by fans and has even surprised Ishiguro at times. With the help of Mob and his Psychic powers, Reigen can take down powerful opponents easily.

Mob Psycho 100 is one of the best anime series, and if you are interested in comedy and action to lighten up your mood, this must be on your watchlist. Also, check out more on some of the strongest characters from Mob Psycho 100 from the below article.

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