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Mob Psycho 100 The Top Characters Ranked
Mob Psycho 100 The Top Characters Ranked (Pic Credit UHD Wallpaper)

Mob Psycho 100: The Top Characters Ranked

Mob Psycho is an amazing comedy, action anime series by one of the best anime writers, “ONE.” He is also the creator of another world-famous comedy anime series known as ‘One Punch Man. One Punch Man is well known in the anime community for its comedy dialogues and action that entertains anime lovers to another extent.

Mob Psycho 100 is also one such anime that deserves the same popularity. It is full of comedy and hilarious characters. Let’s introduce you to some of the Best characters in the Anime world from Mob Psycho 100.

Mob Psycho 100: The Top Characters Ranked

1) Shigeo Kageyama

 He is the protagonist and one of the most entertaining characters of the series. Not only is he one of the strongest characters but also the most hardworking one too. He always strives to improve his abilities.

For him, his powers are a burden, and he tries to use them as little as possible. But as every character has a weakness, He lets anyone who triggers him get a better part of him. Kageyama can be easily pissed off, and he lets his emotions cloud his mind.

Shigeo Kageyama
Shigeo Kageyama in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

2) Teruki Hanazawa

 Teruki is the character who has evolved most in the series. In the beginning, he was arrogant and rash, just another psychic who considers his powers to be greatest. Later he realized the true meaning of power and how it can be utilized for good.

This development in Teruki was possible because of Mob; he transformed him, showed him that his power was nothing compared to his, and also taught him how to use it for good. Teruki also considers Mob as his greatest friend and rival.

Teruki Hanazawa
Teruki Hanazawa (Credit:

3) Arataka Reigen

He can be considered as one of the twisted characters in the series. He has his interest in his mind and is more of a con man. But he also genuinely cares for Mob, and these events do not exactly fit in space.

Nothing exactly can be said about him, and that is why he cannot be trusted. He might have some ulterior motives behind his actions, and it will not be wrong to doubt his actions.


Arataka Reigen
Arataka Reigen in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

4) Ritsu Kageyama

The mob was once considered weaker than the Kageyama brothers. But His powers were greater than that of Ritsu, and that’s the reason Ritsu was jealous of Mob. Therefore he works towards developing his powers and eventually learns to control his emotions as well. This helps him to use his powers in a better way.

He later realized that he could have a life where powers do not matter. Also, the development of this character shows a trait of human nature that people only focus on the negative part of themselves and thereby leads to destruction regardless of the abilities and talent that one has.

Ritsu Kageyama
Ritsu Kageyama in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

5) Katsuya Serizawa

Katsuya is one of the plain characters in the series. He is sweet and caring who got trapped in Claw due to Toichiro, who convinced him to join it.

He knew he didn’t want to stay in Claw but couldn’t leave it directly and thus suffered on his own. Much to his good fortune, Claw dismantled, and to the right his wrongs, he joined Spirits and such consultation office to utilize his powers for the good of others.

Katsuya Serizawa
Katsuya Serizawa in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

6) Toichiro Suzuki

Toichiro is the leader of Claw, and he thinks very highly of himself. He is selfish and a power-hungry man who doesn’t even care for his family, and that’s a reason why his wife left him. He doesn’t think about anything other than himself.

In his fight with Mod, he faced a harsh defeat, and his self-esteem was broken and led to his downfall. Mob used his powers to capture the explosion caused by Toichiro and thereby defeating him served justice and saved the city.

Toichiro Suzuki
Toichiro Suzuki in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit:

7) Sho Suzuki

Sho is Toichiro’s son and disgusts his father’s horrible behavior. He tries desperately to break free from the constant conflict faced by Claw and his father. He is forced into Claw, and he cannot escape as he is too weak to defeat his father or run away.

Even after his father’s defeat at the hands of Mob, he still holds some arrogance and has not set himself on the right path yet.

Sho Suzuki
Sho Suzuki in Mob Psycho 100 (via Printerest)

8) Tome Kurata

 Tome is the leader of the Telepathy club who doesn’t do any good for the club and wastes most of the club’s funds on snacks. Also, when Mob joined the club to try to find some productive use of his powers, On meeting Tome, he later realizes that he cannot achieve anything here and that he is more interested in Body Improvement Club and believes that he can make better use of himself there and achieve something worth.

Tome Kurata
Tome Kurata in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

9) Musashi Goda

Musashi is the leader of the Body Improvement Club. He is huge and more like a bully sort of guy but genuinely wishes for his club to perform well and encourages its members too. He also supports Mob to improve himself, and this is of significance because of his help, Mob was able to grow stronger. Though he is not given enough screen time, his actions have surely formed the basis for Mop. Also, this energetic character is fun to watch.

Musashi Goda
Musashi Goda in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

10) Dimple

Dimple is a run-of-mill-spirit who was defeated by the mob through his powers. He, after facing defeat, followed the mob with the intention of taking over his or his brother’s body.

But even though he wanted to take revenge on the siblings, he has also helped them on various occasions, and this fact must not be ignored. He is kind of liked by fans as his actions bring excitement to show as he cannot always be trusted but has also helped the heroes.   

Dimple in Mob Psycho 100 (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Mob Psycho 100 is more fun to watch as various characters bring more to the show and must be on your watchlist if you like comedy and action. That’s all for now for more such interesting updates please stay tuned to MediaScrolls. 

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