See Season 2 Episode 4
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See Season 2 Episode 4: Release Date, Previous Episode Recap, and What to Expect?

Last Updated on September 10, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

In the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 4, we will see Tamacti Jun going through a phase of realization on the pain he inflicted on people. 

‘See’ is one of the popular shows based on the story of a different world where we see humanity has gone to exile after a virus has wiped out their existence. The story then continues with the plot after 600 years after this dreadful incident took place.

You would surely be keen to know that what would be the next plan of action of Baba, Haniwan along with others after the incident that took Bow Lion in, whether they would be staying the entire night with the tribe or would be moving on without halting, everything is covered in the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 4.

See Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date and Streaming Details

See Season 2 Episode 4 will be releasing on September 17, 2021, at 12 am ET on Apple TV+, which has got the official streaming rights of the show. The show’s second season was released on August 27, 2021, and it is said that like its predecessor season, the sophomore season too will have 8 episodes.

What to Expect in the upcoming See Season 2 Episode 4?

This episode will show how Sibeth would be taking advantage of Maghra’s marriage situation to grow close to her nephew Kofun.

We expected to have a reunion happening at Pennsa when Toad and Kofun reached Pennsa. But they will find that Kofun’s mother Maghra will marry Harlan, and Kofun will get angry with the whole situation. 

‘See Season 2 Episode 4’ is titled ‘The Witchfinder’ would be primarily revolving around the story of Tamacti Jun and his continued story of the struggle to resonate with the horrors that he has been inflicted on people over the years.

Maghra, who is still in the illusion that her family is in the Trivantian city, asks Harlan’s brother to go and look for them, for we are not told till now whether her family is still in the city or maybe they have been exiled to some other place.

Also, in the See Season 2 Episode 4, we would see that Baba, Tamacti Jun, Haniwam, Charlotte, and Paris decide to stay back with the tribe that took Bow Lion in for a night and thereafter continuing their journey towards Pennsa.

See Season 2 Episode 4
See Season 2 Episode 4 releasing on September 17 (Credit Apple TV+)

Know About See Season 2 Episode 2 Recap 

See Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: What Happened in the Last Episode?

In the show’s last episode, we see Wren decides to stay back, and we find that a traitor amongst them has set Baba and Tamacti Jun free. For this, Edo instructs Wren to get hold of that traitor who did this act. This means someone amongst the team of Edo is with Baba, and indeed we saw he had helped them by setting them free from the clutches of Edo.

Sibeth realizes that her hold is quite uncertain once more, and hence she, in a hurry, arranges a marriage between Maghra and Harlan. Also, in the coming episode of the show, we will see how Maghra convinces Harlan’s brother to find her family in the city of Trivantian.

Apart from this, Kofun is attacked by the Witchfinders accompanying him, but all thanks to Toad, who arrives there in time and saves him. Kofun and Toad find that these Witchfinders who were supposed to protect Kofun were actually the survivors of Kanzua.

While Baba, Tamacti Jun, and Haniwa are busy in their journey, they perceive that Kofun and Maghra already travel the path on which they are heading. But, things turn ugly for them because of a group of slavers trying to attack them, but help arrives from an unexpected group of women.

The group is called Compass, and Paris is with them. In the coming episode, we would see that Baba and Haniwa decide to stay back in the night with the group.

In Episode 3, Edo also visits Jerlamarel and accuses him of helping Baba in his elope along with Tamacti Jun. Still, later he upon realizing about Jerlamarel’s injury Edo kills him.

See Season 2 Episode 4
See Season 2 Episode 4 releasing on September 17 (Credit Apple TV+)

During their night stay with the group of women, Baba reveals his entire story to Haniwa. He started when he was born; we learn that their mother died apparently after giving birth to Edo, and it was obvious that the family always beheld him as the reason for his mother’s death.

This was followed by constant series of abuse in his entire childhood by their father. Baba would always feel helpless because he could not protect his brother as Baba was young at that time. But, we saw how things change between the two in this entire series of episodes of this season.

At the end of episode 3, we see Harlan killing one of these survivors and asks Sibeth to marry her; this follows after Sibeth discovers that these survivors are from Kansas. But, she has another plan; she says that she can marry Maghra instead, and the latter agrees to make a pact with Harlan after Maghra hears about this plan.

Sibeth is shown very desperately because she goes and announces about their engagement during a religious function such that they get Maghra and Harlan off guard. Also, later she announces that their marriage too will take place in some days.

In the quest to find the traitor who helped Baba to elope, Edo finds something fishy when he visits Jerlamarel. When he finds that Jerlamarel has got scars and is hurt, he thinks he would now be of no help and kills him. The episode ends with Edo taking Jerlamarel’s children with him.

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