Netflix’s JJ+E Complete Review: Does JJ and Elisabeth End Up together?

JJ+E Netflix
Stills from Netflix's JJ+E Mustapha Aarab as John John and Elsa Öhrn as Elisabeth (Pic Credit Netflix)

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JJ+E or Vinterviken is a teen Swedish drama directed by Alexis Almström, released on Netflix on September 8, 2021. The film mainly tells us the love story between two drama school students who grew up close to one another together.

Despite their social and economic differences, the film mainly showcases how they overcome the differences and find love for one another. The film stars Magnus Krepper, Marika Lagercrantz, and Simon Mezher, Mustapha Aarab and Elsa Öhrn in the main lead.

We have also streamed the film on Netflix, and in this article, we will give a brief review of the film’s story and its ending. So without further ado, let us discuss the updates.

This article will contain some spoilers on the film, so we recommend you not go through the article if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

JJ+E: What is The Story About?

The film stars John John, also known as JJ, and his burglary friends such as Sluggo swimming by the nearby lake called Mälaren. John John’s friend Sluggo identifies someone abandoning his boat by the dock, so they decided to steal the boat and take it to the posh side of the lake.

Suddenly, a girl jumps into the lake from the cliff, and she begins to drown John John realizes that the girl needs help and jumps into the water to save her. Soon after saving Patrica, he becomes a local hero in the eyes of the people.

The girl he saved is named Patrica, Elisabeth’s sister. As JJ had saved Patricia, so Elisabeth’s father Frank thanked John John for his courage.

Later on, both Elisabeth and John John meet again in a drama school where John takes a drama class course.

JJ and Elisabeth changed glances at their home a couple of times, where JJ and his friend Sluggo were invited after saving Patricia from the lake.

Elisabeth’s father, Frank, seems to be sympathetic about the social background, upbringing, and financial condition of JJ. To put things in perspective, both JJ and Elisabeth belong to a different world.

JJ and his friends used to do theft and burglary to survive, and on the other hand, Elisabeth belongs to a normal average family. Both of their lives were different but somewhat intertwined with one another like Elisabeth lost her mother when she was little, and JJ, on the other, used to live with his mother and her abusive boyfriend. And both of them were also had interested in taking drama classes.

Netflix's JJ+E
Stills from Netflix’s JJ+E (Pic Credit Netflix)

JJ+E Ending: Does JJ and Elisabeth End Up Together?

As discussed in the above portion, both JJ and Elisabeth’s lives differed, and their personalities clashed. JJ is the type of guy who is mainly gets influenced by his criminal friends. On the other hand, Elisabeth is like a free persona who doesn’t care about speaking her mind.

After JJ and his friends are invited to Elisabeth’s house, the very same day, JJ and Sluggo start to think about their next burglary attempt.

Elisabeth’s father, Frank, was also aware of what JJ was doing but decided to keep this secret as he thought maybe her daughter would get upset after knowing all this.

One day John wears one of the stolen watches on a part in the jungle to impress Elisabeth, and on their way back home, Elisabeth stops a car and asks for a lift for their way back home.

But people inside the vehicle were robbers, and after taking all the wallets and phones, they noticed JJ’s watch.

Although JJ was hesitating to give away the watch at first, as things got worse, one of the robbers pushed Elisabeth down on the road, and she got injured and maddened by the whole situation. So JJ decided to give up on watch. But he was afraid of how he will face Sluggo now.

Netflix's JJ+E Complete Review
Stills from Netflix’s JJ+E Mustapha Aarab as John John and Elsa Öhrn as Elisabeth (Pic Credit Netflix)

When JJ next time faced Sluggo and told him about the incident, Sluggo pressurized him to give the money back for this, but JJ suggested robbing expensive musical equipment of the drama school.

Then at night, they planned to heist, and on the next day, when the drama teacher Jacob came into the class, he saw the expensive musical instruments missing, so he suspected JJ of this as he had not shown up in the class plus he was also aware of JJ’s friend circle.

After this, Elisabeth’s father issues a warning against her relationship with JJ, and later on, JJ explains the whole thing over a voice message.

Jacob gets to know about the whole story and decides to give JJ another chance. Jacob thinks as JJ was involved in the burglary from a young age, plus he belongs to a low-income family, so, from the early childhood, he was influenced by his mugger friends, and hence he landed on the wrong path, but as he had now accepted and explained his faults, so that is why Jacob decides to give him another chance. 

Elisabeth now seemed to be conflicted; she didn’t know if she should give him another chance or not.

Then happens a shocking accident when Sluggo dies at the hands of Tariq, and JJ decides to teach Tariq a lesson. But before going to Tariq, he was consolidated by Kiba, plus Kiba had informed Elisabeth about the whole scenario. Therefore, both Kiba and Elisabeth go to stop JJ before it’s too late.

But Kiba’s timely call saved the day for JJ, but JJ showed maturity rather than confronting Tariq directly. He called 911 before the situation could escalate any further.

The police arrive and take Tariq and JJ to custody, but the tale has a final twist. Elisabeth now goes to the police vehicle and stops it.

The police take her in custody as well, and then the cufflinked couple kiss for one final time, which suggests that the bond between them is now stronger than ever.

Stills from Netflix’s JJ+E Mustapha Aarab as John John and Elsa Öhrn as Elisabeth (Pic Credit Netflix)

How did Sluggo die? and Who killed him?

Sluggo seems like a terrible influence on JJ; from the beginning, he is the one who controls JJ in everything. He is somewhat a small-time criminal mafia.

He used to rob places and steal jewelry and expensive stuff for money. Although while doing all this, JJ still thinks of him as a brother figure.

In the film’s latter stages, we learn that Sluggo only cares about people when people act on his behalf.

So once, after the school robbery incident, JJ was angry and upset with Sluggo, but Sluggo didn’t care about him at all, just told him to relax.

However, there was a massive fight between Tariq and Sluggo, Tariq’s involvement with Nancy (Sluggo’s current girlfriend and Tariq’s ex).

So, in turn, when Sluggo insulted Tariq and said some nasty stuff that didn’t go well with Tariq; hence, in the next scene, we see him bringing out a gun and pulling the trigger.

In the next scene, we see JJ is devasted by Sluggo’s death and is being consoled by Kiba.

As JJ was upset with Sluggo’s death, he decided to teach Tariq a lesson. By the end of the film, we witness JJ acting maturely rather than confronting Tariq and trying to indulge in a gunfight. He called 911 and avoided the blood bath.

This mature decision of his proves to Elisabeth about JJ’s innocence, and at the ending, we see the cufflinked kiss, which makes us sure that their relationship now is stronger than ever.

JJ+E Ending Explained
Stills from Netflix’s JJ+E Elsa Öhrn as Elisabeth (Pic Credit Netflix)

Netflix’s JJ+E: So Should We Stream It or Skip It?

JJ+E is a teenage romantic drama that depicts the story of John-John (Mustapha Aarab) and Elisabeth (Elsa Öhrn), who are from different classes.

While Elisabeth belongs to an average family but JJ comes from a poor background; he mostly does robbery and theft for a living.

Unknowing he was in the right place at the right time-saving Elisabeth’s sister from drowning, and then again, when he thought of taking the drama class, he met Elisabeth again, and that is how their path crossed.

Elsa Öhrn’s acting as Elisabeth was great probably my favorite actor in this movie. The film never really gets soapy or too sentimental; Although it is packed with powerful punchlines.

But, the ending of the film was a bit absurd, and all of a sudden, the story takes an unexpected turn from which the film doesn’t quite recover after. The last 20-25 minutes seemed too stretched, which blew the film’s progress.

If we had to rate it, we would recommend that the film is somewhat tolerable for a one-time watch. But It seems unfinished with its conclusion. The story had lost its way by ending, so that is why we would recommend you to watch this film only if you are bored and have some free time to spare.

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