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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Will Let You Get Hold Of The Shiny Spoink

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour will be held on the 7th of September, 2021, where we will get to see Spoink. Spoink will be available in both regular and shiny forms. On top of this, the event will come with a special kind of bonus for all the players.

Spoink is definitely one of the most lovable and cute Pokemon in the game. It is not found in the wild very often. Hence you all will be needing this guide if you want to make out the maximum of the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour and capture Shiny Spoink on the 7th of September.

A few more details on the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour.

Before knowing about anything in detail, we need to know when the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour will start on the 7th of September. Just like most of the mini-events on the game, we will see the event beginning at 6 PM local time and will come to an end at 7 PM. During this one hour, the Pokemon- Spoink will be seen spawning at a higher rate than usual.

If we consider the special bonus, then we will see that it comes to us with a spot lit Pokemon. For this particular time, it will be a double Catch Stardust. In simple words, the player will be able to earn twice the amount of Stardust for every Pokemon. This will be valid throughout the runtime of Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour
Catch the cutest Pokemon and other monsters during this special event hour. (credit: Pokemon Go)

Many players might be wondering whether they will get to see a shiny variant of Spoink in the event. As you have understood by now, the answer is definitely a yes. A Shiny Spoink will be available in Pokemon Go. So if you were looking for this Pokemon, this might be your best chance to get hold of it.

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How can you keep yourself prepared for the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour on the 7th of September?

First and foremost, gather and keep as many Poke Balls as you can. Also, stack up the Incense, Berries, and Lures. These will help you provide or gain a big advantage.

During the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour, get hold of as many Pokemon as you can. The more Pokemon you catch, the more Stardust you will be able to gain. There is also a double-catch bonus that helps you gain extra during this hour.

Apart from this, you might also want to keep your inventory empty of any kind of unnecessary Pokemon. This will make you create the space for all the monsters that you would be able to catch during this event.

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