Cinderella Sequel
Cinderella Sequel (credit: Prime Video)

Will There be a Cinderella (2021) Sequel on Amazon Prime?

Last Updated on September 6, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Many people have the hope that Cinderella Sequel will be in the making very soon. Cinderella showcases a very progressive tone in its way of storytelling. The movie is based on the old classic fairy tale which was penned down by Charles Perrault long back. Kay Cannon has done a good job in directing the musical movie. The director is renowned for the work he has done in Pitch Perfect.

In Cinderella, we get to see Ella, a young girl, having big dreams in her mind. She is full of ambition and is very talented when it comes to designing dresses.

This movie shows us how Ella was placed in a situation where she was in a fix between her dream and her love. The themes we have seen in the previous times would have always focused on romantic relations or just going after love. However, Cinderella takes a progressive approach, and we see Ella carrying forward with her dreams.

If you are a fan of modern-themed content, then you will definitely how this fairytale has received the modern progressive touch. For all the fans of Camila Cabello and such fairytales, if you all are expecting a Cinderella Sequel, then here is everything you would want to know about.

When will the Cinderella Sequel release?

The current movie, Cinderella, was released on the 3rd of September, 2021. It was released on Amazon Prime Video by Amazon Studios. After release, we saw that mixed opinions were coming from the audience about the movie.

The film provides us some foot-tapping and extremely attractive tunes. Apart from the musical part, the movie’s message is modern and perfectly suits the present times.

However, the part which did not please the audience was the lack of proper development of the characters. Not only does the character development require work, but the entire pace of the storyline also seemed a bit inconsistent.

So judging from the critical reviews that Cinderella has received, we can say that there is not much hope that we might get to see a Cinderella Sequel.

In this film, a complete story has been narrated and there is not much left to show in the Cinderella Sequel. Apart from this, there has been no news or leaks about whether there are any plans to continue with the Cinderella Sequel. The producers have not made any kind of announcements about this matter.

Cinderella Sequel
Watch the movie now on Prime Video. (credit: Prime Video)

The studio is definitely keeping a close watch on the viewership count. If the film matches or surpasses the expectations of the studio, then there might be chances that we might get to see a Cinderella Sequel.

If it arrives, it will not come in 2022. Sometime in 2023 can be expected Cinderella Sequel to release with a continuation in the storyline and several other exciting elements.

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Who might we get to see in the cast of the Cinderella Sequel?

This movie stars Camila Cabello in the role of Cinderella. Throughout the movie, she is referred to as Ella. Ella’s stepmother- Vivian, has been played by Idina Menzel. In the role of Prince Robert, we saw Nicholas Galitzine playing the character wonderfully.

It was very charming to see Pierce Brosnan on the screen as King Rowan, the prince’s father. Prince Robert’s mother- Queen Beatrice was played by Minnie Driver.

The other characters were Fab G played by Billy Porter, Narissa played by Charlotte Spencer, Malvolia played by Maddie Baillio, John played by James Acaster, Princess Gwen, played by Tallulah Greive, James played by James Corden, Romesh played by Romesh Ranganathan, and John played by James Acaster. All of them were seen in the supporting roles in this film.

If at all we get to see a Cinderella Sequel then we will definitely be seeing all these actors reprising their roles in the movie. Depending on the plot that will be fixed for the Cinderella Sequel we might have some of the similar supporting actors returning on screen. There will definitely be a few additions to the cast in the new film.

What plot can we expect in the Cinderella Sequel?

In the movie, we saw that Ella was forced to make a decision that would either let her carry forward with her dreams or let her stay with the love of her life, Prince Robert.

She does her best in her power in order to reach her dream and finally becomes successful in it. As she goes forward in her journey chasing her dreams, she changes the mindset and outlook of several people regarding many things.

If at all we get to see a Cinderella Sequel, then the story will focus on Ella, and she will be facing a new challenge in her life. Judging by this movie’s storyline, Cinderella Sequel will also break the stereotypes and proceed with a progressive approach.

We might get to see Ella facing heartbreak and then finally rediscovering her individuality. This new movie might showcase new ways of dealing with relationships through the outlook of a fairy tale.