Cinderella(2021) Recap and Ending Explained: Does Ella and Prince Robert end up marrying each other?

Cinderella(2021) Recap and Ending Explained: Does Ella and Prince Robert end up marrying each other? (credit: Prime Video)

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Cinderella, the new musical film directed by Kay Cannon, has reimagined the good old classic fairy tale which goes exactly by the same name. Charles Perrault penned down the fairy tale. Director Kay Cannon, known for his work in Pitch Perfect, has sure done justice to the classic fairy tale by taking a musical touch in the movie.

The movie tells us the story about Ella or Cinderella. She is a poor girl who dreams of becoming a big businesswoman and ultimately falls deeply in love with Prince Robert. The new movie brings a lot of new touches to the old classic storyline. There are several progressive elements showcased here, with some rhythmic songs.

The progressive elements showcased in the film take it in a totally new direction. If you all are interested to know about it, then continue reading the article. But we would like to warn you that there are several spoilers up ahead.

A brief synopsis of the plot of Cinderella

In Cinderella, Ella, played by Camilla Cabello, stays with Vivian, her stepmother, and two stepsisters. Society is entirely a male-dominant society where Ella has the dream of opening her dress shop and eventually becoming a successful businesswoman. She spends her time doing the household chores, and whenever she finds time for herself, she starts designing her dresses in the basement of the house.

Nichola Galitzine plays the character of Prince Robert. He is the son of King Rowan, played by Pierce Brosnan. Price Robert has no intention of marrying someone just for the power. He wants to find someone with whom he falls in love and then ultimately marry her. Robert’s decision annoys the King, and both of them are seen quarreling over this particular matter.

Watch the movie now on Prime Video. (credit: Prime Video)

Prince Robert has a sudden encounter with Ella, and he is shocked by her outspoken nature. Robert had asked the King to hold a ball where he can find the person he loves. The King allows it to happen. Ella thinks this would be the perfect opportunity to showcase her designs on getting to know about the ball. Her stepmother does not support her decision to go to the ball. But we see in Cinderella that the fairy godmother helps Ella finally reach the ball.

We see that Prince Robert and Ella start bonding with each other over the ideas that they commonly share when it comes to falling in love. Ella gets an opportunity to become a dressmaker of Tatiana, a queen who has come from a distant land. This puts her in a fix as she now has to choose between her long-awaited dreams and Prince Robert. She goes with fulfilling her dreams which breaks Robert’s heart.

The two, however, find ways of overcoming their life struggles and live their life on their planned terms. This is what is showcased in Cinderella.

Will Ella and Prince Robert end up marrying each other at the end?

Towards the end of Cinderella, we see that Ella has to rush to the market to reach on time. She has to be on time to meet Queen Tatiana as that would determine the future of her living her dreams.

Vivian finds out what Ella plans to do, so she engages Thomas with Ella and then takes her away. Ella then escapes with the help of her mouse friends and ultimately finds Prince Robert.

Robert has been looking for Ella for a long time. The King has finally allowed the Prince to live his life according to his own way. Robert then helps Ella reach the market on time. Finally, Ella gets the job of being the dressmaker of Queen Tatiana.

Both Robert and Ella decide that they would be traveling all over the world. Both of them express these desires to King Rowan. The King agreed to it and crowned Gwen, Robert’s sister, as the successor of the throne.

All those who have read the classic story know that the story ends on a happy note. Over here, we see that Ella finally fulfills her dream, and she gets the happy ending she had desired. So the new approach to Cinderella showcases that the lady does not have to sacrifice her dreams and be happy just for the sake of being happy.

Ella and Prince Robert. (credit: Prime Video)

When Gwen was being labeled as the successor, she tells Robert that she does not want to put a name to the relationship that both of them share. However, they are deeply in love with each other and stay together. But we do not see them getting married at the end of Cinderella.

We see Ella prioritizing her dreams over her love in a very beautiful way. This breaks the stereotype of all the previous fairytales that we had seen earlier.

Prince Robert also gives away his crown because he wants to stay with the woman whom she loves. Gwen is shown to be the first ruling Queen of the Kingdom. Each and every aspect in Cinderella shows how the stereotypical elements are being broken, and the modern approach is being portrayed.

Cinderella’s ending tells us that patriarchy is something that should not always be encouraged. Situations can be changed very peacefully.

Although both the King and the Prince showcase a few aspects of the toxic male nature, the movie has its way of dealing with these. As the movie proceeds, we see that both the characters have a change in their mindset as well.

Does Ella and Vivian, her stepmother, reconcile with each other in Cinderella?

Throughout Cinderella, we see that Vivian has been very rude to Ella. She forcefully tries her best to get Ella married as soon as possible and has no intention of allowing her to chase her dreams. Thus we see Ella running away from her home.

As the movie nears its end and we get to see and hear the final song, we see Vivian and Ella are reconciling with each other. This particular approach that Cinderella has taken might appear to be not so important considering the progressive approach to the movie.

We do understand through the movie that Vivian was not actually cruel towards Ella. She herself was a skillful piano player who wanted to pursue her dreams.

Her desire to become a piano player made her husband leave her. So we can understand that whatever Vivian had done towards Ella was from a perspective of concern and fear. She did not want the same for her stepdaughter. Ella realizes that she had misunderstood her mother all this while.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to get to know more about Cinderella and several other such movies that are yet to come. The step taken by Cinderella towards a progressive mentality should seriously be applauded by all the viewers of the film. Leave in your comments as to what you feel about the movie.

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