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Q-Force Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Q-Force Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained (Credit Netflix)

Q-Force Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained: What Was Mira’s Intention on Knowing the Secrets of AIA?

Q- Force Season 1 is one of the most promising adult animated spy series. It is based on Steve Marywather also known as Agent Mary, who has excellent potential as a spy agent. Still, the working condition at his organization- American Intelligence Agency (AIA) doesn’t allow him to showcase his true potential.

Later in the show, we saw how he unleashes his true potential after he gets command over a Q-Force team, which unblushingly cracks some of the important yet addressing cases for the agency.

If you have watched Q-Force Season 1 and adjusted with the ending, then we have compiled everything for you, or even if it’s the other way around, we still have covered the glimpse of the Recap of the Q-Force Season 1.

Q- Force Season 1: What Was It About?

The story is of Steve Maryweather, one of the best students at the AIA academy. The story goes back to the year 2011 when Steve decides to come out to the AIA once he is graduated, and this decision comes after the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been repelled.

Steve, excited about his valedictorian speech, gets dumbstruck after AIA Director Dirk Chunley announces that there has been a mistake instead of Steve, Rick Buck, whose valedictorian was considered as that of Steve. Rick is actually a straight student from Steve’s class.

Q-Force Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Q-Force Season 1 Episode Stills (via Netflix)

Mary hereafter forms a group of talented members, and the team is called the Q-Force or Queer Force, now we are introduced to those team members, including Deb, a veteran, and brilliant mechanic.

She is married to Pam, a child psychologist. Twink is a drag queen and master of disguises; apart from these people, the team has got Stat, a gothic hacker whom Mary escalated her release so that she could work for the Q- Force.

This formation of Q-Force in the Q- Force season 1 happens after Mary’s mentor, V, consoles Steve after this whole incident pertaining to his valedictorian took place.

By saying that, he would get some top positions in the AIA academy in the next ten years, and it is what we wanted to see in the entire Q- Force season 1.

But that’s not how the story proceeds, and Steve gets dissatisfied after being made the divisional chief in West Hollywood.

What made Mary make a group of a talented team of spies after we saw that most of the academy’s talent goes into vain as most of them are serving in some of the safest places in the world, and that won’t certainly be a work of a spy.

Now, after the team has been formed, there are no great projects, which is what made the team members go out to hunt for new works on their own. But, Mary is not here to do so; he has made the team thrive for the missions, and there comes the first crack for the Q- Force.

Twink comes in with input regarding a Kazakh national, which leads the team to discover a grave of the black market that is running a possible illegal nuclear deal.

Q-Force Season 1
Q-Force Season 1 Stills (Pic Credit Netflix)

Now, this matter pertains to the federal government, and V, the Deputy Director, is brought into the picture after the team briefs him about this crack to the case.

Further in the Q-Force Season 1, we saw Q-Force’s flourishing and thriving period after V allows them a new office and access to state-of-the-art technology.

V had assigned Chunley to recognize the work of the Q- Force, and the former appoints Buck as a veteran field officer because Mary didn’t have any on-ground prior experience.

But, that doesn’t go that far, and Mary proves his efficiency in quite less time that though he may not have on-ground experience, certainly he is one of the best officers that AIA ever had. As a token for his great contribution to the team, he has again made the team leader.

Now, as everything is going all fine, then comes the point in Q-Force Season 1 where V discovers that the agency has wiped out her memory to hide the information about her former work partner Caryn. To break the ice regarding who was wiping out V’s memory, she calls on Mary for help.

Though Mary initially denies helping, after several requests from his mentor and a mother figure to him, he couldn’t deny and agrees to search for the culprit. Later in the season, we found out that it was none other than Chunley, whom V had trusted, who was involved in making V forget about her past.

Q- Force Season 1 continues after the secrets of the black nuclear deal for which the team was on to, has now fallen into the wrong hands, and to make things fall into the right place Q-Force immediately travel to Gyenorvya.

Q-Force Season 1 Ending: Who was Mira Popadopolus?

Q-Force Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Q-Force-Recap from Season 1( via Netflix)

Mira is introduced in the fourth episode of the show, titled ‘EuropeVison.’ We learn that A single mother raised Mira, and her father, who was a member of the Royal family of Gyenoryva, had died serving the family.

If you could recall the character of Mia Thermopolis from ‘The Princess Diaries,’ you would resonate Mira with her. Further in the episode, we see that Mira becomes an absolute helping hand for the Q-Force after making a stunning makeover to travel to Gyenorya.

V used to be part of her security detail, and she helps the team get Pam back from the abductors. Mira also provides the team with a private jet, which the team uses to travel in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

Q- Force Season 1 Ending Explained: Why is Mira Keen in Knowing State Secrets from AIA?

Further in the show, after Mira lends her private jet to the team, the team, not aware of the repercussions, consciously uploads all the active operations credentials on the supercomputer server on Mira’s plane. This confidential information includes nuclear codes, information about the active missions, and also strategic locations.

But, Mira had a different motive behind her; she wanted that her country should become a global power, and this information that she has obtained from the plane would help her country to wage war.

Q-Force laters discovers that the Princess would be marrying Buck to gain complete control over her country. This is due to some conditions according to the misogynistic laws of Gyenorvya that she has to marry someone to become the princess of the land.

In the entire process, Buck has got some intentions, too, that in his entire career in the AIA, he had to take instructions from Mary though he was made the field officer in the first place.

Now, joining hands with Mira, he would get complete authority over a larger domain of space of power. Later in the season, we come to know that it was actually through the Greyscale technology that was controlling  Buck’s mind.

What is Project Greyscale?

Greyscale is an active technology that DR Hammond has developed for the AIA. This technology helps to wipe out a particular part of the memory from one’s mind, and indeed it was one form of conversion high-tech therapy.

This technology was used on V so that the memory of Caryn is wiped out of her memory, but later in the Q- Force season 1, we see that Caryn, who had been considered dead, is still alive. The entities involved in the mission of wiping out the memory of V were from the agency itself, and also later, this technology was used on Buck to get him under the control of Mira.

Q-Force Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Q-Force Season 1 Stills (via Netflix)

What Happens to Mary and Benji? Do they end up Together?

Mary and Benji end up together in Q-Force season 1. Mary hasn’t revealed that he is working for AIA; instead, he says that he works as an interior designer because they are dating each other.

With the course of the show proceeds, we see their relationship thriving, but later, when Mary visits Benji’s parents’ home for a funeral, he realizes that he has put Benji in harm’s way; following that, he leaves for West Hollywood after breaking up with him.

Finally, they two meets each other at the Pride celebration in Gyenorvya, and later in the final scene of Q-Force Season 1 where Mary reveals who is he truly and it can be highly anticipated that the two would start dating all over again after they removed all the ambiguity in the relationships.

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