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Imposter Factory Finally Launching on September 30 for PC

Finally, the launch of Imposter Factory, also known as To the Moon 3, is happening on September 30. This edition would be available whilst for PC via Steam.

As the company had announced that it would be releasing the follow-up games for To The Moon and Finding Paradise last year, but it took some unprecedented delays, and finally, the launch is taking place in September this year.

The developers of To the Moon and Finding Developers are once again coming up with one of their most time resetting thriller mystery games that are Imposter Factory for PC.

Taking about the game, the developers would be coming up with a new protagonist, Quincy, unlike it was Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene in the previous games.

So, the story of the games heads on like this that Quincy once ventures to a mansion for a fancy party, but sooner or later he there stumbles upon a time machine and is taken in the world of cosmic horror with the Nightmares of the death toll that begin to take charge of his life.

Though this is just what is expected; and it may be possible that the story won’t be running exactly as mentioned above.

But, one thing is quite certain that this upcoming To the Moon 3 would include some aspects of previous games with respect to aesthetic and gameplay mechanics.

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