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Only Murders in the Building Season Premiere Recap and Ending Explained: What Happened in Episodes 1, 2, and 3?

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‘Only Murders in the Building’ is a crime thriller that just got released on Hulu. The show is about three strangers, all sharing a love for crime podcasts, living in the same apartment.

The series had just been released on Hulu, and the first three episodes had already been released. In this article, we will discuss in detail all the happenings of the first three episodes. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the discussion.

Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, season 1 will have ten episodes in total. The first three episodes have already been released; the next episode will be arriving next week, i.e., on September 7th, exclusively on Hulu.  

Before reading this article we would like to warn you that the article contains spoilers from Episodes 1, 2, and 3, so if you haven’t watched the series yet, then we will recommend you skip this article.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 1 Recap: What Happened in Episode 1?

The three strangers in the series are Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage, a former actor who now lives in the Arconia building. He was famous for one of his roles in a crime TV Show.

Martin Short as Oliver Putnam, a struggling Broadway director who currently lives in this Arconia building.

Selena Gomez is Mabel Mora, a mysterious woman who is here to help her aunt renovate her apartment.

But all of them had one thing in common, i.e., their love for crime podcasts.

The trio finds themselves coming across another resident named Tim Kono at various times.

One day as they were in their room listening to their favorite podcast, a fire alarm rang, and all the residents had to evacuate from the building.

After evacuating the building, they got to know that police is here to investigate a murder.

Later that day, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel ran into each other at a restaurant there they bond over their love for crime podcasts, and soon as they return to the building again, they got the shocking news that the resident they met previously in the building named Tim Kono is now dead.

The police declare this a suicide, but the trio thinks otherwise that it is a murder. So they decide to launch their investigation on this.

What was Inside the Package that Charles and Mabel found at the end of Episode 1?

Charles and Mabel realized that Tim had carried trash even though every floor in the building had garbage containers.

They soon discovered some letters from Tim which suggest that he was tired of being lonely and hence he committed suicide.

But Mabel swiftly recollects some memories of Tim that he was always had an issue with his packages being misplaced, and the night he died, he also complained about the misplaced package.

The package must have been delivered to Buddy’s apartment, who is the head of the building. So they planned to sneak into her house and found a package of Tim, and inside that package, there was a ring.

So, Tim was anxious about the package as maybe he was planning to propose to his fiance with this ring.

Plus, the person who is currently waiting to propose to his fiance with the ring he just bought, why will he commit suicide all of a sudden? Well, these questions made their point valid that this was not a suicide.

There must be someone responsible for Tim’s death, and the letters might have been put in place on purpose to mislead the investigation.

Murders in the Building Episode 2 Recap: How Mabel and Tim Knew Each Other?

Murders in the Building Season 1 Episode 2 revealed that Mabel and Tim knew each other all along. Tim was among the oldest friends of Mabel and the group she used to hang out with; they use to enact the ‘The Hardy Boys’ book together.

But as they grew older, their love for “The Hardy Boys” too faded, and two new friends also got added to the group, they are Zoe (Olivia Reis) and Oscar (Aaron Dominguez).

Coming to present again, Mabel also finds out some belongings of Tim like the hundreds of rings, bracelets, and all forms of jewelry, hidden inside his mass collection of ‘The Hardy Boys’ books, and also she finds out the picture she had given him last page of the book. It seemed that Tim also had another dark history.

Then again, with the flashback, we see Mabel, Tim, Oscar, and Zoe at a New Year party. There Oscar and Zoe are arguing over some stuff before storming away from the group.

The next thing we heard is a big scream, and then we witness Tim appearing in front of Mabel and tells her that he saw someone who isn’t Oscar fighting with Zoe. Moments later, it was revealed that Zoe’s boyfriend Oscar had been arrested, and Zoe is dead.

Mabel instructed Tim to tell the police whatever he knows, but Tim doesn’t say anything to the police due to some strange reason, and Oscar was put on trial and later on went imprisoned for the murder.

Only Tim had known all along what happened to Zoe, but as he was dead, no one knew the secret behind his and Zoe’s death.

As per Mabel, both these two cases are somewhat interrelated. Mabel is desperate to solve the mystery as she knew the victim.

She also saves the recording with everything she knew about Tim and protects the records with “In Case I’m Next,” which suggests she is not the killer or perhaps she will be the next suspect.

But here, the peculiar thing is that Mabel didn’t acknowledge that she knew Tim in front of the police but here it shows that they used to be childhood friends.

This whole thing altogether makes even mysterious, and is she somehow connected to the murder? Well, only the time will be able to tell us that.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 3: What Happened in Episode 3?

In ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Episode 3, ‘ How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?’, we see Charles and Oliver continue with the recording of their podcast. On the other hand, Mabel is now busy renovating her aunt’s apartment.

In this episode, Oliver suspects a resident named Howard, who had a cat Evelyn who died on the same day as Tim.

The reason behind that is that Tim once warned Howard that he would kill the Cat if she bothers him again, and for that, Howard even complained to the Building manager.

So both he and Mabel decide to interrogate Howard, but at the end of the interrogation, they realized that Howard faints even just seeing the sight of few drops of blood. So Howard can’t be the killer.

Later on, Oliver then plans to convince one of his producer friends named Teddy to sponsor his podcast, but Teddy instructs him that if he wants him to sponsor the podcast, he will have to release the first episode early.

But the issue here is that they don’t have prime suspects, so Charles and Mabel feel that the first episode will fail without a prime suspect.

Who was the Prime Suspect of Oliver? Is Oliver’s Pet Winnie Dead?

Towards the end of the episode, Oliver goes through the list the trio had made, but not one of them fits the match of being a suspect.

But Oliver finds out a note at his door in which he has been threatened to end the podcast, and as a warning, the killer tried to poison his pet dog Winne, but Winne is not dead, thankfully.

Oliver then remembers running into a famous musician Sting, who used to dislike dogs. Whenever Oliver used to bring the news of Tim’s death, the musician accused him of falsely blaming him for the murder.

Although his suspicion goes to Sting, it seems like it is a misdirection. Whoever the killer is, he or she doesn’t want this podcast to release, which means the killer is keeping a close eye on the trio.

What was Written on the Note that Mabel Finds on Tim’s Apartment?

At the end of episode 3, we witness Mabel finally finds a big clue on Tim’s apartment. She finds some letters and a note, in the note, it is written to reach a place called “G.M” on Shore Road On January 31st, 4:30 PM.

Plus, when Tim died, Mabel witnessed a man with a hoodie running up the building when everyone was evacuating.

Plus coming to Tim’s childhood memories, we knew that Tim was aware that Oscar did not kill Zoe, but still, he remained silent for some reason, and Oscar was arrested, but now Oscar is out of prison, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Is it Oscar who was responsible for Tim’s death? Was he aware that Tim had known the truth behind the death of Zoe? and as he is now free, is he the one who killed him?

The mystery continues to intensify, and till now, the trio doesn’t have a clue who are primary suspects associated with Tim’s death? And whoever the killer might be, he or she is already aware of all the developments, and only time will be able to tell the who is behind all this.

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