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One Piece Episode 990: Release Date, Spoilers and Recap of Episode 989

One Piece Episode 990 is set to be released this Sunday. One Piece Episode 990 is going to mark the beginning of the era of the Worst Generation Pirates, with Luffy leading the Straw Hat Pirates and Kinemon leading the Samurai. Luffy also used the Straw Hats to launch a surprise attack on Orochi and Kaido.

In the previous episode, the audience saw Big Mom fighting with Chopper and Usopp. Chopper and Usopp continue trying to protect themselves from her and eventually decide to run away to save their lives.

The episode also showed Sasaki being restrained and Page One and Ulti meeting Luffy. Fans are waiting for One Piece Episode 990 as a lot of action awaits in the new episode, after an eventful episode 989.

Release Date of One Piece Episode 990 and Where Can You Watch It Online?

One Piece Episode 990, titled “Thunder Bagua! Here Comes Kaido’s Son!” is going to be released on Sunday, September 5, 2021, at 9:30 AM Japan Standard Time (JST).

Viewers can watch One Piece Episode 990 online with English subtitles on AnimeLab and Funimation. One Piece Episode 990 will be available with English and Spanish subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Viewers in Japan can watch One Piece Episode 990 on Netflix Japan, while those in Scandinavian countries can watch it on Wakanim. One Piece Episode 990 will also be streaming on the One Piece Official YouTube Channel.

Hulu will be streaming the English dubbed version of the anime, and Anime Digital Network will be streaming the French dubbed version. Spanish dubbed version of One Piece Episode 990 will also be available in some South American countries.

One Piece Episode 990
One Piece Episode 990, titled “Thunder Bagua! Here Comes Kaido’s Son!” will release on Sunday, September 5 (Pic Credit World Wire)

A Recap of One Piece Episode 989.

One Piece Episode 989 has been titled “The Pact Between Men! The Fierce Fighting of Brachio Tank!.” The episode begins with the Kinemon crew reaching the Hall. They decide to advance when they do not find anybody inside.

However, Usopp and Chopper, the captain of the Tank, come across Big Mom accidentally when she opens the window. Chopper gets shocked to see Big Mom while she keeps staring at them with a blank expression.

Fortunately, Usopp reminds him that their disguise as the Animal Kingdom pirates would help them fool her into believing that they are on the same side. Using this as an advantage, Chopper hands her a fake report and begins to leave. However, Big Mom suddenly recognizes him as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

So, Big Mom calls her crew to fight with the Tank. She watches as her soldiers exchange explosives with Chopper and Usopp. After they start killing the soldiers with the help of the weapons kept in the Tank, Chopper and Usopp decide to face Big Mom.

They get into a fight, with Big Mom jumping from hill to hill and blasting Chopper and Usopp using a rocket bomb inside the Brachio Tank. Chopper asks Usopp to stop the Tank when he notices Big Mom diving. Chopper clears Usopp’s confusion about why they were doing it by saying that they have to trust the Tank.

Eventually, nothing happens to the Tank when the rocket bomb connects. So, Big Mom then decides to use a palm strike to blow them. Chopper opens the door, throws a candy bomb into Big Mom’s mouth, and asks her to eat it. As she consumes it, the candy bomb explodes in her mouth, and she flies away.

Chopper and Usopp start celebrating as they think they have accomplished taking Bid Mom down. However, Big Mom wakes up when the two are about to leave. She mocks them by asking whether they thought something like that could kill her.

Know About One Piece Episode 989 Recap

Usopp gets scared and starts screaming. Chopper asks them to run as that is the only choice left for them. So they start running for their lives, with Big Mom chasing them.

In the meantime, Kurozumi Orochi finds out that a surprise attack led to his forces failing to intercept Akazaya’s plan. As a result, the rebel forces almost reach Onigashima. Hence, in order to bring down the spirit of Kozuki’s forces, they accelerate the preparation for Kozuki’s execution.

When Denjiro notices Sasaki opening the door, he hides with his crew and informs Kinemon about having a plan. He then goes out to confront Sasaki. On seeing Kanjuro, Sasaki asks him to join him for beer. Denjiro takes Sasaki somewhere, and they tie him to a tree with prison stones in order to restrain him. Sasaki realizes how Kanjuro betrayed him.

As Luffy continues fighting with the Beast Pirates back in the castle, he decides to try a new technique. He uses a new Wano Haki, known as Ryou, and starts punishing Kaido’s underlings.

While this was going on, Page One and Ulti fall from the passage and reach right behind Luffy. After the dust caused by the fall is cleared, Page One and Ulti ask Luffy who he is, and he asks them the same question in return.

One Piece Episode 990 Release Date
One Piece Episode 990 Zoro (Pic Credit Crunchyroll)

What Can You Expect From One Piece Episode 990?

One Piece Episode 990 has been titled “Thunder Bagua! Here Comes Kaido’s Son!“. In One Piece Episode 990, Luffy will be seen fighting with Page One and Ulti. He will be able to win against the brother-sister duo.

One Piece Episode 990 will also show Chopper and Usopp putting themselves at risk by tricking Big Mom in order to distract her and go back to their team.

Tatsuya Nagamine has directed One Piece Episode 990, with Atsuhiro Tomioka as the writer and Masahiro Kitazaki and Yong-Ce Tu as the episode’s animation director.

One Piece is a fantasy adventure anime based on a manga series by Eiichiro Oda that had the same name. It has become one of the longest-running television anime of all time after being premiered on October 20, 1999.

The anime series focuses on Monkey D. Luffy forming his pirate crew, known as the Straw Hat Pirates, after being inspired by Gol D. Roger. After his body gains the properties of rubber, Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates aim to find the ultimate treasure, known as “One Piece”, with him hoping to become the king of the pirates.

Kōhei Kureta, Tatsuya Nagamine, and Aya Komaki have directed the anime show, and Toei Animation Studio has produced it. With Shōji Yonemura as the primary writer, Shirō Hamaguchi and Kohei Tanaka are the music composers for the series.

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