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Edens Zero Episode 21: Release Date, Spoilers and What to Expect?

In Edens Zero Episode 20, we got to see the dark side of Planet Sun Jewel, the Labor District, where all those who oppose Madame Kurenai are made to mine jewels for her. She teleports everyone who does not follow her ideas or laws to the labor district, and the only way to return is by collecting 100000 jewels for her.

By the end of the episode, we see that Rebecca is determined to find Shiki and Homura and has got some help from another B-Cuber present there. Also, the crew from Edens Zero is unable to contact Rebecca, Shiki, or others. Shiki and Homura also break into a fight with one of Madame Kurenai’s officials present in the Labor District and take Homura as a hostage.

Will Homura be able to fight him without Ether Gear? Will Shiki come to her rescue? And, most importantly, where is Valkyrie, and what is she doing? Answers to all these questions lie ahead, and make sure to read out till the end and know more about the Edens Zero Episode 21.

Edens Zero Episode 21: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Edens Zero Episode 21, titled “Reset,” is set to release on Sunday, the 5th of September 2021.

Edens Zero Season 1 is available for streaming on various Hulu, Bilibili, Netflix, etc. The platforms have Original Japanese Audio with subtitles, and Netflix may release the English Dubbed version very soon.

Edens Zero Episode 21: What to Expect?

With events proceeding from Episode 20, we can expect Episode 21 to begin with an interesting fight between Shiki and Madame Kurenai’s men. Shiki will go to Homura’s rescue, and we will witness another good battle. Also, we might get to see what Rebecca and others will do to save Shiki and Homura.

Edens Zero Episode 21 might also give us a glimpse of Valkyrie, as we might discover where she is and why? Also, does Valkyrie knows that Homura is on planet Sun Jewel and is she keeping an eye on her? Madame Kurenai also wants to take control of Edens Zero for Draken Joe, but will she find it? Edens Zero has a high-security cloak made by Hermit, and as she is confident about it, we can assume that Edens Zero will be difficult to find.

Edens Zero Episode 21
Edens Zero Episode 21, titled “Reset,” is set to release on Sunday, the 5th of September 2021. (credit: Nippon TV)

To add more to the excitement about Episode 21, we can also think that Crew from Edens Zero might be able to contact Rebecca, and if they do it, then they will come to the rescue of Demon King. Also, why has Madame Kurenai made people find jewels for her? Is she the main villain of this arc?

For all these answers we have to wait till next Sunday to know more. Till then, know about Episode 20 here.

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Edens Zero Episode 20 Recap: What Happened in the Previous Episode? 

Edens Zero Episode 20 begins with Shiki and Homura being teleported to a cave where they encounter hundreds of bugs bearing stones on their backs. Seeing the bugs, Shiki freaks out, and Homura tries to fight them alone, but they exceed far too many. Suddenly a trio of men come to their rescue and explain to them about the Labor District and that they must collect 100000 jewels to return to normal life.

Soon enough, Shiki and Homura break into a fight with one of Madame Kurenai’s men, who looks after the Labor district. He kidnaps Homura and keeps Shiki beaten up.
There is a rule in Labor District that if anyone commits a crime, all the miners will face the consequences. Madame Kurenai’s guards come there to cause trouble for the prisoners.

On the other hand, to find a way into Labor District, Rebecca falls prey to a prank by another B-Cuber but gets no information from her. Impressed by her dedication towards her friends, a person comes forward to help Rebecca enter Labor District. The episode ends with Shiki breaking into a cell to rescue Homura.

Will Shiki be able to save Homura? Where is Valkyrie? Will Madame Kurenai find Edens Zero? Answers to all these questions await in the next episode of Edens Zero Season 1. Let us know in the comments below about what you expect can take place in the upcoming episode.

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