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7 Horror Movies to Watch During Quarantine for A Little Distraction

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Fear is quite a subjective term, don’t you think? Some of us are terrified by the sight of blood; some can’t bear to see creepy faces, while others lose their sleep when they see the disclaimer that the film is based on actual incidents. I have known such people, too, who aren’t afraid of anything happening on screen.

No matter what category you fall into, horror movies are always a delight to watch. Some are genuinely horrifying, while others make you laugh (like Scary Movies sequels).

Lockdown may not be the right time to watch something scary if you are already terrified by COVID, but a horror movie can take your mind off everything that’s happening around the world.

If you have a Spectrum deals, there will be something worthwhile to watch on the TV. And for some spine chilling thrill, these are some horror movies to catch:


It’s a classic Netflix thriller starting Vera Farmiga, Jimmy Bennett, Isabelle Fuhrman, Peter Sarsgaard, and C.C.H. Pounder. Orphan’s plot follows a couple who adopt a mysterious 9-year-old girl after the death of their unborn child.

Soon, they discover the girl’s troubling past and learn about her disturbing personality. Later, it’s found that Esther is a 33-year-old woman with a rare hormonal disorder that has stunted her physical growth. As a result, she has spent most of her life pretending to be a little girl.

The Exorcist

This supernatural movie is based on a bestseller novel by the same name. However, the film didn’t do justice to the story since some believe that the director’s failure to cast the right actors is to blame.

The movie injected terror into the audience in a physiological way. There were reports of heart attacks, miscarriages, vomiting, and fainting because of this movie.

The exorcist tells the story of a 12 years old girl Regan MacNeil who makes the mistake of playing with an Ouija board and invokes a demon for possessing her body. As a result, her mother has to call a catholic persist for conducting an exorcism on her.

Friend Request

This supernatural psychological horror film takes us to the story of Laura, who receives a friend request from Marina Mills, one of her classmates.

She notices that Marina has no friends and starts hanging out with her.
The two have a quarrel one day, because of which Laura ends up revealing Marina’s bald spot. She ends up unfriending Marina.

The following morning, she hears the news that Marina ended up committing suicide. After hearing this news, Laura feels she might be responsible for her death and tries to forget about it.

Next thing you know, Marina uploads a video of burning Laura’s sketch before hanging herself.


This Australian post-apocalyptic horror drama film stars Martin Freeman, and It’s about a zombie outbreak. Cargo has a few things in common with the pandemic we are currently experiencing. The movie is more about a pursuit of a safe space.

It’s basically a story where Zombies are taking over the rural lands of Australia; a man is searching for shelter for his infant daughter.


The Host
The Host Movie-(Pic Credit: Shadowhouse Films)

The ‘Host’ is a movie set during the COVID lockdown, another reason to watch it.  The film revolves around a zoom call where six friends try contacting the dead using a medium. It’s one of those movies that captures the eeriness of being stuck in the house.

These people end up accidentally inviting a demonic presence, after which a series of strange occurrences start happening around the house.

The Revenant

It’s one of those films that serve as a reminder that eventually, everyone is going to abandon you, and so, you should never forget yourself!

The Revenant is about an explorer abandoned by his haunting crew after getting injured in a bear attack. His crew members end up betraying him, and he has to rely on his survival skills. He decides to take revenge on them. This movie is full of visceral cinematic scenes.

The attack of the bear, for example, feels so fearful. The vocals and the visuals are pretty compelling, and honestly, this is what keeps you engaged throughout the film.

The Invitation

Hands down, this movie is filled with tension and mystery. While attending a dinner party (at his former home), Will starts to believe that his ex-wife, Eden, and her new husband David have sinister plans for the party’s guests.

Throughout the time, Will relieves the memories of the past, including when Eden attempted to kill herself.

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