SAS: Rise of the Black Swan
SAS: Rise of the Black Swan (or SAS Red Notice): Spoilers and Ending Explained. (Credit Netflix)

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan (or SAS Red Notice): Spoilers and Ending Explained-Should We Stream It Or Skip It?

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SAS: Rise of the Black Swan has been released on Netflix. Initially known as SAS Red Notice, SAS: Rise of the Black Swan is an action thriller movie with tons of suspense. We have decoded the film and revealed everything you need to know about SAS: Rise of the Black Swan.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan follows a British SAS (or Special Air Service) agent, Tom Buckingham, played by Sam Heughan, who is born in a privileged family and is currently on a rescue operation to save the passengers of a train being taken hostage by a group of mercenaries.

The Plot of SAS: Rise of the Black Swan.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan, also known as SAS Red Notice, begins with the voice-over of William Lewis, played by Tom Wilkinson, who declares that psychopathy or killing people in cold blood is an inheritable trait. Yet, the psychopaths are as rare as a Black Swan. Incidentally, Black Swan is a group of covert mercenaries run by William on the British mainland.

Running this group as a family-owned enterprise, William, who considers himself a psychopath, has also employed his daughter, Grace, played by Ruby Rose, and son, Oliver, played by Owain Yeoman, in this family business.

The British Military Commander, George Clements, played by Andy Serkis, secretly hires the Black Swans to do a dirty business for them. The job is to evacuate a village at the fictional Gveli Pass at the Republic of Georgia so that the Britgaz company, one of the United Kingdom’s largest gas corporations, can extend its gas pipelines through the village.

The attempts of the Black Swans to buy the consent of the villagers fail, and instead, the villagers open fire at them. This makes William and Grace order the Black Swans to massacre all the men and boys of the village in order to spread terror. This horrible act is recorded on mobile phones and made viral on the internet by a young girl from the village.

It attracts global public outrage and forces the British government to issue a Red Notice for the Black Swans. Fearing that the evidence could link them to the activities of the Black Swans, the British Prime Minister orders George Clements to execute the Black Swan.



Clements takes the help of SAS or the Special Air Service to raid William’s North London house. Clements, along with two of the best agents of SAS, Tom Buckingham and Declan Smith, played by Tom Hopper, infiltrate into the Black Swan residence and find William waiting patiently for them at the dinner table.

Clements instantly kills him, but Grace and Oliver manage to escape with several of their operatives, as someone had leaked this information to them in advance.

Hitting back in revenge, Grace, who is now leading the Black Swan, takes hostage the passengers of Eurostream, a high-speed train to Paris which crosses a channel tunnel.

However, she is unaware of the fact that Tom Buckingham, who was involved in her father’s killing, is also traveling on the same train with his girlfriend, Dr. Sophie Hart, played by Hannah John-Kamen. They were traveling to Paris, where Tom was planning to propose to his girlfriend.

Tom spots Grace inside the train while going to the washroom and tries to follow her. He also informs his close pal, Declan, at the SAS headquarters, about the hijack of the train.

The counter-terrorist group tries to overpower the mercenaries, but Grace always seems a step ahead of them as a mole in the SAS team keeps her informed of their actions.

Grace kills SAS Major, Bisset, played by Noel Clarke, and tries to make a deal with the British government. She gives them two options, to either admit their involvement in the Georgia massacre and with the Black Swan or to pay her 500 million dollars, along with a Eurocopter, for their safe passage. If either of her demands are not met, she would blow away the channel tunnel and kill the passengers.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan
SAS: Rise of the Black Swan (or SAS Red Notice): Spoilers and Ending Explained. (Credit Netflix)

As the first condition is unacceptable to the government, they accept the second condition and transfer the ransom money to Grace. After the deal gets carried out, Grace feeds the hostages but keeps Dr. Sophie with her.

She also releases Clements’ video online. She leaves the channel tunnel with Sophie through the Britgaz pipeline within the tunnel, which is unknown to the world. Tom follows them and also kills Oliver.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan Ending Explained, Spoilers, and the Identity of the Mole in SAS Revealed.

At the other end of the tunnel, Clements finds that Declan Smith, one of the best operatives of SAS and the best friend of Tom, is the mole, supplying Grace with all the inside information of the SAS. Declan genuinely thought that the British government’s action on the Black Swan was wrong.

His large share in the ransom money, too, played a part in him being loyal to the Black Swan. Clements tries to capture Declan, but Grace blows up the entire tunnel to complete her revenge at the other end of the tunnel. Taking advantage of the explosion, Declan manages to run.

When Grace and Sophie leave the Britgaz pipeline at the France Frontier, Tom, who has been following them, confronts Grace and kills her. Clements’ video and Grace’s statement that established the British government and Britgaz’s direct link with the Black Swan goes viral on the internet.

However, the British government denies all the allegations and puts all the blame on SAS commander Declan Smith, issuing a Red Notice on his name.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan
SAS: Rise of the Black Swan (or SAS Red Notice): Spoilers and Ending Explained. (Credit Netflix)

Declan, taking away his share of ransom money, which was around half a billion dollars, disappears. While the opposition parties hold him as a hero who had the nerve to stand against the system, he was now being hunted worldwide.

Is Tom Buckingham a Psychopath?

In the movie SAS: Rise of the Black Swan, Grace tells Tom twice that they were very much alike. The fact that Grace and her brother, Oliver, are psychopaths is pretty much evident. But is Tom a psychopath too? His best friend Declan had also once said that he had never known Tom to love anyone.

When Tom proposed to Sophie, she also said that Tom was not meant to be married. A psychopath can never befriend or fall in love with anyone. However, even if Tom is a psychopath, he has not let his psychopathic tendencies get the better of him. He is a great friend and a lover too.

He finally marries Sophie at his family villa in Spain. Just after the wedding, Tom gets a call from Clements informing him that Declan has been traced along with his ransom money. The couple decides to postpone their honeymoon as Tom prepares to go hunting down his former friend. An SAS sequel film is expected this lead.

Review of SAS: Rise of the Black Swan-Should You Stream It Or Skip It?

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan, also known as SAS Red Notice, is a good movie for action lovers as it is filled with action and suspense. Ruby Rose does an excellent job with her character, Grace, in SAS: Rise of the Black Swan.

However, the script of SAS: Rise of the Black Swan is not as great as the audience would want it to be. A lot of characters and details in SAS: Rise of the Black Swan have been overlooked and not explained adequately.

Also, a story like this has already been used in movies, and viewers would naturally expect more for such a movie to stand out. Overall, SAS: Rise of the Black Swan is not a bad movie, but it is also not something that you have not watched before.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan, also known as SAS Red Notice, is a fast-paced action thriller British movie based on the novel SAS: Red Notice by Andy McNab.

Magnus Martens has directed it, and the screenplay is by Laurence Malkin, while the music is by Benji Merrison. Produced by Sky Cinema, SAS: Red Notice was released in the United Kingdom and the United States of America in March 2021. It has currently been released on Netflix to help it reach a wider audience.