Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins
Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins (credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins To Come In The Game Very Soon

Last Updated on August 31, 2021 by Arijit Kundu

Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins might appear in the game very soon. The Suicide Squad movie has released a month back, and now it seems that the game has a few tricks planned which will utilize the characters in the movie before it goes away from HBO Max.

One of the very recent leaks states that we might be two see new Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins. These new skins will accompany Bloodsport in the multiplayer game.

Although this news seems to be interesting, several fans of the game were expecting that this would happen very soon, just as Bloodsport was made a part of Battle Royale.

Harley Quinn is already a part of the Fortnite game. At this time, there were no obvious choices that the game would consider for its skins. However, King Shark has a big fan base, and its entry into the Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins would be accepted with wide arms by the fans of the game.

King Shark is a bulky character, and he will be joining the bulky character skins whom we have already seen in the game, like Venom, Thanos, and several other such character skins.

A few other skins from the movie have also been leaked. But, none of these are confirmed or official news. So all of them should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Let us have a look at the upcoming leaked Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins.

HYPEX, a very well-known Fortnite leaker, has mentioned that skins of King Shark and Weasel are in the works and will be seen in the game very soon.

We are not sure whether these skins will make it to the market—the main reason being that the time for these skins to hold people’s attention has long passed. However, bringing these new Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins would be totally about celebrating the physical release.

Epic Games maintains a good relationship with Warner Bros. and DC. So these skins coming into the game are not something that is very much unexpected.

Apart from these two skins, there are a few others that we can expect to launch in the game. These skins will not be a part of any kind of collaboration. This time Epic Games might come up with ideas that would bring such content in the game that is not connected with any particular franchise.

Let us have a look at the potential skins that we can find in Fortnite-

  1. A male, female, and king Jester.
  2. A male Jurassic Archaeology.
  3. A male Komplex.
  4. A male Save the World Halloween skin

All these skins can be included in the list of leaked characters that we might get to see in the game very soon. The upcoming times of the game seem very settled and planned. As all these leaks are surfacing on the internet, the Marvel fans are still waiting for the Chris Hemsworth Fortnite Skin to release in the game. 

When will the Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins release?

Fortnite Season 7 has a couple of weeks left, after which Epic Games will bring in the 8th season of the game. These skins will be a part of Season 7. Therefore we can see that there is very limited time left for the developers to launch the skins in the game.

Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins
Will we get to see the King Shark (Nom Nom!) in the game very soon? (credit: Epic Games)

Currently, we have no idea about the theme of Fortnite Season 8. But we are sure about one thing that whatever theme is fixed for Season 8, the player skins will also be brought in according to that to match the looks of the game.

We are getting rumors about a Halloween skin, but it does not make much sense as the game generally celebrates its Fortnitemares at the end of October.

We might also see the return of some fan-favorite skins like the Skull Trooper and several others all of that time. The confusion as to whether we will get to see the Fortnite Suicide Squad Skins is still not clear.

Fortnite has always been known to change its plans and decisions at the last moment. So if you are eagerly waiting for the King Shark skin, then hope that the plans get carried out successfully.

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