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Evil Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap of Previous Episode

Evil Season 2 Episode 8 might surely reveal a machine that is going to make everyone who believes in god dream of. Is the machine going to be something of a kind that will help the people see god? What will be the consequences of bringing the machine to the place? These are the issues that will be dealt with by David, Ben, and Kristen in this new episode.

The group also seems to be struggling in the personal mess that they have landed themselves into. Kristen is trying to hide the murder which she had committed, while Ben, on the other hand, is searching for forgiveness.

As the murder committed by Kristen was investigated in Evil Season 2 Episode 8, the cops ultimately let her go because they realized that the man deserved such a kind of punishment. But her freedom came with a heavy price.

We will also know the mysteries and the stories of the Monastery, whose doors have been kept shut for a long time now. There were rumors that it was done to contain a demon who was kept over there.

At times there were strange humming noises that would come from there. But after a few investigations, it was realized that the Monastery should be kept in its own freeway and no one should interfere with their peaceful surroundings.

Evil Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Evil Season 2 Episode 8 is all set to release on the 5th of September, 2021. The episode will be available for streaming exclusively on Paramount+. The second season of the show has five more episodes to its name. So after the 8th episode releases, we will be getting to see the show’s upcoming episodes every Sunday.

Evil Season 2 Episode 8
Get ready for the new exciting things in Evil Season 2 Episode 8. (credit: Paramount+)

For the ones who are interested in watching the show, if you do not have a subscription to Paramount+, then the episodes can be bought and rented. For the subscription of the Paramount+, the cost is 4.99 US dollars per month, or 49.99 US dollars for a year. All these will come with ads.

For an ad-free experience, the cost is a bit more. It is 9.99 US dollars per month and 99.99 US dollars per year.

Know About Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Evil Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

In Evil Season 2 Episode 7, we saw David, Ben, and Kristen visiting the Monastery. This was the place where Father Thomas took his last breathe a year ago. The monks who stay there claim that they can hear Father Thomas humming from his tomb even to date.

Everyone in the Monastery has taken a vow not to talk, and they have been carrying this on for over 130 years now. Once in the Monastery, Kristen soon finds a friend in a woman Fenna, who lives over there. David and Ben are busy helping the monks in removing Father Thomas’s body.

All three of them, along with the monks, find a demon box with bruises on it. The Monastery called it the second miracle. However, Kristen feels it is no miracle; she feels that the bruises have come from the wheelbarrow. They realize that the entire Monastery has been built around the demon box.

Soon they find more such bruises on Fenna’s body. David then goes around the Demon Box, and at the same time, we see Ben discovering a dark figure inside a structure that resembles a cave.

The men and women in the Monastery do not eat and sleep together. They have their separate places to do so. Kristen thus has to sleep in a room which is filled with skeletons and statues. They all need to sleep with their mouths tied because of the vow they had made long back. However, just before going to sleep, she says a simple “BOO” at the skeleton. This causes a lot of problems as the demon trapped inside the box escapes because of this.

It creates a lot of fuss around the entire Monastery, and everyone gets infected in some way or the other. All three of them somehow manage to get out of the Monastery. Kristen starts complaining about the place for its way against women. Davis feels that as they are on the Monastery’s territory, they will have to sort their way out in the upcoming times.

Fenna undergoes through most of the pain, and the exorcism begins soon. Towards the end of the process, we could see flies coming out from the wounded parts. Ben has done his in-depth research, which states that there were Botflies jamming the demon box and the tomb.

The same Botflies were there under Fenna’s skin, which caused the bruise marks. On putting the proper ointment, they would all come out.

With the help of this discovery, the Monastery has been able to solve the infections of all those who were infected. However, the main question is why people would live to lead their life in that way. David says the possible reason might be because there is peace in that place that pleases the monks.

Father Emanuel wants David to stay back, but he feels that his presence is required outside and not in the Monastery. Fenna gifts a T-Shirt to her friend Kristen.

What can we expect from Evil Season 2 Episode 8? (Spoilers ahead!)

The title which has been fixed for Evil Season 2 Episode 8 is T Is For Temporoparietal Lobes. The official synopsis of this new episode has not been revealed as of now. However, from the ending scenes of the previous episode, we can get some idea about what we can see in Evil Season 2 Episode 8.

We will be seeing the three of them- Kristen, Ben, and David investigating a machine. This is actually a helmet, which on wearing, can allow the person to see god. However, the helmet does not just stop there—the ones who use it to see god have to go through a lot of suffering.

We might also see a sister creating a lot of problems and destruction while Leland is trying his best to stop such things from happening.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know about the entire synopsis of the Evil Season 2 Episode 8 as it is revealed. The episode will definitely bring in some exciting elements for the fans and audience of the show. Leave in your comments as to what you would expect from Evil Season 2 Episode 8. 

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