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AMD is Reportedly Said to be Developing RX 6900 XTX to Counter Nvidia

We had seen a constant spotlight with the new GPUs coming into the market from AMD and Nvidia.

Now, according to the latest reports, it is claimed that AMD is coming up with its RX 6900 XTX to direct face-off its rival Nvidia. But, this news is not yet confirmed by the company as of now.

However, one can say that Nvidia has a wider range of products that stand way higher than AMD.

But, you can’t certainly eliminate the fact that AMD is constantly hitting the new market with new products which are certainly worth competitive with its rival.

AMD’s Upcoming Addition to Big Navi Range

This news of AMD coming up with a new GPU named 6900 XTX came after one of the Twitter users posted a picture that appeared as if it was a picture taken from a slide; the tweet reads, “XTX???” and also “would be faster than 3090”.

The upcoming edition of RX 6900 XTX would take place in the company’s Big Navi Range of the RX 6000 Series of AMD. 

Just a week ago, the company released its 6900 XT cards, and this was initially seen in September last year.

That means it took around a year to release its GPU after allegedly getting leaked pictures, and the same could be expected with the upcoming GPU.

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Expected Specifications of AMD RX 6900 XTX

Well, after the recent release of the 6900 XT series, we got to know that its performance ranges for around 23.04 teraflops, and according to the latest leaks that claim that 6900 XTX would have a performance of 24.93 teraflops and that’s certainly much better than its predecessor, and certainly it is what AMD had tried to improve performance of its GPU’s.

It would be interesting to see the clock speed of the upcoming GPU of AMD, though it is claimed that its theoretical figure will be around 18 Gbps while that of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 has a memory clock speed of 19.5 Gbps.

Though these figures are still not on the official scales; and one would still call it rumors. Until we don’t get any official signal from the company, we can’t say anything hard and fast about the specifications.

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