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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14: Release Date and Where to Watch It Online?

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 is being released tomorrow. In the previous episode, the viewers saw Betty getting hold of her suspect in her investigation to find her sister. We also saw Archie and Erin Jackson trying to cope with their trauma and eventually getting a dog.

Will Betty finally be able to find out the truth behind Polly’s disappearance? Will Archie’s new dog help him deal him his traumatic past? Will Veronica be able to succeed in her investment banking business now that she also has Reggie’s help? Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 will answer all these questions and more.

When Will Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 Be Released, and Where Can You Watch It?

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 is going to be released on September 1, 2021, on The CW at 8 PM Eastern Time (ET). Riverdale Season 5 consists of 19 episodes, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday evening.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 is available on The CW, as well as The CW’s official website and The CW app. You can watch Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 on DirecTV, Fubo TV, Youtube TV, Apple TV, and Spectrum on Demand. Viewers can also buy individual episodes or entire seasons on Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and Microsoft Store.

Subscribers of Netflix in the United States of America can watch the whole season after all the episodes of the season have been released. The subscribers of this streaming service outside the United States of America can watch Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 a day after being released on The CW.

What To Expect from Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14?

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 has been titled “Chapter Ninety: The Night Gallery.” In Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14, viewers will find out how far Betty has gone with her investigation to find Polly. She finally confronts a trucker, who she believes, has something to do with her sister’s disappearance. Whether she will be able to extract the truth out of him will be seen in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14.

As Archie tries to cope up with his past that continues to haunt him, viewers will get to see in Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 his next course of action. In Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14, Cheryl Blossom might seek help from Archie, Reggie, and Kevin when she discovers the palladium deposit underneath the Blossom family’s maple groves. Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 might also mark the return of Josie and the Pussycats to Riverdale. In all, Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14 promises to be quite an exciting episode.

A Recap of Riverdale Season 5 Episode 13.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 13 has been titled “Chapter Eighty-Nine: Reservoir Dogs.” In this episode, viewers find Betty and Tabitha engrossed in their mission to find Betty’s sister, Polly. They put up an entertainment show at the Pop’s cafe to tempt in the truckers. With this, they hope to identify their suspect amidst the truckers. However, the one trucker they are trying to find does not turn up at the entertainment show.

Then, Betty knowingly steps into a trap set up by the trucker, where he attacks her. Betty, having the advantage of the surprise element, manages to get the better of him. Betty and Tabitha, together, take hold of the guy when Betty wants him first to reveal the whereabouts of Polly before they can hand him over to the authorities.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 14
Riverdale — “Chapter Ninety: The Night Gallery” — Image Number: RVD514fg_0017r — Pictured (L-R): Casey Cott as Kevin Keller and KJ Apa as Archie Andrews — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, Archie and Eric Jackson, his friend from his army days, seek Uncle Frank’s help to cope with the trauma of their service days that still haunts them. Knowing that having a pet would help destress them,

Uncle Frank gets them a dog. However, Archie later finds out that the dog, too, had a traumatic past, being a part of an illegal dog-fighting ring. It makes Archie quite furious, and he beats up the alleged ring leader. Later, in a grand gesture, Uncle Frank turns Archie’s boxing gym into a dog shelter.

Elsewhere, Veronica, all set to start up her investment empire, with a no holds barred attitude, teams up Reggie. In order to help Veronica’s investment banking firm, Reggie even takes away clients from Hiram Lodge.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Blossom tries to help Kevin, who is going through a rough patch. Cheryl asks Kevin to attend a service by the Blossom family ministry. She also encourages him to apologize to Fangs when she realizes that Kevin has not been able to move on since his breakup with Fangs. However, sadly, when Kevin goes to apologize to Fangs, he finds that he is now in a relationship with Moose.

Recap of Riverdale Season 5 Episode 12

About The Show.

Riverdale is an American teen drama series. This television series is based on the characters of the popular comic series Archie. There was a whole generation that grew up reading Archie comic books.

The worldwide fans just couldn’t have enough of the cute love triangle between Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. Then there is Archie’s best friend, Jughead Jones, who was obsessed with eating and napping and was quite socially awkward. Not to forget Archie’s friend and rival, Reggie, who competed with Archie for Veronica’s attention.

The characters have all come of age in this series. They are no longer the innocent ones with oodles of cuteness. Instead, they all have their shades of gray in them. Also, in the small sleepy town of Riverdale where these characters live, everything is not as it seems to be, especially after the murder of the famous rich teenager, Jason Blossom.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the chief creative officer of the Archie comics, has developed Riverdale. The series has been produced by CBS Studios and Warner Bros. Television, in association with Berlanti Productions and Archie comics.

The cast includes K J Apa as Archie Andrews, Lily Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones. Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones also adds up as the series’ narrator. The other cast members include Marisol Nichols, Ashleigh Murray, Madelaine Petsch, Luke Perry, Casey Cott, Mark Consuelos, Skeet Ulrich, Vanessa Morgan, Charles Melton, Drew Ray Tanner, and Erinn Westbrook.

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