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Edens Zero Season 2: When Will The Season 2 Arrive?
Edens Zero Season 2: When Will The Season 2 Arrive? -(Credit Netflix)

Edens Zero Season 2 Netflix: When Will The Season 2 Arrive on Netflix?

It’s been an incredible year for anime lovers. The entertainment platform started the ball rolling by releasing Darwin’s Game and Shaman King, followed by Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild and, most recently, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

Soon, anime viewers all over the world can binge-watch the most awaited sci-fi series “Edens Zero.”  The anime freak will be pleased to learn that Eden zero is scheduled to premiere in December 2021 with season 2 on Netflix. 

Edens Zero Anime: What Is It About? 

‘Edens Zero’ is a space sci-fi anime aired on Shounen T.V. based on the original manga series described and illustrated by Hiro Mashima (‘Fairy Tail ‘). 

The series was created by Studio J.C.Staff, with Shinji Ishihira and Yuuji Suzuki in charge of the direction and Mitsutaka Hirota in charge of writing. The plot revolves around a little boy named Shiki raised by robots on the planet Granbell, which is a theme park. 

Specific incidents force him to leave his home planet with Rebecca Bluegarden, a cosmic social media superstar, and embark on an adventure. Shiki makes it his quest to find the divinity who devised the universe after learning that his adopted grandfather, the Demon King Ziggy, tried and aborted his mission after several failed attempts. The anime adoption of this popular manga series does justice to its plot.

Where to Watch Edens Zero Season 1? 

The first season of ‘Edens Zero’ is now available on a digital platform for anyone outside of Japan. The series has 25 episodes in its first season, but Netflix is airing them in two segments.

Season 1 consists of the initial 12 episodes premiering on August 26. The last 13 episodes, which aired on a Japanese broadcast, will be released as season2 on the streaming platform.

Season 1 of ‘Edens Zero’ premiered on Netflix on August 26, 2021. It consists of 12 episodes, each lasting 25 minutes. Edens Zero’ was made as a double-cour animation. It started on Nippon T.V. in Japan on April 11, 2021, and will have 25 episodes. Netflix published the first 12 episodes of the anime, or cour 1, as the first season for its international audience. 

The first segment was based on the manga’s first 29 chapters and several pages from chapter31.  The initial episodes included the entire ‘Intro,’ ‘Norma,’ ‘Skull Fairy,’ and ‘Guilst’ arcs, as well as the start of the ‘Digitalis’ arc.

What Arcs Will Edens Zero Season 2 will Showcase? 

Season 2 could focus on the remaining arcs of the ‘Sakura Cosmos’ adventure, which may include the rest portions of ‘Digitalis,’ ‘Mildian,’ ‘Sun Jewel,’ ‘Belial Gore,’ and ‘Edens One.’ ‘Edens Zero’ has 156 chapters as of summer 2021, with ‘Sakura Cosmos’ accounting for 104 of them. 

Season 2 will almost certainly include the remaining 13 episodes. Shiki and the others uncover Sister, one of the Demon King’s missing Shining Stars, in the season 1 finale. Shiki saves Rebecca and the other girls kidnapped by Illega with the help of Pino. 

Edens Zero Season 1 Story So Far: Did Shiki Find All the Four Shining Stars?

Edens Zero Season 2: What Can We Expect from the Next Season? 

In the Edens Zero Season 1 Finale, Shiki saves Rebecca and the other girls kidnapped by Illega with the help of Pino. 

Jinn assassinates the Imposter Sister for deceiving him. Ahead of the arrival of Chronophage, the crew of Edens Zero run away from Guilst and swallow 1,200 years of the planet’s time. Sister, along with Mosco, joins the new Edens Zero crew. 

At the same time, the Interstellar Union Army comes to know that one among the Guilst’s fugitives is the notorious Drakken Joe of the Oración Seis Galáctica. 

The group finds Hermit, another member of the Shining Stars, as the season comes to a close. Simultaneously, the Interstellar Union Army learns that one among the Guilst’s escapees is the infamous Drakken Joe of the Oración Seis Galáctica. 

The season ends with the appearance of the Hermit, another member of the Shining Stars. Season 2 may begin with ‘Digitalis’ where Sikki and his mates may have to travel to the virtual world to persuade Hermit to rejoin the crew of Edens Zero. 

This will most likely be difficult, as Hermit has lost faith in humanity. They might go searching for Valkyrie, the Shining Stars’ fourth member. They’ll run into Xiaomei, the anime’s self-proclaimed and fourth-wall-breaking narrator, subsequently.

Four Shining Stars on Edens Zero
Four Shining Stars on Edens Zero (Pic Credit r/EdensZero reddit)

Edens Zero Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Arrive? 

The 12th episode was broadcasted on June 27 in Japan and so far in Japan the anime has premiered a total of 21 episodes in Japan; hence, we can assume that the streaming platform will premiere the remaining episodes almost after two months. The platform may release season 2 in December 2021. But here the from Netflix the season 2 means from (episode 13-episode 25) maybe. 

The official Japanese listing for Edens Zero differs from the Netflix release, as aforementionedThe J.C. Staff animation company has not officially renewed Edens Zero for season 2. This would be seasons 3 and 4 for Netflix subscribers.

Furthermore, since the manga from which the anime series is adapted is still ongoing, the anime series is likely to return with a new set of thrilling space adventures. Monsters and Critics claim that episode 12 corresponds to chapter 28 of the manga. 

The glad tiding is that there are presently 156 chapters released in Japan, which means there is enough wellspring to propel Edens Zero into a fifth or sixth season! The only stumbling block will be the anime’s popularity, as it presently has a disappointing score of 6.75/10 on MyAnimeList and a 7/10 on IMDB.

While domestic ratings will be a crucial component in Edens Zero’s continuation, viewers can assume that the worldwide release on Netflix will begin production on more seasons.

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