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Boruto Episode 214: Release Date, Spoilers, and Complete Recap of Boruto Episode 213.

Boruto Episode 214 is due next week, but excitement regarding the episode is high even now. With so many mysteries unfolding about Kara, Jigen, Otsusuki, and Ten-Tails, the excitement is just difficult to contain and might explode!

In Boruto Episode 213, we found answers to many questions like Who are the Otsusuki? Who is Jigen? What exactly is Kara? What is the purpose of Kara? What is Karma, and how does it work on the human body in reviving the Otsusuki? And many more. But the suspense does not end here.

In Boruto Episode 214, we will learn more about Ishiki Otsusuki and how an Otsusuki can be killed? Also, who is Kashin Koji, and why do we know this kind of fighting style? Is he what everyone suspects him to be? If yes, then how is it possible because we all believe him to be dead?

To find answers to all these questions and to know what happened in Boruto Episode 213, make sure you read out till the end.

Boruto Episode 214: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 214, titled “A Predestined Fate,” is set to release on Sunday, the 5th of September 2021.

Boruto Episode 214 is going to release on Tokyo TV. It will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Hulu Anime Lab, etc. The show will be made available in Original Dubbed Audio as well as Subbed English version.

Not only that, Crunchyroll has the show in Italian, Russian and Portuguese versions as well. Whereas, AnimeLa covers the French and Australian versions of the same.

Boruto Episode 214: Spoilers and What to Expect?

Boruto Episode 214 is the one we have most patiently waited for! In this episode, we might get to see the first appearance of Isshiki Otsusuki as a completely single individual.

In his fight with Kashin Koji, we see that Amado and Kashin Koji are the two people who know how to kill an Otsusuki, and clearly, in Spoilers of Boruto Episode 213, we see him using them.

Kashin Koji sets up a special kind of summoning barrier, Jutsu, and summons flames that Isshiki Otsusuki cannot absorb using Karma. Also, is he vulnerable to those flames?

Isshiki has drained Jigen completely of his chakra, and thus he cannot fight through his body. So will Isshiki take over his body? Will he survive in the body of an incompatible vessel?

The fight between Isshiki Otsusuki and Kashin Koji might take a new form if Isshiki is forced to take over Jigen’s body. He cannot live in his body for more than a few days and will have to take over his very own vessel, Kawaki. Also, Kashin Koji is a formidable opponent, so watching how the battle turns out will be interesting. Will Kashin Koji be able to kill an Otsusuki?

Also, there is another possibility that Isshiki might take over Jigen’s body and fight Kashin Koji. In this case, if Kashin Koji loses, will we be able to see his face that lies under that mask? Is Kashin Koji the person who we know is dead but has been resurrected? This is the most important question as his fighting style is similar to one of our favorite characters from Naruto verse.

The answer to this question will have to wait for now as we have a more pressing matter at hand about Isshiki Otsusuki. But it will be answered very soon. To know more about Episode 213, we have you covered with answers about Otsusuki, Jigen, Karma, Isshiki, and the Kara.

Boruto Episode 213 Recap: Jigen’s True Identity Revealed.

In Boruto Episode 213, titled “True Identity,” we saw the unfolding of Jigen’s true Identity but before we move up with that, let us summarize the story up till now.

Amado has defected towards the Hidden Leaf Village and has taken Shikadai Nara, a chunin and brains of the newest generation of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, as a hostage. Shikadai is also the son of Shikamaru Nara, the Advisor to Hokage, who is currently impatient due to Amado’s bomb planted on his son’s neck.

Amado is in the custody of Hidden Leaf Village. Hidden Leaf Village’s top officials are currently interrogating him, including Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, Shadow Hokage Sasuke Uchiha, Anbu black Ops head Sai Yamanaka, and Hokage’s advisor Shikamaru Nara.

They are all witnessing the fight between Jigen and Kashin Koji as being displayed live to them through scientific tools. The transmission has broken, and Amado is revealing other details about Kara, Jigen, and Otsusuki.

Who are Otsusuki?

Otsusuki are beings from other planets and, as Amado calls them, unpleasant Aliens. They move from planet to planet and extract life energy from it. They do this by planting a Ten Tailed Beast on the planet like a seedling for the giant tree.

It transforms into the giant tree that absorbs all life energy and chakra from the planet and, in the end, produces a Chakra Fruit. The fruit holds massive amounts of chakra, full of genetic data, and gives Otsusuki strength and information, which helps them stay updated.

It is the reason for the same that why they can speak the same way as humans and have developed speech and other things like them.

Kaguya and Isshiki were the first Otsusuki to evade earth and planned to obtain Chakra fruit through Infinite Tsukiyomi. But, in the end, Kaguya betrayed Isshiki and planned on having the Chakra fruit for herself.

What is Kara?

Kara is an organization formed by their leader Jigen or, more precisely, Isshiki Otsusuki. The main objective of Kara is to revive Isshiki Otsusuki in a new vessel and obtain the chakra fruit using ten tails in their possession.

All the inner members of Kara had originally planned to eat chakra fruit collectively, but Amado and Kashin Koji have betrayed them.

The current vessel for Isshiki Otsusuki is Jigen, but he is an incompatible one, and the reason for this is explained in the next part. So the next vessel suitable for Isshiki is Kawaki and for Momoshiki Otsusuki is Boruto Uzumaki himself.

What is Karma?

Karma is like a backup data file of an Otsusuki using which they can revive themselves. Karma holds compressed data that releases over the host’s body in years, and eventually, the Otsusuki takes over the body of the host.

Momoshiki Otsusuki has put the Karma on Boruto and thus is the vessel for his revival. Eventually, Momoshiki will take control over Boruto’s body, which we have seen in the previous episode as Boroshiki.

Boruto Episode 209 Release Date and What To Expect?
Boroshiki as Momoshiki takes control over Boruto earlier seen in previous Episodes (Credit Crunchyroll)

Who is Jigen?

Jigen is just a normal human being whose body was taken over by Isshiki Otsusuki. Kaguya betrayed Isshiki and attacked him as he let his guard down. But, Isshiki survived and was in a vulnerable condition and just on the brink of death. It was that time when an ordinary human passing by appeared there and turned out to be Jigen.

Isshiki used his special jutsu to shrink his body and then entered Jigen’s body through the ear and resided in his brain. He absorbed nutrients through it and, in many years, learned to control him.

He started using his arms and legs and speaking through him as a medium. Later, he also bestowed Karma on him to revive himself, but Jigen is an ordinary human whose body cannot bear such amounts of chakra and might kill him.

So to revive himself, he planted Karma on children through experiments, and the only such successful one is Kawaki. He later transformed his body using Scientific Ninja Tools and made him his vessel. Isshiki used Jigen as a medium and founded Kara to complete his mission.

Boruto Episode 212 Release Date-(Credit Tokyo TV)
Isshiki Otsusuki the leader of Kara-(Credit Tokyo TV)

With so many questions answered, you might be wishing to watch the episode itself; go for it, but there is still a major question as to why Amado and Kashin Koji betrayed Jigen and why Amado has sided with Leaf?

Amado is the brilliant scientist behind the Kara organization and also the one who has transformed the bodies of all Kara members into Scientific Ninja Tools, including that of Delta, Boro, and Code. He is also the one who has created Kashin Koji with the sole purpose of defeating Jigen.

Amado was always behind the scenes and planned to defy Jigen from the very start. He had been gathering intel regarding Jigen and Karma for years. Amado has also discovered a way to kill Otsusuki and plans to reveal the method to Hidden Leaf Village.

He is also the one who had supplied the Leaf Village with the coordinates of Ten Tails that can be reached using Space-Time Ninjutsu to warn them of Ten Tails’ existence.

Amado and Kashin Koji were the main culprits who worked behind the scenes to let the Air Ship carrying Kawaki crash and planted the details about Ten-Tails location on the aircraft for Hidden Leaf to investigate.

Amado does not believes in Isshiki Otsusuki’s plans and ideals and hence has defied them and ruined his plan. As of now, he has been granted citizenship to hidden leaf village by Naruto Uzumaki the Hokage.

In the next episode, the battle between Kashin Koji and Isshiki Otsusuki will take an interesting turn. Will Otsusuki be killed as Amado has found the method?

Will Shikadai be saved? Is Amado telling the truth? Many more questions will be answered in Boruto Episode 214, and do let us know what you think about the events that might take place in the comments below.

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