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Halo Infinite New Battle Pass Details Revealed By The Game Community Manager John Junyszek

Halo Infinite is all set to release on December 8, 2021 and the as of now the Game Community Manager John Junyszek has revealed new multiplayer Battle Pass information on Twitter.

Halo Infinite developers have provided a few details about the new multiplayer Battle Pass. This new Battle Pass will focus on the daily challenges that the game will provide to its players. The players will not be able to earn a lot of XP points by simply playing the game.

It was feared that the Halo Infinite would again face delays as it has been facing in the previous few times. But confirmation has been provided by the developers that the game will launch by the end of 2021.

At the time of release, it might happen that a few of the key features and modes might not be there. The base multiplayer and campaign mode of the game will definitely be available by the month of December.

Compared to the other multiplayer games, the developers have promised that this game will be even more involved with the seasons of the game and new updates on the Battle Passes.

Although there are many doubts and questions about how it would work or how it will look, after getting hold of some details, this confusion can be cleared.

The latest news about Halo Infinite Battle Pass might not be satisfactory top a few of the fans of the game.

John Junyszek, the Community Manager of the game, has put up on Twitter a few of the details about the progression system of the Battle Pass in Halo Infinite. The pass will focus more on the daily challenges that have been presented to the players.

The challenges have been designed in such a way that the players will be very much attracted to the game. All the dedicated players of the game will definitely be able to complete the daily challenges that the game will provide.

For an average player, the daily challenges will be pretty interesting. There is something that John Junyszek has mentioned which has made the fans not happy at all.

He mentioned that the players would not be able to earn XPs by simply playing a match. Thus the player will not be able to move ahead with the Battle Pass simply by playing the matches. They have to get engaged with the daily challenges in order to proceed with the Battle Pass of the game.

John Junyszek has mentioned that very soon, we will get to see a blog post with more details on the Battle Pass of Halo Infinite. This will help in giving us a far clear idea. It is very evident that a few of the players will not be happy at all with whatever has been mentioned about the game till now. As the Halo Infinite launches on the 8th of December, we will get to know more about it.

Stay tuned to MediaScrolls to know more about the game and several such games that will be releasing very soon. We bring you the best and the updated news on all the games that are available now. Leave your comments as to what you feel about the new Halo Infinite Battle Pass and the announcements that have been made by John Junyszek on Twitter.


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