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Edens Zero Season 1 Story So Far: Did Shiki Find All the Four Shining Stars?
Edens Zero Season 1 Story So Far: Did Shiki Find All the Four Shining Stars? (Credit Funimation)

Edens Zero Season 1 Story So Far: Did Shiki Find All the Four Shining Stars?

Edens Zero is a Shounen fantasy anime series. The story’s main plot revolves around Shiki Granbell, a human child who was adopted by the Great Demon King Ziggy and raised as his very own grandson on the planet of Granbell. Season 1 had released back on 11th April 2021 and season 1 is set to conclude on August 29th, 2021.  

Created by Hiro Mashima and developed from the original manga series, ‘Edens Zero’ is about a protagonist named Shiki Granbell who embarks on a voyage across the galaxy in an eponymous starship known as Starship in search of a cosmic goddess known as “Mother.”

Edens Zero Season 1 Story So Far

Shiki left Granbell when every machine on the planet got infected by a deadly virus that made them hate humans and attack them. Shiki leaves the planet along with Rebecca and Happy, a yet-to-be famous B-Cuber, under troublesome circumstances.

Each of Shiki’s robot friends and Granbell’s robots fakes that they have been infected by a virus and attack him. They do this to allow Shiki to leave them, which he normally would never do.

The reason is that the robots have reached their limits and could stop functioning anytime, so Shiki would be alone, so they send him away. Soon enough, he makes many other friends other than Rebecca and Happy.

Edens Zero Episode 20
Shiki using Gravity Ether [Credit Funimation]
Shiki wields a special power that he inherited from Demon King Ziggy and learned to use it under his guidance, known as the Gravity Ether Gear, which allows him to control the flow of Gravity ether in objects around him.

With Rebecca and Happy, he reaches Planet Blue Garden and registers himself as an adventurer. He also finds a holographic image of Mother and decides to find her.

On their first adventure, they find E.M. Pino, an android, and younger Weisz Steiner.

On their escape from Norma, they are attacked by space pirate Elsie Crimson who later turns out to be Ziggy’s friend. Elsie Crimson gives Shiki his grandfather’s old ship, the Edens Zero, and states that he requested that this ship goes to Shiki.

They find First of the Four Shining Stars of Demon King, Witch Regret, the Shield of Edens Zero. Soon enough, they learn about other Shining Stars and finds it. The second shining star was Sister, the Life of Edens, who can heal anyone or anything.

In the event, Homura, another ether gear user, joins the crew. It is also revealed that Homura is a student of the Fourth Shining Star of Edens Zero, the Valkyrie, also known as the Weapon of Edens Zero.

Shiki and the team find Sister on a planet named Guilst, and they rescue kidnapped B-Cubers there too and escape the planet while it was under attack by a Chronophage.

Soon enough, they find Hermit, the Third Shining Star, the Mind of Edens and are currently in search of the Fourth Shining Star Valkyrie, the Sword of Edens, and Homura’s Master.

With the story so far in Edens Zero Season 1, we expect that by the end Shiki, the new Demon King, will acquire all the Shining Stars and will begin his journey to search for the Mother and set sail beyond Sakura Cosmos and onto the Dragon falls to reach outer space and find Mother.

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Who are the Shining Stars in Edens Zero? and Did Shiki Find All the Four Shining Stars?

The Great Demon King Ziggy had created and appointed four Generals to maintain and implement his mission to search for Mother. All the generals have different skills and are in charge of different sections of Edens Zero. They together complete the Edens Zero as a whole. Now, let’s introduce you to the four Shining Stars.

Four Shining Stars on Edens Zero
Four Shining Stars on Edens Zero (Pic Credit r/EdensZero reddit)

The first one is Witch Regret, an android who is responsible for whole ships functioning and is also the Shields of Edens whose duty is to protect Edens Zero and serves only to defend it.

Second of the Shining Stars is Sister, the Life of Edens, whose duty is to heal all crew members, including humans and androids, and repair all machines.

Third of the Shining Stars is Hermit Mio, the Mind of Edens, whose job is to ensure that Edens Zero is safe from digital attacks.

Fourth and the last Shining Stars is Valkyrie Yuna, the sword of Edens and who handles all the weapons on the ship.

These four are the bedrock of Edens Zero and the most trusted people of Demon King, along with whom he set his journey to find Mother and spent a large part of his life searching for her.

No, Shinki wasn’t able to find all the shining stars; he managed to find Witch Regret, Sister, Hermit Mio, the three shining stars the fourth shining star Valkyrie Yuna he wasn’t able to find in season 1, it is expected that in the next episode he might be able to find the fourth shining stars and will sail beyond Sakura Cosmos and onto the Dragon falls to reach outer space and find Mother. It is expected in the next episode which is set to release on August 29th, 2021 we might find the 

What is a Chronophage?

Chronophage is a cosmic entity that eats away the time of a planet. It can be viewed as a negative force in the universe whose path is fixed and cannot be altered. It erases the planet’s past and places it back to a new beginning. No one can be saved once a Chronophage attack is done, and the only way to survive is to stay away from it.

We can see that a Chronophage ate away 50 years’ worth of time from planet Norma and more than 1200 years’ worth of time from planet Guilst cleaning everything from existence. Team Shiki had barely escaped it once, and Chronophage is not something to be taken lightly.

Who is Draken Joe?

Draken Joe is a leader of Sakura cosmos’s criminal gang and one of the most dangerous men. Draken is the person who turned Guilst into a criminal planet.

He is the main reason behind the turning of Guilst into the capital of the criminal underbelly of Sakura Cosmos. He is the main antagonist in the series and, along with Elsie Crimson and four others, is a founding member of an intergalactic criminal organization called Oracion Seis Galactia.

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