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See Season 2 Episode 1
See Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: How Baba Voss and Edo Voss are Related? (Pic Credit Apple TV+)

See Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained: How Baba Voss and Edo Voss are Related?

‘See Season 2‘ has finally premiered its very first episode on Apple TV. Directed by Steven Knight, the show is about a post-apocalyptic world of the 21st century where a virus had wiped out almost 2 million people from the planet.

The first season ended up with Jerlamarel, the biological father of Haniwa sends Haniwa to the Trivantian tribe.

In season 1 end, we witness Jerlamarel becoming blind, and Maghra became the joint ruler of the Payan Kingdom and his older sister Queen Sibeth Kane.

See Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: What Happened in Episode 1?

‘See Season 2 Episode 1’ was titled ‘Brothers and Sisters .’ We witness Baba Voss leaving Kofun with Paris and ventures for Trivantian city to look for his daughter Haniwa.

He meets one of his old friends Yakis and asks for his help to help to find his daughter. Yakis warns Baba Voss about Edo Voss ( played by Dave Bautista), the military leader under whole leadership Haniwa was bought into the City.

Yakis tries his best to help Baba Voss on his journey to find his daughter but later on is caught by the Trivantian soldiers.

Meanwhile, Kofun and Paris wait for Baba Voss’ return, but Payan Witchfinders soon attacked them. But they soon learn that Maghra is the princess of Payan, and she has sent the soldiers to check on her family.

Upon receiving the news that Maghra is still alive, Kofun and Paris rejoiced with joy. Although Kofun wanted to visit his mother, he remembered his promise to his father that he will remain here till he returns with Haniwa.

But Paris tells him otherwise that he should go and reunite with his mother, and she will stay here and wait for Baba Voss’ return. And once he is back, he will inform him that Maghra is alive and Kofun had gone to reunite with his mother.

Meantime in the Trivantian City, Haniwa realizes that more people here can see like her bodyguard Wren (Eden Epstein). On the other hand, Queen Kane claims the house of Harlan, the High Lord of the City. Soon he gets the attention of people with her announcement in the speech.

What Queen Kane Say in her Speech?

Queen Kane changed everything in her speech which blamed the Trivantians for the destruction of Kanzua. She further also reveals that she is pregnant with a child who will be born with vision.

Queen Kane basically declares war with the Trivantians army. The Payans always considered the sense of sight a curse, and with her sudden announcements, it seems the people are not on board with her idea.

It seems that Queen Kane is following the same destructive path as before, and this time, she might end up destroying her kingdom.

See Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers: Will Jerlamarel get his sight back?

Who Is the Biological Father of the Queen Kane’s Unborn Child?

Queen Kane is Boots (Franz Drameh), a mysterious member of a scavenger tribe and also the son of Jerlamarel. Boots also possess the ability to see.

In the See Season 1, Queen Kane wanted to conceive with a child, but Jarlamarel was unwilling to do so, so that is why she made Boots her mate, so Boots is the guy who is the father of Queen Kane’s unborn child.

Queen Kane in See Season 2 Episode 1 (Apple TV+)
Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane in See Season 2 Episode 1 (Apple TV+)

What Role Does David Batista’s Edo Voss character play in the series?

Edo Voss is the younger brother of Baba Voss. He now serves as the commander-general of the Trivantian tribe, one of the strongest militaries globally.

He has been introduced in the series as he orders Wren to guard Baba Voss’ daughter Haniwa. It seems that there is hatred between both the brothers; maybe there is a reason behind that.

It seems like Baba Voss might have betrayed Edo Voss, and now Edo might have struck a deal with Jerlamarel to get Baba Voss’s two children back him.

And in the first episode itself, Edo was successful in doing so; he manages to get hold of Baba Voss as he comes looking for his daughter Haniwa.

However, Baba Voss wouldn’t have been caught if he could have killed the child with vision who spotted him and informed Edo. But Baba was hesitant to kill him and hence ends up trapped.

At the end of Episode 1, we see Edo order Baba Voss to be tortured to taste his own medicine. As per the first episode of the series, the relationship between both brothers seemed full of hatred. In See Season 2 Episode 2 we might get to see the real reason why Edo is so angry on  Baba Voss.

See Season 2 Episode 1 Recap-David Batista as Edo Voss (Pic Credit Apple TV+)
See Season 2 Episode 1, Recap-David Batista, as Edo Voss (Pic Credit Apple TV+)

Who Is Lord Harlan? and How did Lord Harlan and Maghra know each other?

Lord Harlan (played Adrian Paul) is the leader of Pennsa. Pennsa is one of the most prosperous cities in the Payan Kingdom.

So once the Kanuza City was destroyed, Cutter and his group rescued Queen; she then went back to Pensa and declared that she wants Pennsa to become the new capital of Payan Kingdom.

Queen Kane forces Lord Harlan to support her political movement to show that she is still in charge of the kingdom. But Maghra warns her and tells her not to provoke the nobleman as the noble currently had their fates in his hands.

It is further revealed that Harland and Maghra were childhood friends, and he was one of the members of the nobility who had always supported Maghra during her failed revolution.

He seems to suspect Kane for what happened at Kanzua but doesn’t hold any solid evidence against her. He also tried to get the word from Maghra’s mouth, but Maghra managed to dodge those interrogatories as she knew if she reveals the truth, it will affect her and her sister’s lives profoundly.

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