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What If Episode 4 (credit: Disney+)
What If Episode 4 (credit: Disney+)

What If Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Watch It Online?

What If Episode 4 will be releasing in the upcoming week. This episode will bring us an alternate side of one of our favorite characters, Dr. Strange. There we will see him do a few things which are very much unexpected from him. The episodes of the show are going on, stepping up the level as the days pass by.

In the previous episode of the show, which was released yesterday (25th of August, 2021), we saw a fascinating murder mystery that focuses on the formation of the Avengers. This was very interesting, and we soon got to know the purpose of the Avengers Initiative.

Nick Fury finds himself amidst a lot of problems after the members of the Avengers started getting taken out very strategically, one by one. However, the superheroes will have to get united very soon. As we proceed with the article, we will be knowing more about the What If Episode 4.

What If Episode 4 Release Date and where to watch online?

What If Episode 4 will release on the 1st of September, 2021` at 3 AM EST exclusively on Disney+. The first season of the show will be having nine episodes, and each of them will have a runtime of 30 minutes. In each week on Wednesday, we will be seeing new episodes of the show coming up on the streaming platform.

What If Episode 4
Tune in to Disney+ at the respective time and date to watch the new episode. (credit: Disney+)

All the fans and audience of the show will have to tune in to Disney+ to watch the What If Episode 4. This series is an original creation from Disney+ and will be available only over here.

What can we expect from What If Episode 4? (Spoilers ahead!!)

What If Episode 4 will bring a different version of the story of Dr. Strange. In this episode, we will see an alternate reality where Stephen Strange is head over heels in love with Christine Peter. However, she faces a tragic death, after which Strange falls prey to the hands of the dark magic.

He badly wants to bring back Christine, his lover. To do this, he might decide to team up with Dormammu. The Ancient One and Wong help him to find some salvation.

There are high chances that in What If Episode 4, we will be seeing two different versions of Dr. Strange- one good and the other bad. Both of them will be fighting with each other.

Know About What If…? Episode 2 Recap

What If Episode 3 Recap: A quick recap of the previous episode of the show.

The show’s third episode was given the name ‘What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?’. We see Nick Fury and Black Widow coming to Tony Stark with the idea of the formation of the Avengers Initiative.

We then see that Tony Stark is killed, and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) is being charged for his murder. Nick Fury feels that there is something big happening behind him and makes his efforts to help Natasha Romanoff escape.

On the other hand, we find Agent Coulson has discovered the Mjölnir in New Mexico. Thor soon comes to take his hammer, and Agent Clint Barton (Hawkeye) keeps him at the tip of his arrow. He accidentally ends up shooting his arrow towards Thor and then killing him accidentally. Agent Barton gets jailed for this, and he dies as well.

Nick Fury informs Natasha Romanoff about Agent Barton’s death and tells her to ensure Bruce Banner’s (Hulk) safety. The Hulk is also seen getting killed in a fight with General Ross and his army of soldiers.

Nick Fury finds out that the killer is none other than Hank Pym, the father of Hope van Dyne. Hope had died during a SHIELD mission, and therefore Hank made it a point to take revenge on Nick Fury and SHIELD.

Nick Fury takes him down with the help of Loki. Loki was then allowed to stay on the earth and becomes the ruler of Earth.

Fury still wants to make the Avengers Initiative. He finds out Steve Rogers (Captain America) is frozen in the ice and then also meets Captain Marvel. Thus he realizes that the Avengers Initiative will be possible.

Who Killed Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Brue Banner in the What If Episode 3?

Hank Pym was responsible for killing Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, and Brue Banner.

Hank Pym arrives at the climax of What If Episode 3 and explains the reason behind killing the avengers.

The motive behind killing the four avengers was revenge as his daughter Hope Pym died on a mission of Shield, which took place outside Odess, Ukraine.

In the original timeline, Black Widow also mentioned being attacked by the Winter Soldier while helping an Iranian nuclear engineer, which hints that it was Hope in place of Black Widow, and Winter Soldier had killed her in his timeline. 

Hank Pym was furious that her daughter died, and Shield didn’t even bother to recognize her, plus his wife was killed in the same manner.

So that was the reason why he decided to take his revenge on Nick Fury by killing the Avengers.

But later on, in the end, Nick Fury struck a deal with Loki and beat Hank Pym easily.

Hank Pym in What If Episode 3 (Credits Disney+)
Hank Pym in What If Episode 3 (Credits Disney+)

Is Loki is the new Ruler of Earth after What If Episode 3?

It seems like the What If Episode 3 is establishing the story of King Loki in the MCU.

In Loki Series, the King Loki plot was supposed to be a part of the series. Even the director of the Loki Series, Kate Herron, had stated that the King Loki plot was supposed to be a part of the series.

And it would have shown as the memories of Loki’s life, which was showcased in a reel by Mobius in the first episode. But that didn’t happen after the final cut.

And with the ending of Episode 3, it seems Loki has now conquered the earth, so that is why we think that this was the King Loki plot referred to here.

We might also see The King Loki’s plot in the second season of Loki. As the original Loki is in a different timeline of TVA, so, there might be a possibility that he might come across the King Loki variant in season 2.

What If Episode 3 (Credit Disney+)
King Loki in What If Episode 3 (Credit Disney+)

We should inform those who do not know about King Loki that this Loki Variant is one of the most famous Loki variants in MCU.

In the comics, King Loki comes from a future timeline where he went from an antihero to a complete villain, and by killing Thor and destroying the earth, he even used his dark magic to resurrect the dead avengers.

He is one of the most dangerous variants of Loki of all time. As in the What If Episode 3, the prominent 4 Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow are dead, and Loki intends to extend his stay on the earth to becomes the ruler.

So, that is why we think that the King Loki plot is being teased here, and we might also expect to see the King Loki plot in some future projects of MCU.


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