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Samsung 8 Stack TSV DDR5 Module Revealed, a Performance Monster

Samsung 8 stack TSV DDR5 module has been revealed by the company. It will come with a capacity of 512 GB per module. This will overcome the limitations of 32 GB and 64 GB that were there in the previous DDR4 modules.

This new module from Samsung will come in as a hot item during the yearly event of HotChips 33. The Samsung 8 stack TVS DDR5 ushers up the modules to 512 GB, making it very much ready for the future.

Samsung will be using lower-height packages in the eight mentioned packages compared to what we saw in the previous version’s DDR4. Last year there were four stacks in the DDR4 which led to an increase in the height of the packages.

Currently, we will see a reduction of 40 percent. This is a big number and has been achieved with the help of thin wafer handling.

These modules will also provide us with advanced cooling and make the system perform better.

Samsung 8 stack TSV DDR5 module will be launching by the end of 2021.

Samsung 8 stack TSV DDR5
This will provide 512 GB of DDR5 storage capacity. (credit: Samsung)

One thing to appreciate is the 512 GB of DDR5 memory that we get to see over here. This is a massive upgrade for all the HEDT servers and users.

The earlier DDR4 limited the servers and users to 32 GB and 64 GB for each DIMM. At the same time, we saw minimal stocks of 128 GB and 256 GB in the market.

DDR5 has promised to deliver the 512 GB modules in the upcoming future in the Samsung 8 stack TSV DDR5 module.

If we focus on the performance factor, then the performance capability has gone up by 85 percent compared to the previous DDR4. We will get a high bandwidth of 7.2 GBPS.

There is a feature of lowered voltage that will make it go down to 1.1 V. This reduced voltage capability makes it possible to use power more efficiently and thus enhances the performance.

It is expected that Samsung will begin Samsung 8 stack TVS DDR5’s production by the end of 2021. The mainstream computers will be able to acquire the module by 2023 or the latest, by 2024.

The company has also teased that the next generation servers will have a capacity of 1 TB DRAM in the upcoming times as the pandemic situations slowly start getting better.

Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know more about the Samsung 8 stack TSV DDR5 module. The precise release date has not yet been mentioned. As soon as we get to know further about it, we will be the first ones to update you.

Leave in your comments as to what you feel about the modules. How much power efficiency will they provide as compared to the ones that we saw in the previous DDR4 versions that were available?

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