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Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 Officially Released

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 has been announced on the 19th of August, 2021 Thursday. It has been developed and is being looked after by PlayEveryWare. The plugin of the new Unreal Engine will be available first on the PCs, and then we will get to see it on the consoles and mobiles in the upcoming times.

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 will bring in several new features across areas like film, television, game development, automotive, architecture, and several other things. It will definitely provide a wide variety.

A few of the major updates will be seen in the in-camera visual effects toolset, which will help in virtual productions. There will be several enhancements in the GPU Lightmass for a much quick light baking. We will find the integration of the Oodle Compression Suite. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 will also allow the Bink Video codecs to get free usage. The added features of Pixel Streaming are ready for production, OpenXR support, upgrades in Datasmith, and several other things.

Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 has released on Thursday and will now be available.

The release of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 brings in many improvements to the quality and efficiency and makes it easier to use the visual effects toolset that we will find in the camera. The entire thing has become easier and faster to make use of the revolutionary virtual production. This is a technique that is going to bring in vast advancements in filmmaking.

Epic's Unreal Engine 4.27
Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27 (via Epic)

The company has very recently joined hands with Bullitt, the filmmakers’ collective, which will prove to all the users that these new tools are extremely efficient. They will be putting into test some of the latest production work. Interested ones can download the sample project as it is available for free now.

The features related to nDisplay and their settings are placed into a single Root Actor to make its access even easier. There is also an addition of multi-GPU support.

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This will make the scaling even more efficient. Support for multiple GPUs enables the people using it to increase the resolution on the wide shots. This resolution can be increased by increasing the GPU pixels in the camera. The possibility of shooting with several cameras and each of them with their unique tracking facilities will now be possible as well.

In Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27, a Virtual Camera system will bring a lot of enhancement and provide a lot of support for several other features. One of these features is the Multi-User Editing which offers an amazing user experience with a redesigned architecture for the core. Not just this, the creation of XR content will be very easy for the users. There is a production that is already prepared for the support of the OpenXR framework.

There is a new Online SubSystem that has been released in this engine. The new update includes integrating the Epic Online Services SDK inside the engine. Thus all the tools and the interfaces are placed at the users’ fingertips. Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about Epic’s Unreal Engine 4.27. We will bring you more information about this new engine as soon as we get hold of it. Leave your comments as to what you feel about this new engine.

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