American Horror Stories Finale Explained: What Happened in the Finale?

American Horror Stories Finale Explained: What Happened in the Finale?
American Horror Stories Finale Explained: What Happened in the Finale? (Pic Credits HULU American Horror Stories Show)

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American Horror Stories finale has been given the title Game Over. It is just like a love letter from Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy to all the fans of the show. The show has been designed in such a way that it blurs the fine line of difference between reality and fiction.

The finale is based on the very famous Murder House. This is the third episode in the show, which is focusing on the haunted property. American Horror Stories finale is extremely complex for the audience.

However, it has been done appropriately, not just keeping in mind one single episode but the entire show as a whole. There will be several spoilers coming up ahead in the article, so proceed with caution.

American Horror Stories Finale Explained: A Quick Recap of the American Horror Stories Finale.

As the episode starts, we see a young couple Dylan, played by Adam Hagenbuch, and Connie, played by Noah Cyrus. They are making their way inside the Murder House despite several warnings from the driver who dropped them off.

In the beginning, the audience feels that both of them are just horror fans who are looking for some thrill, but that leads to some big problems as the story progresses. The finale makes us realize that the show, and the horror aspects that have been shown there in the house, exist together.

Connie brings up the name of Sarah Paulson and how she dislikes Roanoke, which was shown in the sixth episode of the show. In the American Horror Stories finale, we see ghosts appearing slowly in front of the duo.

A few of these ghosts have come up earlier as well, which include Bloody Face and Twisty the Clown. Dylan gets shot in the head by Adelaide, and she then starts glitching on getting attacked by Bloody Face and Twisty the Clown.

American Horror Stories finale
Get a quick recap of the finale of the show.-(Pic Credits HULU American Horror Stories Show)

It has also been revealed that whatever the audience has just watched is a part of the American Horror Stories video game. This game has been developed by Michelle, played by Mercedes Mason, for her son Rory, played by Nicolas Bechtel. Rory is very keenly into gaming and is one of the first persons to try out the game.

Rory does not like the game as he cannot find the reason why the ghosts are stuck inside the Murder House. There are some problems that they need to sort out. Michelle says that the game was developed so that Rory could play it, and then indirectly, it would be like living and going through the entire show. She was very eager to watch the show with her son.

We see in the American Horror Stories finale that Rory finally goes away to live with his father, and his mother, Michelle, is left behind. She goes on watching AHS and tries her best to purchase the house. Although she does not have enough money to buy the house, she tries to figure out how.

Michelle goes to meet her son, Rory, the next Halloween and apologizes for all that she has done. However, Rory does not listen to anything that she has to say and tells her that the Murder House needs to be burnt down.

He feels that burning the fire will purify all the souls and free them from the house. At the end of the American Horror Stories finale, we see that the entire Murder House has been set on fire.

American Horror Stories Finale Explained: Which Part of the American Horror Stories Finale is Real and Which is not?

We see that in the American Horror Stories finale, the creators have all taken the decision to portray an amazing story that breaks the fourth wall. We will be finding tons of references throughout the entire episode.

One of them would be the characters, Dylan and Connie. The name Dylan is given after the name Dylan McDermott, and the name Connie is given after the name Connie Britton. These are the names of those actors who were seen in the show’s first season in the Murder House.

The characters in the finale mention the LaLaurie Mansion, and we have seen the LaLaurie family appearing in several seasons of the show.

The house’s new owners have now made it a lodging facility that provides all of them an Escape from Murder House Experience. This was exactly the same idea that Troy and Michael had before they died.

We see that Rory has burnt down the entire Murder House in the American Horror Stories finale. Later there is a condo that has been built over there. Scarlett returns and buys a condo over there, and starts living.

As all these things were happening and we were reaching towards the end, we saw the camera pull back, and we realized this was all done as an upgraded version of the game. This has confused the audience a lot as they do not know which part of the show is real and which part is not.

What Can We Expect from the American Horror Stories Season 1 Finale?

There are two ways in which we can explain the American Horror Stories finale. One of the possible ways would be to believe in the scenes of only Michelle and Rory. The first Rory tries playing the game developed by his mother and him moving to his father’s house to stay with him.

Michelle had been binge-watching AHS for a long time in the memory of her son. Then the part where she visited Rory at his father’s place and tried apologizing to him and the part where Rory burns down the entire Murder House.

The rest of the American Horror Stories finale is all a part of the game that Michelle develops for her son. She makes several new upgrades to the game a well, which are also shown to us. According to this particular interpretation, none of the ghosts in the Murder House move on and find peace, and become free.

As discussed earlier, the second possible way could be that Michelle has actually visited the Murder House and gets killed. Rory then comes and puts the entire house on fire which frees some of the ghosts or sends them to heaven or hell. Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know more about the show.

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