Tokyo Revengers Episode 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?
Tokyo Revengers Episode 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect? (Credit: Crunchyroll)

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?

Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 is scheduled to release next week. In Episode 19, we witnessed some amazing fights between the two gangs Valhalla and Toman. Also, many one-on-one battles took place among Mikey and Kazutora and Draken and Hanma as well. Chifuyu and Takemichi are seen to be fighting members of Valhalla.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 ended with a fight between Kazutora, Chonbo, and Chome teamed up against Mikey, who still has the upper hand in the fight.

Even though he knocked all three of them unconscious, the toll of so many battles is taking over his body. As a result of this, many Valhalla members might attack him, But Mikey too has friends, and Kisaki, along with First Division, will step up to help him.

With all the fights going on in Episode 19, it is hard to say who will battle against whom, but it can be said that the Battles will be exciting to watch. Here is all that you need to know about the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Episode 20.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 will be released on Sunday 22nd of August 2021.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 will air at different times on different platforms in Japan, including TV Tokyo, TV Aichi TVQ, TVh, TSK, QAB, MBS, etc., and many more. Crunchyroll and VRV will provide Tokyo Revengers Episodes in Original Japanese Audio as well as English subbed version.

Fans from South and Southeast Asia can switch to Muse Asia’s official YouTube channel. For fans from Japan who missed the telecast of Tokyo Revengers, Netflix Japan is the best choice for Original Audio and Subtitles.

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Tokyo Revengers Episode 20
Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 will release on Sunday 22nd August 2021. (credit Crunchyroll)

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20: Spoilers and What to Expect?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 19 was full of exciting one on one Battles. The fight between Toman and Valhalla begins as Mikey takes on Kazutora when he tries to attack the Toman Leader. Draken too comes to Mikey’s aid but is engaged to Hanma as he stops his way. Their battle begins and is exciting to watch too.

On the other hand, Takemichi is terrified of the violence around him as he is later attacked by members of Valhalla. Seeing this, Takashi comes to his rescue and scolds him for slacking off. Inspired by Takashi’s words, Takemichi, along with Chifuyu, forms a two-man team and fights members of the Valhalla together.

Being overpowered by Valhalla by over two times, Toman might lose the battle. Valhalla has over 300 members against only 150 of Toman. But even against these odds, Draken and Takemichi’s resolve to protect their fallen comrades and fight till the very end boosts the morale of Toman. They all get determined not to go down without a fight.

On the other hand, Kazutora lures Mikey into a trap. Mikey is suddenly attacked by Kazutora’s allies Chonbo and Chome; the three of them manage to hold Mikey down and beats him up.

Kazutora seeing Mikey on the ground, declares himself to be the Winner. But Mikey is not the one to go down that easily and asks Kazutora if he considers Mikey as his enemy. We are now sent into a flashback where we see Kazutora’s past and him killing Mikey’s brother.

Kazutora, enraged by his memories, vents all his anger on Mikey and hits him hard again and again with a steel pipe. He also says that he considers Mikey an enemy and wants to kill him, but on hearing this, Mikey gets furious and kicks Chome and Chonbo off him and attacks Kazutora.

He thinks that Kazutora killed his brother because Mikey was his enemy, and this thought riles up hate towards Kazutora. Mikey knocks the three of them Unconscious.

As per the Spoilers for Episode 20, we expect that Mikey is exhausted by the fights and is weak, and many of the Valhalla members might take this opportunity and attack him.

But Toman is not going to sit down either, and Kisaki and other members of the 1st Divison might come to his aid. Also, we expect another entertaining battle between Kisaki and Baji to take place in this episode.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 20 is surely going to bring amazing fights and an entertaining story as well. So make sure to watch episode 20 this coming Sunday.

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