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The Defeated Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
Netflix's The Defeated Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained-via Netflix

Netflix’s The Defeated Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained

The Defeated Season 1 is the story that happens post World War II; the horrors of the war are still with the people while they had to continue with their life. Soon after WWII ends the world crumbles around Berlin to take the lead of Germany, which was at that time unproclaimed after the end of the Nazis. 

The period drama showcased all the wraps ups to the characters of the show. As we only know that WWII ended the reign of Nazis, but in actuality, they were still present.

The Defeated Season 1 had shown how Nazis continued with the concentration camps more hidden than before after the war ended and when the whole world was thinking that Nazis have surrendered.

The Defeated Season 1 Recap

The Defeated Season 1 showcased the struggle of a Brooklyn-based policeman, Max McLaughlin, along with this superior Tom Franklin, and joining these two a semiotics professor turned police officer Elsie Garten and her crew.

Max McLaughlin arrives in the post-World War II world of Germany and tries to reinstate law in Berlin to prevent and also to find his elder brother. 

At that time, other countries were also trying to take the throne of Germany post-war, so the city of Berlin at that time was divided into sub-regions.

The real motive of Max joining this team was to find the fate of their elder brother, Moritz, who now has become a rogue soldier. But, to sail through his intention, he joins hands with Elsie’s team consisting of two young officers Gad and Trude.

The Defeated Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
The Defeated Season 1 Stills-via Netflix

But, what do you expect on an unclaimed land as soon as Max reaches Berlin, he finds that Berlin is no longer the same. The city has been divided into sub-regions controlled by The French, The Russians, and the Americans.

Max finds that it would be very difficult to deal with this situation as these world leaders think that the war is still not over and it was just be transcended to another stage.

The story of The Defeated Season 1 continues further when Max enters into an investigation, and in this process, he finds the name Angel Maker, who helps out indebted women. This mafia boss makes these women come out of this prejudiced work and include them into his ever-expanding army.

Later, Karin Mann, who has been alleged of killing two American soldiers and a homeless girl, meets Herman Gladow for penicillin. Post-WWII penicillin was one of the commodities which went out of stock in the entire city of Berlin.

Max’s estranged brother has been labeled as one of the most notorious killers, and he has been communicating with Max only through letters.

Soon, we see the investigation proceeding in The Defeated Season 1, Max tends to see a pattern in Mortiz’s move, and soon they deduce about his next move, which was killing Otto Oberlander. Max reaches this place. Moritz had confined Otto, and the former tries to stop him, but Moritz escapes out of the hold Max after executing the crime.

In the meantime, we come to know that Elsie’s husband, Leopold, is still alive. She enters the Russian-dominated region of the city and pleads with Izosimov to let her meet her husband. Izosimov agrees upon the only condition that Elsie gives some information of Max McLaughlin and his superior Tom Franklin’s plan of action.

The Defeated Season 2: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

Tom finds out another NYPD officer named George Miller is trying to make arrangements out of the stolen artifacts to get former Nazzi members on the safer grounds. Between all these, Mr. Gladow is planning a deadly bomb attack on the police station, and Karin comes to the lead here.

We see a gang of militant women had created his havoc, and as soon as the bomb explodes, making every other stuff here and there. Max finds a machine gun and tries to attack the militant women; later, Max finds that Tom was the one who was helping the Nazis to flee Germany against the stolen articrafts.

We also find the later part of The Defeated Season 1 that Dr. Gladow, who had been the man behind the explosion of the police station, has been staying underneath the den tunnels of the Weishaupt Insitute, but nobody has rock-solid proof against him.

Here, Max has already warned Claire after he gets to know the true motive of Tom, and after this, Claire hurries up to flee to London with Tom, and this car is driven by none other than Moritz that what it feels as of now.

The Defeated Season 1 Ending Explained: Is Moritz Alive in The Defeated Season 1?

In the confined scene of The Defeated Season 1, we see that Max tries to dissuade his brother, but the latter tries to escape from his hands, and with no other option left to him, Max shoots his brother, and he assumes that Moritz might be dead. But, later on, when Max comes down, he finds that Moritz had successfully escaped out.

That certainly means that Moritz is still alive and has been rescued by the farmer and his son; also, in the last part of the show, it is quite likely that the car Tom and Claire had boarded in together is driven by Moritz.

The real intention of Max joining in this mission was to find his estranged brother, and to a larger extent, he was successful in his mission, and we would probably see a lot more coming up after the two meet up in the next season of the show.

What Happened With Leopold in The Defeated Season 1?

The Defeated Season 1 Recap and Ending Explained
The Defeated Season 1 Stills-via Netflix

Leopold is still alive though he has been injured after he reveals his intentions to his wife of escaping out of prison. Elsie’s wife spills out the beans to Izosimov about her husband’s intention.

Elsie’s life has turned hell after working as a double agent working for both the Russians and the Americans on the pretext of meeting her husband.

It was quite logically in The Defeated Season 1 that Izosimov would keep Leopold alive to satisfy his hidden political motive that he has been getting direct access to the information through Elsie, who has been spying on Tom Franklin just to meet her husband and in the course of the entire show we saw that she was allowed to meet her husband a couple of times.

But, in the end, we see National interest taking a toll down in front of humanity as Izosimov releases Leopold out of captivity. The show’s director has beautifully framed this scene out, and it gives out a clear message that humanity stands out apart from all other entities.

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