Superman & Lois Season 1 (credit: The CW)
Superman & Lois Season 1 (credit: The CW)

Superman & Lois Season 1 Ending and Expectations For The Next Season Explained

Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Superman & Lois Season 1 ending showcased the fight which saved the world from the Eradicator. This fight has brought in several new directions for all the characters in the show.

There was a long period of time of disagreement with Adam Rayner’s character Morgan Edge, and now finally, the Kent family have decided that they will no longer keep it in mind. This points towards the fact that now we will be seeing new threats and enemy storylines in the show.

Superman & Lois Season 1 has brought in a handful of twists and turns regarding the identity of the main adversary. Captain Luthor, played by Wole Parks, was considered to be a big villain of the show. However, presently he has become Steel, the superhero from DC Comics.

Morgan Edge was earlier considered the major enemy of the Kents. Several mysterious purposes were to be done in Smallville. This season’s biggest finding was that it came out that Edge’s actual identity was Tal-Rho. Tal-Rho is the half-brother of Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin, who was kept a secret till now.

Edge has been making use of all his resources to fulfill all the evil desires that his father, Zeta-Rho (played by A.C. Peterson), had. His father has made him transform into the Eradicator, a minor villain from the DC Universe.

Superman & Lois Season 1 Ending: How did Steel and Superman defeat the Eradicator in the Superman & Lois Season 1?

When Superman and Steel decided to fight with the Eradicator, we noticed that they did not have any kind of advantage on their part. The Eradicator had used his power to bring a number of soldiers with the help of Krypton’s Defense Council. Superman and Steel were definitely outnumbered, but we noticed that it did not trouble them a lot.

Superman was very strong enough to finish off most of the soldiers in the Defense Council. This indicated the fact that Superman is much stronger than the Kryptonian villains that have been shown in the show. As he is much better and stronger than these soldiers, he can also be considered to be a natural Kryptonian himself.

Superman &Lois Season 1
The Eradicator will be defeated by Superman and Steel. (credit: The CW)

All the enemies were seen occupying the bodies, which are limited to their human physiology. The Defense Council was not as big a threat as the Eradicator was. Edge had received a huge amount of power from the device.

Superman realized that brute force over here would not be sufficient in this particular situation. They made a strategy of the fight, and then we saw the Eradicator fell to a very powerful blow from the hammer which Steel had thrown.

How Lois prevented Jordan from falling under the control of Zeta-Rho?

In Superman & Lois Season 1, Steel and Superman have received the credit for bringing an end to the Eradicator. However, it was Lois Lane whose efforts worked in saving Jordan.

She used a device that was shown in a few of the earlier devices. This device allowed Lois to access the memories of Jordan. She travels across the subconscious memories of Jordan and finally finds her son. She gets very emotional, but still, she handles herself to motivate Jordan to fight against the influence caused by Zeta-Rho.

Superman & Lois Season 1
Saving Jordan from Zeta-Rho’s control. (credit: The CW)

She also gets help from Jonathan, played by Jordan Elsass, and finally succeeds in getting Jordan safe. They drive out Zeta-Rho and get totally rid of the Arrowverse of his presence.

Everything that has been shown in Superman & Lois Season 1 makes Lois’ presence equivalent to that of Superman’s. The character development has been tremendous and really strong.

How did Morgan Edge survive, and can he return in the upcoming season?

Before the finale had aired, it was understood that Edge had killed himself when he had given himself completely to the Eradicator’s control. Edge was very scared of this exact fate, and he kept running away from it as far as he could.

Zeta-Rho repeated that being the Eradicator would be equivalent to dying. He told Superman that he had sacrificed his son for this. But we soon get to know that Edge’s memories had all been cleared by the Eradicator.

After the fight was over, we saw Morgan Edge lying down on the ground and telling Superman that all he ever wanted was a family, and he never could get one.

Superman & Lois Season 1
Morgan Edge in the show. (credit: The CW)

Although Morgan has been defeated in Superman & Lois Season 1, it might not be true that we will not get to see him anymore in the upcoming season. It might happen at some time that Clark will be forced to take information from him.

How important is Steel’s daughter for the upcoming season of the show?

Steel has a daughter. This was revealed in this season. The discovery of his daughter can bring in a big storyline in the upcoming season of the show.

One of the impacts this discovery could lead to is that he will no longer be leaving Smallville as he earlier intended to. The show will make John Henry Irons a very integral character. When Superman & Lois returns in the second season, we will see how happy he is with his daughter. However, this could create a lot of complications with her memories of the Earth.

Steel had earlier adjusted with the idea that Super and Lois are not the same people who he had known earlier. Nat will soon come to this point of realization in the show. The impact of Nat on the family dynamics will be very interesting to watch in the upcoming season.

What does General Lane’s retirement in Superman & Lois Season 1 mean for the upcoming times?

The very surprising part of the show was when Dylan Walsh’s character General Lane announced his retirement to Steel. He was the head of the military force in Smallville and had many things to do with both Superman and Lois Lane.

However, his retirement from his job in Superman & Lois Season 1 does not remove him from the picture. He mentioned to Steel that one should prioritize their family, and this tells us that we will get to see more of him in the new season as well. He already has a very good relationship with the Kents, which will be seen growing even stronger in the next season.

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