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Bloodborne (credit: FromSoftware)

Bloodborne’s First-Person Mod Game To Arrive Soon

The modders of Bloodborne have made the perfect mod for the particular game from FromSoftware. This game will now allow the players to face Yharnam’s tons of enemies. The entire gameplay will continue in a totally first-person mode of gaming.

Eurogamer has given us reports about Garden of Eyes, a modder who has created the first-person mod for the Bloodborne game.

This will definitely give a new look to the gameplay and enhance the game’s gothic mood. This mod will come into effect when it puts in a new headpiece, which has been named Great One Hat. This can be found right at the beginning of the game.

When the player wears the hat, they can travel and play the game from the first-person perspective. The weapons will be visible to us like just like the way we see them in traditional first-person games.

A trailer for this particular mod of Bloodborne can be seen on the official YouTube channel of Garden of Eyes. In the trailer’s description, the modder has noted that this is one of their most sought-after and ambitious projects. They are very interested in trying out their mods and letting them know how enjoyable it was on the game.

Bloodborne seems to look even better in first-person.

They also mentioned that they would be releasing the mod very soon, along with all its shortcuts. Some streamers will also be using it while playing Bloodborne very soon. So the interested people can check it out.

The shortcut door for the mod makes a cut shortcut from the earlier version or format of the game. This will be allowing the players to move to several places in Central Yharnam and the Cathedral World Area.

The trailer looks very impressive as it adds a lot of depth to the game’s first-person perspective. The players will get much more involved in the cruel factors of the gameplay.

The most interesting part would be to see how the players in the gaming community adapt to their style of gaming. There will be more limited LOS (line of sight) in the game.

Enjoy gaming from a first-person perspective. (credit: FromSoftware)

The most horrifying part about the game that we will see after the mod has been applied is the set of bodiless hands that gives a new perspective to Bloodborne.

Eurogamer mentions that this effect has been produced because of the edits that have been made to a few of the animations for several weapons. Garden of Eyes will be releasing their first mod of the game very soon on their Patreon.

However, this is not the first mod that has been developed for the game in 2021. Earlier in February 2021, we had seen that there was a mod that made the game run at 60 FPS.

This gave the provision to the players to edit Bloodborne version 1.09 and make sure that its framerate increases its count.

Stay connected with MediaScrolls to know more about the new mod and several other updates that might be coming to the game very soon in the upcoming times.

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