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One Piece Episode 988
One Piece Episode 988 (Credit Crunchyroll)

One Piece Episode 988: Release Date, Spoilers, and What to Expect?

One Piece Episode 988 is all set to release this weekend. One Piece being the longest-running anime series with close to 990 episodes, is surely interesting as it has lasted this long. But, to add more to this, we see interesting twists in the series.

This weekend we can expect one more such thrilling episode as Marco the Phoenix, the 1st division commander of Whitebeard Pirates, will try to stop Big Mom’s crew from breaking into the Land of Wano.

Taking into consideration the events in Episode 987, we can expect more to come in this episode. We see Kaido’s fighters chasing after Luffy and his friends. Also, to become a member of Tobiroppo, Haccha attacks Kid but fails to stop them as they escape.

Will Marco be able to stop Big Mom’s Crew from taking over the Land of Wano? If you wish to know more about it in Episode 987, we have you covered.

One Piece Episode 988: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

One Piece Episode 987, titled “Reinforcements Arrive! The Commander of Whitebeard Pirates!” will be aired on Sunday, 22nd of August 2021.

One Piece Episodes are certainly very interesting to watch because of their great plot development and so are available on various platforms across the globe.

Crunchyroll, Funimation, and One Piece Official Channel are some of the many places to watch the show in Original Japanese Audio and English Subtitles. Also, English dubbed versions are available on Hulu, Netflix, and Funimation as well. One Piece fans from Australia and New Zealand can surely switch to AnimeLab.

Crunchyroll provides subbed and dubbed versions in various languages like Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Portuguese. Spanish dubbed version is also available on Netflix for fans from Southern American Countries to watch.

Wakanim is another choice for fans from Germany and Russia. Anime Digital Network provides French subbed and subbed versions, while Anime-on Demand is also a choice for many others. Lastly, fans from Japan who missed the episode can switch to Netflix Japan to enjoy the show in Original Japanese Audio and Japanese Subtitles.

Know More About One Piece Episode 987

One Piece Episode 988 Release Date
One Piece Episode 987, titled “Reinforcements Arrive! The Commander of Whitebeard Pirates!” will be aired on Sunday, 22nd of August 2021. (Credit Crunchyroll)

One Piece Episode 988: Spoilers and What to Expect?

Episode 987 begins with a fight between Kid and Apoo, where Apoo hits Kid hard. On Queen’s orders, the Beast Pirates had the freedom to kill the intruders.

Also, Haccha is seen to be attacking Kid to keep him busy, but Kid manages to escape from him. The main motive of Haccha behind all this was to become a part of Tobiroppo, but he failed as Kid was able to proceed with his mission.

As the raiders find their way up to the castle, Kin’emon is puzzled to find out that the map he was carrying was too old and was now outdated and that he does not have the current, correct map.

He, along with others, is present in a place known as the pleasure district, which is found to be empty when Kaido’s fighters confront Luffy and others with him. At the end of the episode, we Who’s Who ordering his lackeys to focus, find Yamato, and ignore Luffy and his ally’s doings.

So in One Piece Episode 987, we expect Who’s Who to attempt to kill a member of internal monologue. Also, adding more to it, Big Mom’s Crew might even try to take over Land of Wano.

The only person who can stop them is Marco the Phoenix, who had also served as First Division Commander of Whitebeard Pirates. But will he succeed? Also, Who will be killed on Queen’s orders?

To find answers to all these questions, stay tuned and sit tight till One Piece Episode 987 is released this coming Sunday.

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