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The White Lotus
The White Lotus Ending: Who Died at the Ending of The White Lotus? (credit: HBO)

The White Lotus Ending: Who Died at the Ending of The White Lotus?

The White Lotus finale shocked all the fans and the viewers of the show. The paradise holiday ended in a very unexpected way. Creator, Mike White, has been very successful in creating a dark, mysterious twist to the show, which the audience has loved a lot.

The White Lotus season finale premiered on the 15th of August, Sunday. We saw the mystery as to who died at the resort was solved. The shocking part about this finding was the person who had caused all the murders.

In the next few paragraphs of the article, there will be tons of spoilers. So proceed with reading the article at your discretion.

Let us have a look at the trailer of the show:

Who died at the ending of The White Lotus?

To cut things short and tell you everything briefly, Shane, played by Jake Lacy, had killed Armond, played by Murray Bartlett. After committing this murder, he goes away to Hawaii as a free man accompanied by his attractive wife Rachel, played by Alexandra Daddario.

The main dispute had started when Shane realized that the room which his mother had booked for him and his wife Rachel was not the best room that the hotel had.

He found out that several other suites were better than the one that was booked for them. Armond, the manager of the hotel, assured them that this room had a much better view as compared to the others. The only thing that the room did not have was a private patio having a plunge pool.

The White Lotus
Shane and Armond having a quarrel. (credit: HBO)

Armond had assured Shane that there was no mix-up that had happened. However, Shane was not that easy to please, and this irritated Armond a bit. He thought of taking his revenge on Shane.

We see in The White Lotus that Shane and Rachel wanted to go out on a romantic cruise. However, Armond takes his revenge by accompanying them with Tanya, played by Jennifer Coolidge. Tanya had come over there with a lot of sorrow as she wanted to spreader her mother’s ashes all over the boat.

He heard some sounds coming from his bathroom. Armond had taken refuge in the bathroom. Shane took his knife from his bedside table and accidentally stabbed it into Armond’s chest. He had no idea about who the person was in the bathroom. He had done that totally for his self-defense.

He soon realized what he had done by mistake. He whispered that he is sorry, and then he quickly rushed away from the scene.

Explanation of the ending of The White Lotus

The ending of The White Lotus tells us about what happens after Armond’s death. Shane is seen talking to the police and shaking hands with them. This tells us that he has not been pressed with any charges for the murder of Armond.

Rachel is again united with Shane at the airport. She expresses her joy in meeting him and tells him that she is the happiest when he is with her.

Greg and Tanya are also seen getting up on the plane, and after them comes the Mossbachers. In the very ending part of The White Lotus, we see Quinn running and finally jumping on the boat with all of his friends.

Stay tuned with MediaScrolls to know whether we will get to see a sequel of The White Lotus in the upcoming times. Leave in your comments as to what you feel about the show.

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