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Pokemon Presents will release this week exclusively in Australia

Pokemon Presents will return this week with a totally new look which has been set for Shining Pearl, Legends Arceus, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. These are the three most sought-after Nintendo games, which will come very soon.

We saw that there was a very small intermission that was brought in by Skyward Sword and Monster Hunter Stories 2. Now the fans of Pokemon will get a real treat. The news and the gameplay will all be set for something new in Pokemon Presents.

We will see that the main focus will be put on the remakes of Pearl and Diamond, which were due out this November. However, it seems that we will soon get to see the latest gameplay from Pokemon Legends Arceus. We surely feel that this game is building up to be one of the most successful games in Pokemon history.

Pokemon Presents
Be prepared for the show, people of Australia. (credit: Pokemon Presents)

No matter whichever game you might focus on, the fans and audience would definitely want to tune in to the very new episode of Pokemon Presents. It will premiere on the 18th of August, which is this Wednesday. This will definitely bring along with it several exciting updates. We have not seen a lot of the upcoming games, so showcasing them would really give us a good time.

How can the people in Australia watch the latest Pokemon Presents?

The fans of Pokemon in Australia have some good news. The very new Pokemon Presents will come in for them at a very generous time.

On the eastern coast of Australia, the show will arrive at 11 PM AEST and will be over by 11:30 PM AEST. This will be good for the working and the studying adults as they will be able to watch the show and get a proper sleep after that. All across Australia, people can tune in to watch the show on the 18th of August, 2021, Wednesday, at these times.

The times are-

  1. It will come at 9 PM AWST in Perth.
  2. In Adelaide, Darwin the show will come at 10:30 PM ACST.
  3. In Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Hobart the show will come at 11 PM AEST.

Pokemon Presents will come on air exclusively on the official Pokemon YouTube channel. You can also stay tuned to MediaScrolls to receive more updates about the show. For the people in Australia, tune in at the respected to enjoy Pokemon Presents. Keep yourself prepared to watch the show on the 18th of August.

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