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Pokemon Go: Community Day in August
Pokemon Go: Community Day in August (credit: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go: Community Day in August Complete Guide To All The Steps and Recommendations

Pokemon Go: Community Day in August is one of the most special events in the game for this month. The event will also be lasting for two days. The Niantic Coaches on Android and iOS smartphones will have unmissable appointments on Saturdays and Sundays. The reason is that these days are best suited to get hold of any type of feelings with special moves. This article will tell you about all the event dates, rewards, duration of the event, special moves for becoming better, and several other recommendations.

What is the date, time, and feature of the Pokemon Go: Community Day in August?

Pokemon Go: Community Day in August will feature Eevee, and the event started from the 14th of August, 2021, Saturday and continued till the 15th of August, 2021, Sunday. On both these days we saw the event start at 11:00 AM in the morning and end at 17:00 PM in the evening, according to the local times. The event ran for a total of six hours time period.

In Spain, there were rumors of a very strong heatwave that would come. Over there, it was recommended to participate in the event in the morning with proper safety distancing being maintained. The game says that people will not have to be close to their friends to play the game.

Pokemon Go Community Day in August
Get ready to see all the special powers with Evie. (credit: Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Presents will release this week exclusively in Australia

During these hours of gaming in Pokemon Go: Community Day in August, people will be able to see Evie several times roaming around in the forest. Evie will appear a bit shiny. If the player is willing to spend a dollar, then he or she can get an exclusive investigation story for the event.

There are a few points that the player will have to remember with regard to the bonuses.

  1. If you want the eggs to hatch, then it will require 1/4th of the distance.
  2. As the Pokemon Go: Community Day in August is going on, we will see an incense being activated. On being activated it will last only for a span of three hours.
  3. We will also see several Bait units during the event. Once they are activated they will also last for three hours like the previous case.

Let us have a look at the list of Eevee’s special moves on Pokemon Go: Community Day in August.

  1. First, there is the Vaporion, which is a special move that causes a burning effect and will fetch 60 points.
  2. Then there is the Jolteon which is a special move with an electric cannon. This will fetch 140 points.
  3. Flareon is the move with brute force giving 85 points.
  4. There is a shadow ball move called Espon which will give 100 points.
  5. There is a psychological move called Amberion which gives 90 points.
  6. Levion is another special move with a seeder giving 8 points.
  7. Glacion is a move with water pulsation giving 70 points.
  8. The last baz bring the special move Evey bringing in 90 points.

A few recommendations about the event

Pokemon Go: Community Day in August lasted for two days, Saturday and Sunday. Everyone should try their best to attract as many Pokemon as possible during this event according to the player’s rank.

If a player already has a file Evey with really good genes, then he can be positioned as a partner. This will help him win both candy and friendship during the Pokemon Go: Community Day in August. Ultra Ball is the best when it comes to capturing at a higher rate. If the player is facing a lot of difficulty in capturing, then Payas Frambo will help make it easier.

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