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Boruto Episode 212
Boruto Episode 212, titled "Amado's Defection" will be released on 22nd August 2021. (Credit Crunchyroll)

Boruto Episode 212: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 211 Recap.

Boruto Episode 212 is due next week. Manga readers have surely been eagerly waiting for this episode. This episode will bring out the major twists in the series. What are Kashin Koji and Amado’s motives? Are they against Kara? Are they going to defy Jigen? What is their Plan?

All these questions will be answered in Boruto Episode 212. The excitement brought by Boruto Episode 211 is still ripe as the “Chase” for the Mystery Man in the Black hood steals Village Intel on Shinobi. Team Ino-Shika-Cho finds the intruders’ hideout and is in pursue along with Sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake.

The fight between Kakashi Hatake and Kashin Koji can fill anyone with excitement. Also, the thrill of the chase is just amazing to watch. To know more about what happened in Episode 211 and what twists come with Kashin Koji and Amado’s defection, make sure to read out till the end.

Boruto Episode 212: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 211 Recap.
Boruto Episode 212, titled “Amado’s Defection” will be released on 22nd August 2021. (Credit Crunchyroll)

Boruto Episode 212: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 212, titled “Amado’s Defection,” is set to premiere on Sunday, the 22nd of August 2021.

Episode 212 will be released in Japan on Tokyo TV. It will also be available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu as well. The show can be viewed in Original Japanese Audio and English Dubbed Audio as well, along with Subtitles.

Crunchyroll even provides dubbed versions in other languages like Portuguese, Italian, Russian, etc. Fans from France and Australia can switch to Anime Lab as well.

Boruto Episode 212: Spoilers and What to Expect?

Boruto Episode 212 will bring a big twist to the series as we come to know of Amado and Kashin Koji’s true motives.

In Spoilers of Episode 211, we see that as Kashin Koji returns from Hidden Leaf, Amado tells him that Jigen is weak from his battle with Naruto and Sasuke; he is still recovering and is at his 10% strength only.

He also tells “Jigen is still recovering in the inner chamber, and the only reason to meet him in person can be to give a very important information or to kill him”. This proves that Amado plans to defy Jigen.

To add more to this, In Spoilers for Episode 212, we see Amado and Kashin Koji escaping together with a large box on Amado’s back which they call a weapon.

The weapon was complete only because Jigen brought up intel from Hidden Leaf Village. Even Delta fails to stop them as they slip through.

So what exactly is the weapon? Why have Kashin Koji and Amado betrayed Jigen? Where are they headed to? Are they going to Hidden Leaf Village? If so, then why? What is the true identity of Kashin Koji? Was he a member of Hidden Leaf Village? Answers to all these questions lie ahead in Boruto Episode 212.

To know more about Episode 211 and how Kashin Koji tackled Kakashi Hatake and Complete Leaf Jonins, we have you covered.

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Boruto Episode 211 Recap: What happened in Hidden Leaf?

Episode 211 begins with Kashin Koji breaking into the Village Archives and stealing a copy of the information on Shinobi of Hidden Leaf.

Team Ino-Shika-Cho is determined to go after the intruder who broke into the village.

Chocho uses her instincts and what she learns from a detective TV show to find a place that is not visited by people and has a good advantage point to spy on the village.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Chocho’s first guess turns out to be the infiltrator’s hideout. They find evidence that holds the plan to break into Village Archives and blueprints. Soon enough, Inojin senses the presence of a chakra nearby, and thinking of it as the culprit, the trio corner him.

But, the person turns out to be none other than Sixth Hokage of Hidden Leaf, the legendary Kakashi Hatake who was searching the area for the same.

Kakashi and the Ino-Shika-Cho trio team up to find the intruder. Soon enough, a man in black hood arrives. He senses the presence of people watching him and abandons his plan to move to the hideout and tries to escape. The trio chases after him but loses his trial.

But not to forget, they are not alone. Kakashi Hatake figures out that the intruder has escaped in the tunnels and goes after him. Taking into account the dangers of the situation, he asks the Trio to alert Jonins of the Village and cover all possible exits from the village.

Shikadai figures out another possible escape route through the thunder train, and the trio reach there to stop him. Soon they find him on the train and paralyze him using Shadow Paralysis Jutsu and try to identify his face. But guess what, the plan fails as it turns out to be a shadow clone.

Shikadai informs Kakashi Hatake that there might be another possibility that he still intends to steal something from the village.

Sixth Hokage Kakashi Hatake figures out his true motives to steal the information on Shinobi of the village who have participated in the Fourth Great Ninja War. He takes the scroll and waits for Kashin Koji to arrive.

As Kashin Koji arrives at the scene in search of the scroll, We get to see a fight between Kashin Koji and Kakashi Hatake.

Though the fight does not last long, we get to see Kakashi’s purple lightning blade being used, and Kashin Koji too, uses amazing tricks to escape from him.

Shikadai meets Kakashi in private and tells him about the possibility of how the intruder might have entered the village. He explains that Yamanaka Clan can detect the chakra of only those who are not registered within Leaf Village.

And even though someone entered the village in secret might suggest that the intruder can be a person of the village itself or had been a part of it before the Great Ninja War. As their chakra will then be registered in Leaf’s database and thus cannot alert them.

Later Kashin Koji is seen with Amado in Kara’s hideout, where they discuss something about their plan. Also mentioning that Jigen is at only 10% of his power and can be killed easily.

Later both Kashin Koji and Amado are seen escaping from the Hideout while fighting the delta. This suggests that they might betray Jigen and already had their motives for a long time.

To know what might happen next and where Kashin Koji and Amado have gone with a weapon, watch Boruto Episode 212 this coming Sunday.

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