Home Before Dark Season 2 Ending Explained
Home Before Dark Season 2 Ending: Does Strata Tech Finally Get Caught?-via Apple Tv

Home Before Dark Season 2 Ending: Does Strata Tech Finally Get Caught?

Last Updated on August 15, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

We have witnessed all the struggles of the young reporter Hilde Lisko to extend justice to the people of her hometown in Home Before Dark Season 2. 

Season 2 also showcased her bravery in reaching the extremes despite all the odds standing beside her.

‘Home Before Dark Season 2’ exposed all the mischievous activities of the Strata Tech and also resolved the long-pending plot of what exactly happened with Richie Fife after he was kidnapped, which fans wanted to know. 

The story picked up after we found Richie, and all started making sense, like why he was kidnapped and what happened to Richie. 

Well, a lot has happened in the second season, so read the article till the end. 

Home Before Dark Season 2 Recap: What Happened in Season 2? 

Well, season 2 of the show starts with Hilde, a young reporter starts a movement of unraveling the truths behind strange health problems her town’s residents are facing. 

Her investigations fasten ups after the death of her grandfather due to the same health ailment.

While continuing her quest, she tries to know what is going wrong in the corporation that is costing life’s of the people, and it is not only about people she once finds heaps of dead fish and birds in certain pockets of the town.

In the finale episode, we know that a large corporation named Strata Tech is behind all of this

The company released a deadly chemical called cadmium into a nearby island, which joins the town’s mainstream water supply and reaches the people. 

The company is not the only one involved here; the major benefactor here is the town’s corporation, which is allowing these activities to dwell in their jurisdiction.

Further, in the final episodes of Home Before Dark Season 2, Hilde and her team are finding some eyewitnesses to hold the company and corporation at court. 

Richie Fife, who had been missing since the show’s initial episodes, seems to know something about the mischiefs of the corporation

But, Richie fears that if he gives out some statement against the corporation in the court, then we would get arrested. Here, Izzy and Bridget arrange a town hall meeting to formulate a lawsuit against Strata Tech. 

Home Before Dark Season 2 Ending Explained
Home Before Dark Season 2 Ending Explained- via Apple Tv

In this meeting, people who the company had hurt would be used as testimonials in order to put a lawsuit in court. 

But, this task seems to be very challenging for the two because Strata Tech being a very powerful company. People fear that they might face dire consequences against themselves if they happen to go against the company.

What Was in the Tape Recorded by Richie’s Father? 

Plus, we learned that the tape has a recording made by Richie Fife’s father, Arthur Conway, in 1987

The recording points out that Strata Tech was aware of the deadly consequences of the chemical being released on the island, eventually joining the mainstream of water of the town.

Some part of this recording was already made public, but it didn’t help Hilde and her team prove the claim against the company. 

The recording had certain parts in which Arthur and Hank gave out the testimony against the mischievous acts of the Strata Tech.

Later, we see Grant threatening one camera to bury down the pieces of evidence, and this all proves the company’s involvement in this subject, and this is more than sufficient for the Sheriff to arrest him.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Ending: Does Strata Tech Finally Get Caught?

In the last few episodes of Home Before Dark Season 2 before the finale, we saw that Hilde was successfully abstaining from proofs and evidence against the company and was all ready to publish. 

Still, at the eleventh hour, the publication denies publishing those evidence due to the fear of this great institution.

But, later in the final episode of the show, we saw that many townspeople were coming forward acting as testimonials claiming that Strata Tech has been playing with their health over these years and the critical evidence of Richie’s tape.

The exact repercussions after the course proceedings were not shown in the Home Before Dark Season 2, but we are aware that there is a provision of Grant’s bail at $5 million

Strata Tech has to pay hefty amounts out to the people whose health has been affected by the company’s wrongdoings. 

With more and more people coming forward to join Bridget, the company will likely settle all of these by the end of the year.

Finally, Junior was forcefully asked to sell off his farmland to the company. In between the court dramas, his contract with the company has turned void, and now he has the charge over the family land back again.

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What Next For Hilde? Is She Looking Forward to Another Mission?

With the successful efforts of Hilde in the Home Before Dark Season 2, fans are now excited to see her accomplishing another mission. 

We see a mystery coming forward because just after the end of season 2, an announcement comes on the police radio about homicide, but Frank Jr. hurriedly rushes to leave that place.

While leaving the place, Hilde catches a glimpse of her diary lying on the floor, but later in the quest of town hall meeting, Hilde cannot find her diary

This indeed points out that Hilde is onto another mystery, and here her diary will act as a potential piece of evidence in her favor.

Looking from a new prospect, one would say that someone stole her diary from Strata Tech to investigate the case by tampering with the clues and evidence that could turn against them.

 But, these all things are probably the subject of the next upcoming seasons if the makers go for it.

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