Edens Zero Episode 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 19 Recap.

Edens Zero Episode 20: Release Date, Spoilers, and Episode 19 Recap.
Edens Zero Episode 20, titled ‘Stones,’ will premiere on Sunday, the 22nd of August 2021. (via Netflix)

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Edens Zero Episode 20 is due next week and with new development brought by Episode 19 in the series as Shiki along with his friends and the three shining stars of great Demon King Reach to the planet Sun Jewel in search of the fourth shining star and Homura’s mentor the Valkyrie.

There they get caught up in a tight situation where Shiki and Homura might die. Will they be able to escape it? And will they be able to find Valkyrie? To find answers to all these questions, make sure you read them out till the end.

Edens Zero Episode 20: Release Date and Where to Watch Online?

Edens Zero Episode 20, titled ‘Stones,’ will premiere on Sunday, the 22nd of August 2021.

Edens Zero can be streamed online on various platforms like Hulu, Bilibili, and Netflix Japan in original Japanese Audio and Subtitles.

For Dubbed watchers, the Dubbed version of Edens Zero will be available on Netflix soon. The Season 1 dubbed version and the original versions are expected to release on 26th August 2021. 

Edens Zero Episode 20: Spoilers and What to Expect?

In Episode 20, we will get to know what happened to Shiki and Homura. Were they be removed from existence? Or are they safe? Also, the mystery of Valkyrie will unfold as to why she has been on this planet for so many years?

In Spoilers, we see that Valkyrie is alive on planet Sun Jewels and gets to know that her student Homura has reached there in her Search. Also, the wicked Space Pirate is determined to take capture Edens Zero to make a profit from it.

With all these going on, we can expect too much excitement to be released in Episode 20. If you wish to know in detail about what happened in Episode 19, we have got you covered.

Edens Zero Episode 20
Edens Zero Episode 20, titled ‘Stones,’ will premiere on Sunday, the 22nd of August 2021. (via Netflix)

Edens Zero Episode 19 Recap: What Happened in Episode 19?

Episode 19 begins with the Shiki, and his whole team sets their Journey to planet Sun Jewels to find Valkyrie, the Fourth and the last shining star of Demon King and Homura’s master. On their way, they find a ship Captain from the Aqua Cosmos, who was lost in Space as his ship got destroyed.

Shiki gives refuge to the Captain, who refuses to reveal his name and insists on being called captain. All of the Shining stars are unhappy with the decision of taking a stranger on board, and his actions enrage everyone.

The Captain even takes control of Edens Zero’s command. This enrages the crew, and when they reach the deck of the ship, they find out that Captain had skillfully navigated the ship through the space debris and covered the journey to the planet in one day. They had initially planned to go round around the debris, which journey should have taken them three days long.

The Captain’s skills have surprised everyone, and the Shining Star 1, the ‘Witch,’ is curious about Captain’s identity. We, as of now, have uncovered that he is the Captain of Edens One, but this information is secret for the crew yet.

On the planet, Sun Jewels, Shiki, and Homura get into a fight with Bank robbers and defeat them. But much to their surprise, orange light from the sky falls on the criminals, and turning red kills all of them instantly, leaving no sign of their existence.

The people believe it to be the doing of a Scarlet Woman and encourages it. The planet also holds a ‘no-violence law‘ even for self-defense, and under it, Shiki and Homura are criminals.

Even though they fought armed bank robbers, they are guilty. We see that the same red light from Satellite Blades targets Shiki and Homura. Within a few split seconds, they disappear.

So have they been killed? And who is the Scarlet Woman to punish criminals without trial? Where is Valkyrie? To find answers to all, watch Edens Zero Episode 20!

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