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Beckett Ending Explained: What Happens to Beckett at the End?
Beckett Ending Explained: What Happens to Beckett at the End? (credit: Netflix)

Beckett Ending Explained: What Happens to Beckett at the End?

Beckett’s ending sparked a lot of questions in our minds. Fans are still unsure what to make of the ending, so we will clarify what happened during the final moments. Before proceeding, we would like to alert you that there will be spoilers up ahead. For the ones who have not watched the ending till now, proceed with caution.

John David Washington, along with Netflix, has decided to extend their relationship much ahead of Malcolm & Marie, which had launched in the previous winter. This time we will see them enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine.

Ferdinando Cito Filomarino is the director of the movie. He is a filmmaker from Italy who has the credits on Call Me by Your Name and Beckett’s remake.

It showcased the American tourist’s journey throughout Washington and displayed the romantic trips to Athens with April, played by Alicia Vikander, an Oscar-Winning Actress.

The trip leads to a very disordered and disastrous twist which we will see in Beckett’s ending.

Beckett is seen to fall asleep as he drives towards a new destination. The entire road is through the dark countryside, which makes him even sleepier.

Suddenly he meets with an accident which sends his car nosediving down the hill and breaks through the walls of an empty house.

He is filled with blood and is severely hurt. He finds a terrified young boy in the corner of the room in the house, who is soon taken away by a lady.

Beckett somehow manages his way out of the upside-down car. And as he comes out, he sees his girlfriend’s lifeless body. He is filled with grief on seeing this.

However, this is just the beginning of the sad things that are going to happen to him. There will be a rollercoaster of such things that will happen to him in the upcoming times, especially in the Beckett ending.

Beckett Ending Explained: What Happens to Beckett at the End?

The disoriented lead from Washington comes face to face with a police officer. The officer asks him the details of everything that had happened. Beckett tells him of the boy whom he had seen, but the police say to him that no one has lived in that house for several years.

He is advised to go and take some rest, but he keeps on thinking about the crash scene. He again goes back to the scene carrying a bottle of pills that belonged to April.

He is filled with guilt, and he wants to kill himself for not being more careful while driving. He is soon interrupted by a mysterious lady who comes out of nowhere and points a gun at him. She fires the gun before he is able to run away from there.

Beckett is now lying on the ground where the attacker and the policeman are also present. Both of them try to move him out of the hiding, and he realizes that it is a shot. He sees that he has been shot in the arm.

As we slowly approach the finale of Beckett, we see that he has somehow managed to flee from their hold but soon meets a few beekeepers on the mountains while trying to run away.

He calls the US embassy phone line whose headquarters lie in Athens. He feels that it would be the safest place for him to take refuge.

Beckett ending
Beckett with his girlfriend April. (credit: Netflix)

Beckett feels that jumping off the train would be perfect for moving away from the attention of the police.

However, this plan does not work out as the police chief finds him and captures him. There is a scuffle for the train’s emergency; this lever on the train ensures his freedom.

He again makes a call to the embassy, demanding to know how he has been left in such a difficult situation.

With the policeman lying wounded in the train, the embassy tells him to report himself to the local authorities. He insists that if he does that, he will be dead soon.

As we slowly proceed towards Beckett’s ending, we notice that despite feeling paranoid, he has to walk through the streets forcefully.

While walking, he notices that there are several posters of missing children. One of the pictures looks very familiar to the boy he had seen in that house, where he had crashed with his car.

Lena feels that there is some political motivation related to the missing boy’s case. The boy’s uncle has not been on good terms with an organization named ‘Sunrise’ in the far-right.

He had proposed a policy of releasing Greece from the present situation, but the others did not take this well.

Sunrise‘ paid the policemen handsomely, so there is a lot of corruption that we can get to see. The show makes us realize that he has fallen into something very big, and with the ending, things might get resolved.

Beckett ending
The hero of the day is proved in the Beckett ending. (credit: Netflix)

Beckett’s journey is again interrupted by the law enforcement, who are checking cars on the bridge. He moves out and boards a train as he feels that he is being followed.

He turns out to be true as a member of the Sunrise gang had been following him, and he soon attacked him with a blade.

However, at the ending, we find that he is not a person who can be stopped with just a mere blade. In the US embassy, he meets Steven Tynan, an agent played by Boyd Holbrook.

Steven looks a bit shady and promises to make sure that Beckett faces no problem in the upcoming times. Steve also says that he will be talking to all the local policemen in the city.

Beckett realizes Steven’s motives. As Steven tries to shoot him with an electric gun, Beckett somehow manages to turn the tables. He makes a run and finds Lena, the activist, waiting over there.

Finally, in Beckett’s ending, we find out how Beckett launches himself on top of the corrupt police car and stops him.

They are all attached to holding the young child in the boot. With the conclusion, we witnessed how he has become the hero and has saved that young child.

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