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Apple M2 (credit: Apple)

Apple M2 Will Mark The Second Generation Apple Silicon Architecture

Last Updated on August 14, 2021 by Joydeep Ghosh

Apple M2 is the very new chipset that Apple has designed, will be the company’s second-gen Apple Silicon processor chipset. It will succeed the present M1 chipset, which can be found in the iMac 2021 and the MacBook Air M1.

The Apple M2 chip is different from the M1X chip. There are several rumors in the market regarding the M1X chip; it will be the souped version of the Apple M1. The M1X will focus more on performance on devices like the MacBook Pro 2021. The next-generation iMac and MacBook Air will definitely be seen to come equipped with the M2 chipset, developed by Apple.

This new chip will be making use of the very new architecture developed by Apple Silicon. The node will be brought down to the size of 4 nm from the previously used 5 nm. Smaller node leads to increased efficiency in power and much better performance by the processor.

Apple M2
This new processor will be seen on the next-generation MacBook Air 2022. (credit: Apple)

Whether the company will increase the number of cores in the GPU and the CPU for the Apple M2 chipset is still unknown. However, it seems that the company will definitely do something to get a proper battery life and good performance on the device.

The chipset will launch equipped in the next-generation MacBook Air in 2022. There will be a new design on the device, several new colors and a Mini LED display. These have been mentioned by Ming-CHi Kua, the analyst from Apple. Further details on the processor chipset will be discussed further in the article.

When will the Apple M2 chipset release, and what can be its expected price?

As mentioned earlier, we will see this new processor chipset equipped in the MacBook Air 2022. Ming-Chi Kuo has said that the device and the processor will be launching in the middle of 2022. This launch date makes a lot of sense as we will get to see the Apple M1X processor chipset being launched in the third quarter of 2021, along with the new MacBook Pro.

We have not received any reports that would tell us about the MacBook Air, which will be equipped with the Apple M2 chipset. If this new MacBook Air is going to replace the previous MacBook Air M1, then hopefully, we might find the device is priced at £999. This will be the starting price of the device, with increases on the basis of further storage additions.

The MacBook Air M2 will definitely be more powerful than the MacBook Air M1. So this replacement of one device to the other new one will be a healthy one. However, there might be chances of the new device being a bit more expensive.

Specifications of the new Apple M2 chipset.

This new chip from Apple will mark the start of the company’s second-generation of Apple Silicon processor chipsets. Apple will finally make the bold move of shifting to 4 nm nodes from the 5 nm nodes.

Apple M2
Expected specifications from the new chip. (credit: Apple)

Apple has decided to decrease the node size because this increases the efficiency of the processor and its power. This is something that marks a huge difference between the processors from Intel and AMD.

There is some cloud in the air as to whether Apple would increase their CPU and GPU counts for their new Apple M2 chipset. The M1 processor showcases four of each high-performance and energy-efficient cores.

MacBook Pro with Mini-LED is Expected to Launch Later This Year

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