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One Piece Episode 987: Release Date, Spoilers, and Previous Episode Recap.

One Piece is the largest anime series of generation, with over 980+ episodes released and still streaming. It is very popular and has a great story. One Piece Episode 987 is due next week, and in the last episode, we witnessed Luffy and Zoro beating beast pirates for wasting red-bean soup. After this, they tried not to attract any attention and changed their disguise but were recognized by Apoo. If you wish to know more about what will happen next, you can find it here itself!

One Piece Episode 987: Release Date and Time | Where to Watch It Online? 

One Piece Episode 987, titled ‘His Dream broken?’ is scheduled to be released this Sunday, the 15th of August 2021.

One Piece Episode 987 can be viewed on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and One Piece Official Channel with Original Japanese Audio along with English Subtitles. One Piece fans from Australia and New Zealand can watch the same on AnimeLab as well.

Crunchyroll streams the series for many South American countries in various subbed and dubbed versions, including Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Italian. One Piece is also available in English dubbed on Netflix as well as Hulu.

To watch the show in German or Russian translation, Wakanim is also an option. For fans from Japan who missed the episode or wish to watch it again in Original Japanese Audio and Subtitles, do check it out on Netflix Japan.

Recap of One Piece Episode 985

One Piece Episode 987
One Piece Episode 987, titled ‘His Dream broken?’ is scheduled to be released this Sunday, the 15th of August 2021. (Credit: Funimation)

One Piece Episode 987 Spoilers and Previous Episode Recap?

In Episode One Piece 986, we saw Luffy and Zoro beating up beast pirates for wasting red-bean soup. In doing so, they grabbed more attention than required during Wano’s raid and thus decided to stay out of more trouble but, things happened opposite of what they wished for, and all their efforts were wasted as Apoo saw through their disguise. Luffy and Zoro might have to face Apoo’s fighting music.

As per the original manga, we could have expected a fight between Apoo and Kidd, but as we saw in the episode spoilers, not much was mentioned, and the episode ended abruptly.

Kidd’s arrival surely makes things more interesting as it changes the tide in the fight against Apoo. Luffy and Zoro might counterattack, and this will add more action to the arc.

Also, Kidd might know about Apoo’s weakness in his fighting music and spill the beans for him. And not to mention, Apoo can be considered to be a strong opponent and will put a decent fight that suits his fame as one of the Worst Generations as well.

Luffy and Zoro’s fans will surely enjoy the One Piece Episode 987 as fights will become more exciting as Beast Pirates overrule them with their greater numbers, and each of them is pretty strong, which will make fights more fun to watch.

Kaidou’s strength was displayed, too, as he defeated Kidd’s complete crew with just a single Slap.

With so many fights and events going on at the same time and so much uncertainty of what might happen next, the series will be more fun to watch and to enjoy the actual episode, sit tight till 15th this month.

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