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Apple iPhone 14 Might Launch in Mid September 2022.

Though iPhone 13 is not on the floor yet, there are rumors spiking around about Apple iPhone 14. As of now, from the prediction, it is known that iPhone 13 would just be an upgraded version of the current iPhone 12, but it seems that Apple iPhone 14 would be much more than just an upgraded version with the palate full of new additions to it.

This time the iPhone is expected to come with names like iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 with advancing lowering respectively in the above-mentioned order.

Perhaps, you can’t miss the fact that these are just rumors out there regarding iPhone 14, as it has always been a trend that when a new iPhone release date approaches, we tend to hear a lot about its about to come successor.

The same seems to be happening here as the release of the iPhone 13 is approaching. We are getting new bits of news and information about its successor- the iPhone 14.

Apple iPhone 14-Expected Release Date

As mentioned above, the company has not reacted anything about iPhone 14 as it is still with the launch of the upcoming iPhone 13. But, as looking from the general trend of Apple iPhone launches, it specifically happens in the month of September.

So, taking this fact into consideration, we can expect that Apple iPhone 14 will launch somewhere around mid-September2022.

Apple iPhone 14- Everything you Need to Know About this Upcoming iPhone
Apple iPhone 14- Everything you Need to Know About this Upcoming iPhone

Though, it’s quite early to say anything about the release date as the company may be in its very initial stage and would certainly announce its plans regarding iPhone 14 in the coming months to come.

Apple iPhone 14- Expected Price

Apple iPhone 14 is said to get a potential more enhanced camera that will certainly increase the cost of the overall device. Though you might not find a major difference in terms of the cost between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 but this little addition would certainly spike the price to some extent.

We have estimated the price of iPhone 14 devices below-

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max- $1099+
  • iPhone 14 Pro- $999+
  • iPhone 14- $799+

The price of the iPhone 14 could be estimated after the release of the iPhone 13, computing the price of its successor to be somewhere near to it.

Apple iPhone 14- What Can be the Specifications?

According to some sources, the major development that we will see in the upcoming iPhone 14 series lineup would be in the domain of the camera. Also, this time the series would be coming up with a titanium allow chassis, unlike the stainless steel line-up that was seen in the current trend of its device.

  • Camera

The massive camera upgrade will happen with iPhone 14 offering a 1/1.3-inch 48 MP camera sensor; this would be the largest ever camera on an iPhone.

With a 12 MP (four cells merge output mode) output camera setup also the CHS size too would be increased to around 2.5um, which is on a larger scale compared to its penultimate model that is the iPhone 12.

The largest camera comes with a camera sensor which seems to be leveraging on Sony for that; the new sensor will allow an 8K video capturing experience with the front main camera.

  • Display

Apple iPhone 14 would hit the market with a screen of high refresh rate, and the iPhone 14 series is expected to come up with a 120 LTPO display.

Though it would be too early to comment about the processor of the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup, it would still be coming up with an Apple A16 Bionic chipset. This powerful A16 Bionic chipset would be manufactured on 4nm or even on a 3nm node.

The company would certainly work on the processor because the processor with a greater efficiency wins and captures the market, and certainly, with Apple, you certainly could not miss the processor aspect, and this would soon be turning into a reality with Apple iPhone 14 series.

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