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One Piece Episode 990: Release Date, Spoilers and What to Expect? (Crunchyroll)
One Piece Episode 990: Release Date, Spoilers and What to Expect? (Crunchyroll)

One Piece Episode 986: Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Watch?

One Piece Episode 986 is due next week and we are here with the updates associated with the next episode.

One Piece is one best anime of all time and is definitely, the longest series in the anime world, with over 980+ episodes released to date and many more to come. Currently, its 20th season is being aired, and we are excited for many more to come.

The main plot develops around Monkey D.Luffy, a young boy who transforms into a legendary pirate of all times.

He has even assigned the name to his crew as ‘The Straw Hats Pirate’ based on his favorite hat that he wears. After the fight over Red Bean Soup in the previous episode, In Episode 986, we can witness the Fire Festival turning into a battlefield, and it won’t be a surprise if a fight breaks up between Luffy teamed with Zoro against Scratchmen Apoo. So to know more about the upcoming Episode 986, we have got you covered.

One Piece Episode 986: Release Date and Where to Watch It Online?

One Piece Episode 986, titled “Fighting Music! An Ability that harms Luffy,” is scheduled to be released on Sunday, 8th of August 2021.

One Piece Anime series can be watched on numerous platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab for fans from New Zealand and Australia, Hulu, and on the Official Channel of One Piece.

The Subbed versions with Original Japanese Audio and English Subtitles are available on all the above-mentioned platforms, and Dubbed versions in English can be viewed on Funimation and Netflix as well.

Spanish subtitled version too is available on Crunchyroll along with Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese dubbed versions of the series while Netflix has dubbed in Spanish version for South Amerian Countries.

One Piece lovers from Germany and Russia can also go for Wakanim, and for those who want to watch specific arcs of the Series like the Wano Arc can switch to Anime-on-Demand, where it can be streamed online.

People from France and get the best quality of dubbed version on Anime Digital Network. Lastly, fans from Japan itself can stream it online on Netflix with Original Japanese Audio and Subtitles.

One Piece Episode 986 Release Date
One Piece Episode 986, titled “Fighting Music! An Ability that harms Luffy,” is scheduled to be released on Sunday, 8th of August 2021.

Know About One Piece Episode 984 Recap

One Piece: Previous Episode Recap and Spoilers for Episode 986

In One Piece Episode 985, we witness Luffy fighting Beast Pirates as he gets raged on them after he watches them wasting Red Bean Soup and mocking the inhabitants of Okobore Town.

He drinks most of their soup and beats anyone who stops them. At that moment, Zoro, who was desperately searching for him, finds him and tells him to stop these rage actions as they foil Kin’emon’s plans. But after Zoro learns about their actions of wasting the Red Bean Soup even he becomes furious at them.

Also, in the episode, Kaido instructs Tobiroppo to find his son, and in return, he promises to give them a much-awaited chance to challenge one of the All-Stars for a fight.

Both the All-stars and Tobiroppo accept their leader’s proposal and are ready for a fight. Big Mom also appears at the festival and eats her favorite Red Bean Soup while waiting for her appearance before everyone.

In Episode, ‘One Piece Episode 986’ fans can expect a fight to break between Scratchmen Apoo against Luffy and Zoro as the Fire Festival turns into Battlefield. With this exciting fight to be going on at one end, The Kid and his crew will most probably search for Kaido.

The fights in this episode will make this episode worth watching, and needless to say, the crazy entertainment with the same. So stay tuned and hold your excitement till the release of this episode that is scheduled this Sunday.

To know more about what happened previously in the series, do check out One Piece Episode 985, and let us know what you want us to explore next in the series.

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