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Control Z Season 3: Release Date, Previous Season Recap and Ending Explained.

Fans are highly excited about Control Z Season 3 as season 2 has finally ended with a cliffhanger yet again. Things start to get very intense after the death of Luis that follows the various physical assaults on the students of the National School, taking it a step further from the social media attacks in season 1.

The final episode of season 2, being one of the most eventful episodes of the season, is full of revelations, action, and drama and ends with an unexpected death. The person behind all the vicious activities taking place in the school is also revealed in the season finale.

Control Z Season 3 Release Date: When Will Control Z Season 3 Be Released?

Control Z Season 2 was released on Netflix on August 4, 2021. Season 2 comprises eight episodes, with each episode having a duration of 30 to 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation about whether the series will be renewed for a third season or will come to an end after being canceled after season 2. Following its pattern of the previous seasons, Control Z Season 3 is expected to be released in mid-2022.

However, fans of the series are convinced that there will be a season 3 of Control Z as season 2 has ended in a cliffhanger, similar to what was done at the end of season 1.

A great show like Control Z is expected to conclude with a proper ending, and this certainly does not feel like the end to anyone who has watched the series. Several unresolved plot points and story arcs that feel like a setup for the next season have made the viewers believe that Control Z Season 3 is not a far-fetched thought, but hopefully, a reality soon.

Based on the end of Control Z Season 2, the co-creators of the series, Miguel García Moreno, Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, and Adriana Pelusi, seem to have big plans for Control Z Season 3. However, the renewal of a show for another season is not just in their control.

Netflix is likely to confirm this renewal after the viewership of season 2 is analyzed, only if it is high enough to make it worthy of investing in a new season. Control Z has received quite a number of positive feedbacks, making the chances of Control Z Season 3 even higher.

Control Z Season 3
Control Z Season 3 is expected to be released in mid-2022.-Via Netflix

What To Expect From Control Z Season 3?

With season 2 ending in a cliffhanger, Control Z Season 3 is likely to open with the students present at the scene of Principal Susan’s accident, grappling with her death.

They are all likely to be held responsible for this. They can be accused of murder as the accident had been streamed on social media, which would act as substantial proof against them.

Also, what happens to Pablo, who managed to exact his revenge on his former friend Raúl will also be seen in Control Z Season 3. Raúl is not likely to let Pablo go scot-free.

In Control Z Season 3, viewers will also get to know the fate of Natalia, who had been kidnapped by the ruthless drug dealers, whose drugs she had lost. The drug dealers are likely to stop at nothing to recover their loss, which happens to be a tremendous amount of money.

Control Z Season 3 promises to be thrilling and can bring more negative characters for more action and drama. The return of Principal Quintanilla or the emergence of a new character is also a possibility.

Who Are Expected To Be Cast In Control Z Season 3?

Most of the existing cast members of the show are expected to continue with the characters they played in season 2.

This include Ana Valeria Becerril as Sofia, Yankel Stevan as Raúl, Michael Ronda as Sofia’s loyal friend Javier, Samantha Acuña as Alex, Andres Baida as Pablo, Macarena Garcia Romero as Natalia, Patricio Gallardo as Gerry, Zión Moreno as Isabela, Iván Aragón as Dario, Fiona Palomo as Maria, Patricia Maqueo as Rosita, Xabiani Ponce de León as Ernesto, and Kariam Castro as Valeria.

Along with these actors, Luis Curiel is also expected to come back as Luis in Control Z Season 3, despite his character being dead on the show. He would continue to be shown in flashbacks.

Rodrigo Cachero might also return in Control Z Season 3 as Quintanilla, the school’s principal. Thanya López is not expected to be a part of Control Z Season 3 as her character has been killed in season 2.

A Recap of Control Z Season 2.

At the beginning of Control Z Season 2, viewers find Javier, a newcomer at the National School and a great friend to Sofia, bleeding on the street after being shot. He is taken to the hospital, and then the story takes a two-month leap.

The normalcy that was gradually returning to the National School is disrupted by students beginning to receive an ominous video containing the face of Luis with the text “You can’t bury the past” at the memorial for the late student.

Soon, spooky things start happening with the students, with Alex found tied up in an isolated classroom. The following incident is of Dario and Ernesto being kidnapped and buried alive in a cemetery, who get saved due to Sofia’s presence of mind.

These incidents make it clear that someone is trying to avenge the death of Luis. Raúl, the filthy rich student of the National School, returns to school and is despised by the students for his past actions.

The principal, Quintanilla, is also unable to take action against him as he has evidence of the principal’s illicit affair with a school teacher.

Raúl even protects Gerry, who had accidentally shot Javier and is presently on the run. Raúl is suspected of being the hacker who had been creating all the chaos because of his activities and because he was spotted at the places where the students were assaulted. Nevertheless, he manages to convince Sofia that he is innocent.

Sofia and Javier, during their investigation, visit Luis’ house and find that all the happenings with the students are depicted in his drawings. Sofia, too, is targeted by the avenger, who switches her pills. However, after noticing something fishy, Sofia only pretends to swallow the pills to mislead the avenger.

In a sensational revelation, the avenger is found to be Alex, who did all this to avenge Luis’ death. She blackmails Raúl and Gerry to come to the roof of the school building and makes Gerry post an apology video to Luis.

She then points a gun at him and runs an online poll asking whether to kill or spare Gerry. The poll turns out in favor of Gerry dying, and she orders Gerry to jump off the roof. Sofia and Javier rush there and try to soothe Alex.

Meanwhile, Maria and her friend break into Luis’ locker, where they think Raúl’s stolen money is stashed. They are caught by the new principal, Susana, and are taken to the roof.

While trying to control the standoff and the fight over the bag of money, Susana herself falls over the edge of the roof, along with the bag of money.

At the end of season 2, viewers find Pablo arriving at the scene and walking away with the bag full of cash, leaving Susana bleeding to impending death.

Control Z Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained
Control Z Season 2 Recap and Ending Explained-Pic Credit Netflix

Control Z Season 2 Ending Explained.

The avenger was finally found to be Alex, who was very fond of the timid and harmless Luis. She was also very fond of Luis’ drawings, which is why she tried to avenge his death by basing her attacks on his drawings.

However, as Sofia analyzed, Alex, though she has hurt many students, did not actually have the heart to kill any of them. She held Gerry responsible for Luis’ death as he used to bully Luis, which finally turned into a fistfight that eventually took his life.

Sofia’s father is found to be alive in season 2. It is revealed that he had faked his death so that Sofia and his wife, Nora, could live comfortably with the insurance money. Nora ultimately has her husband reveal himself, and he is arrested for insurance fraud.

Control Z is Mexican teen mystery drama series dealing with the lives of the students of the National School. Its main character, Sofia Herrera, played by Ana Valeria Bacerill, is a National School student.

Her observant nature helps her in her investigation in revealing the identity of the vicious hacker that has been making the lives of all the students miserable. The series is about all the mystery that prevails in the school with the difficult circumstances.

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