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Far Cry 5 Will Be Available Fore Free On Epic Games and Ubisoft Connect

Far Cry 5 will be available for free during this week and the entire upcoming weekend. Interested people can play it for free from the Epic Games Store or from Ubisoft Connect. The free period will start on the 5th of August, which is today, and will continue till the 9th of August. Preloading is also available currently.

All the previous discussions about the hints that it will deal with the real scenario politics has turned out to be very boring, but Far Cry 5 has several other amazing elements that make it a very good game. There are a lot of things in the game that the player can do. The beauty of the surroundings will make you stop and look around you but then arises a problem. Whenever you stop somewhere to praise the beauty of nature, an animal will come towards you and try to hurt you. We will see choppers falling down from the skies and fights happening here and there.

The Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect have brought Far Cry 5 for you for free during this weekend.

The rural parts of Montana have been portrayed in a very stressful manner. Go ahead and check out the very new Far Cry 5, as it will be available for free during this week and weekend. The game has a lot of custom-made maps by this time for the players to move around and explore. There will also be a hyper-realistic Gregg’s that is not available in Far Cry 6 in the upcoming times. There are reports that the next game will come without a map editor.

If we look at the Ubisoft Connect, then the free trial of the game starts on the 5th of August at 6 AM PDT or 2 PM BST. While if we look at Stadia or the Epic Games Store, then things get started a bit later. The game will be available for free from 10 AM PDT or from 6 PM BST. Later on, if you make up your mind that the game, Far Cry 5 is meant for you, then it will be available for purchase at an 80% discount on both stores.

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